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eInfochips Web Application



Prepared By : Alay Patel (080320116027) Faculty Guide : Prof. Jignesh Vania Industrial Guide : Mr. Prajose john

Product Design Services & Solutions

Product Engineering | Software Development

Company Profile

eInfochips is a leading Product Development Services company providing solutions and services in Chip/ASIC, Embedded System and Software Product Development for over 10 years.

Apart from India (Ahmedabad) and USA (Sunnyvale, CA) headquarters, the company has number of design centers in Pune and Ahmedabad.

The company has additional sales offices located in Austin, Boston, Chicago and a subsidiary in Japan.

What is Human Resource Management System?

A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS), refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between Human Resource

Management (HRM) and Information Technology.

Allows enterprises to automate many aspects of human resource

management with the dual benefits of reducing the workload of the HR department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes.

Why company use HRMS.?

The purpose of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is to develop robust, flexible, and intuitive on line software system that provides complete personnel record keeping and reporting capability that can drastically reduce the amount of time spent for collecting and centralizing all the information.









Department. Currently, Company not being able to provide information of their own employs. User can get information only when he/she enter their user name and password given by the company.

Functionality Of HRMS

Recruit employee Employment detail filled by HR HR provide different rights to employee Personal Information filled by an employee Employee's leaves management Employee's transfer management

Online Resource Management System

Timesheet Project Profitability

Online Resource Management System

To inform the project coach through email when the new project is added into the MIS.

To Allow project coach to append, edit, list, view the project details. To Manage project resource allocation and allow project coach/reporting authority to add, edit, delete, view resource allocation. It also allows requesting for the external team resource. To allow admin to switch user role so selected user can get access all rights of ORMS. To Generate various kinds of reports like Billing Report, Experience wise team report , Resource allocation history, etc. Also provide background task like Project Expiry Reminder, Resource Allocation Expiry Reminder, Resource Allocation Approval Reminder.

Online Resource Management System

System Boundary:


HRMS Database


Online Resource Management System

Flow of the System:

Manage Resource Allocation


Append Project Details


Online Resource Management System

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