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Mobility 2.0: Transform Your Enterprise

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/ Page 4 . All rights reserved.SAP and Sybase’s Vision of the Unwired Enterprise Business Information Any SaaS Service Any Device Any Application Customer Information Mobility Any Server Platform Unwired Platform Partner Any Person Employee Any Data Always Available Integration Collaboration Manage Analyze Mobilize © 2010 SAP AG.

/ Page 5 . All rights reserved.Mobilizing the Enterprise Is Complex Multiple Platforms Multiple Systems © = Unmanageable Complexity! 2010 SAP AG.

All rights reserved. / Page 6 .Bringing Order to Chaos with Sybase Unwired Platform Create Connect Example Eclipse Consume SAP Applications Databases Sybase Unwired Platform SAP and Partner Applications J2EE Connector Architecture Web Services Example Software Applications Example Custom Applications Control Files Management Console Afaria Control © 2010 SAP AG.

/ Page 7 .SAP / Sybase Co-Innovation Architecture Sybase Unwired Platform NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 SAP Mobile Gateway Sybase DOE Connector (Runtime) PUSH CRM 2007 PUSH Sybase SAP ESDMA Compiler (Design Time) Sybase Device Stack  Engineered by SAP specifically for mobile access by partners  Engineered by Sybase with knowhow share from SAP as the complementary connector technology to deliver SAP business data and process to mobile devices © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

Microsoft. Oracle. Oracle. DB2. etc. All rights reserved.Connect to Data Eclipse SAP Applications Exam ple Databases Sybase Unwired Platform J2EE Connector Architecture Web Services SAP and Partner Applications Exam ple Model Data Graphically Afaria Software Applications Custom Applications Control Exam ple Files Management Console Create various types of backend connections with ease:      Applications (SAP.) JDBC REST Web Services Web Services  Unstructured Data © 2010 SAP AG. / Page 8 . etc) Databases (Sybase. MS SQL.

Create Applications Eclipse SAP Applications Exam ple Databases Sybase Unwired Platform J2EE Connector Architecture Web Services SAP and Partner Applications Exam ple Software Applications Custom Applications Control Exam ple Files Develop and Deploy Entire Mobile Application within Eclipse Plug-in Afaria Management Console Extend Workflow Processes without writing a single line of code © 2010 SAP AG. / Page 9 . All rights reserved.

/ Page 10 . All rights reserved. reliable transport Afaria Management Console © 2010 SAP AG. efficient.Consume from Devices Eclipse SAP Applications Exam ple Databases Sybase Unwired Platform J2EE Connector Architecture Web Services SAP and Partner Applications Exam ple Software Applications Custom Applications Control Exam ple Files Connect various device types using the Sybase Unwired Platform secure.

Control and Manage Devices Deploy and Manage device settings and applications Eclipse SAP Applications Exam ple Databases Sybase Unwired Platform J2EE Connector Architecture Web Services SAP and Partner Applications Exam ple Software Applications Custom Applications Control Exam ple Data at rest protection Afaria Files Management Console Centralized control of the entire system from a single Control Center Web console © 2010 SAP AG. / Page 11 . All rights reserved.

/ Page 12 .Native Application Development Data Source Integration Connect Device-Specific Development Generate code Sybase Unwired Platform Server MBO MBO API API Deploy MBO Sybase Unwired Platform Tooling Generate default GUI Device Device GUI GUI Customize Sybase Unwired Platform enables developers to create mobile applications with device-specific user experiences either through code generation or using the native device SDK © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

JDE Plugin Windows – Eclipse.JDE. All rights reserved. Eclipse. Visual Studio Windows Mobile – Visual Studio iPhone -Xcode Unwired WorkSpace Workflow Development Tool (Eclipse) iPhone Windows Mobile Symbian © 2010 SAP AG.Development Paradigm Sybase Unwired Platform Development Task Flow Develop Mobile Business Objects Develop Mobile Business Objects to Unwired Server Generate and Customize Device Application Native Code Test on Emulator and/or Device Generate Device Object Code Develop Device Application Sybase Unwired Platform Development Task Flow Unwired WorkSpace Mobile BusinessObject Development Tool (Eclipse) Unwired WorkSpace Device Application Designer Tool (Eclipse) Windows Mobile BlackBerry Native Device Application Development Tools BlackBerry Java Windows Java SE and C# iPhone Object C Windows Mobile C# BlackBerry. / Page 13 .

All rights reserved.SAP & Sybase Unwired Platform Benefits Mobile application development. deployment and management for major device types “Future proof” investment that reduces complexity Offers always-on messaging model resulting in faster response time Seamless integration to a variety of back-end data sources. / Page 14 . with online and offline access to data Business workflow mobilization without the need for development expertise Integrated mobile device management and application provisioning © 2010 SAP AG. including SAP.

SAP The Cost Of Unwired Platform Benefits Lower & SybaseMobile Solutions Leverage existing developer expertise Simplify application development Speed deployment to multiple device types © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 15 .

All rights reserved. / Page 16 .Mobile Applications on Sybase Unwired Platform Applications from SAP and Partners Expanding over Time Sybase Mobile Sales Sybase Mobile Workflow Partner Applications SAP Business Suite Custom Applications 4 Third Party Apps Sybase Unwired Platform 1 2 3 © 2010 SAP AG.

All rights reserved.Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM © 2010 SAP AG. / Page 17 .

opportunities at risk.0+ Business Partner (Account & Contact) Management Activity Management Lead Management Opportunity Management with line items Sales Orders with line items Native App Integration (phone. contacts. maps) Reports (top opportunities. All rights reserved.Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM MOBILIZE CRM 2007. calendar. / Page 18 . sales pipeline) Customization and Enhancements © 2010 SAP AG. 7.

/ Page 19 . All rights reserved.Sybase Mobile Workflow for SAP Business Suite © 2010 SAP AG.

All rights reserved.Mobilizing Simple Business Processes Enable developers to create mobile workflows without writing any code Connect Sybase Unwired Platform Server Deploy MBO Deploy workflow Sybase Unwired Platform Tooling Mobile Device Application     © Speeds decision-making and responsiveness on alerts. notifications and approvals Maximize user and manager productivity Improves daily operational activities and accuracy Increases ROI on wireless email and SAP Business Suite solutions 2010 SAP AG. / Page 20 .

Workflow Development  Extend Workflow processes to iPhone. Windows Mobile. All rights reserved. or Nokia devices without any code development packaging and deployment can be completed using Eclipse for mobilizing simple business processes that can be processed or initiated in less than two screens  Workflow  Perfect © 2010 SAP AG. / Page 21 .

All rights reserved.SAP Partner Mobile Applications: All Choices Supported Partner Applications Partner Applications Partner Applications Sybase Unwired Platform Third Party Middleware Information Access Gateway SAP Business Suite © 2010 SAP AG. / Page 22 .

Instant Value SAP Vision Instant Value Applications for Enterprise Mobility Value Proposition Instant Development Instant Value Instant ROI © 2010 SAP AG.Vision for Instant Value Applications Employee Lookup Travel Capture ERP Lookup Consumer Mobile Apps: Simple UI. All rights reserved. / Page 23 . Single Purpose.

/ Page 24 . All rights reserved.DEMO © 2010 SAP AG.

Mobile Device Management: Manage Mobility with Full Confidence .

/ Page 26 . Production. Decommission © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Sybase Afaria Manage Mobility with Complete Confidence Powerful     Flexible     Secure   Highly customizable Remote distribution Process automation Proactive management Hosted or on-premise Wide variety of devices Any network Any size deployment Industry-leading security Trusted compliance Full Lifecycle Device Management-Provisioning.

/ Page 27 . but  Dynamic Bandwidth for system  Reduce Visibilitysupport Asset calls into Throttling for programmers.Afaria Mobile Systems Management and Security Remote Assistance  Automatically Handhelds Security and Compliance Visibility to Assets and Their Usage enforce corporate configuration   policies and assure protection Offline processing Power-on password  Checkpoint restart  compliance to IT policies Data on device encryption for your remote/mobile  Compression  Push email Interoperability workers  File Limited Helpdesk differencing  Lost or Stolen Device LockdownBusiness and Content Limited Bandwidth  Remote Control for easy  Intelligent file updates  Password Recovery Resources access to assist in real  Easy-to-use graphical Remote App/OS that’s designed  Segmented file delivery time scripting tool WIN32 Management administrators. All rights reserved. powerful  Full disk encryption for laptops Seamlessly distribute. or ad hoc fixes  Full disk encryption  Automatically enforce interface Troubleshoot issues in the Field corporate configuration  Remote Patching  Multiple User Support   Track installed licenses versus Maintain “desired state” and security policies  Maintain status  Removable Storage Media Supportsystem virus applications Corporate license purchase data  Assure compliance to IT and definitions  Integrate with back-end Policies &  License counts policies System for your applications  License expiration dates Standards remote/mobile workers  Content publish and  OTA End to End transport  Track application usage subscription encryption Automating Business  End user authentication Optimized for the Q? Mobile World Tasks & Content Mgmt © 2010 SAP AG.   Opportunistic connections  Collects a variety of hardware Allows administrators to and desktops install. repair and update and software information fromFlexible packet/window size create  Two layers of data protection  softwarecustom task and remote devices workflow automation with a Policy enforcement  Pre-boot authentication  Create and deploy custom point-and-click scripting Fixes & Refreshes  Detect device changes.

All rights reserved. controls Secure  Back-up  Apply data patch/security updates security policies violations/threats  Enforce Secure  Disable  Remote  Access  “Data Manage lost/stolen device kill/lock      Monitor/track security  Compliance activity logging Reprovision/reimage device Replacement device-same user Repurposed device Redeploy software assets violation lock fading”  Disable device. firewall. / Page 28 . network. application access  Restore data (after device kill) © 2010 SAP AG.Managing and Securing the Device Lifecycle Manage  Assign membership/policies devices Manage  Track  Configure  OTA asset software configuration files client delivery deployment  Update/repair  Application  Maintain/modify Secure  Establish  Initialize  Install  Install  Distribute/update  Software license tracking activities policies  Schedule/automate  Device power-on password remote control and encrypt data and configure AV.

© 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. and staying ahead of the curve on the devices of tomorrow. / Page 29 .Support for All Types of Mobile Devices Future Proof Windows 32 iPhone iPad Android BlackBerry Symbian Palm Windows Mobile Multi-Device Support Afaria Sybase takes the guesswork out of planning for the future by supporting the wide range of mobile operating systems available today.

Afaria Key Features for iOS 4 Enables the secure provisioning and management of iPhone deployments in the enterprise Advanced Configuration Management Asset Information Collection Corporate Compliance Enterprise App Deployment © 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 30 .

All rights reserved.Afaria Apple Mobile Device Management Protocol New MDM protocol native in iOS 4 provides enterprise-grade device management  OS handles all MDM requests and actions in the background using a single connection end user experience as device is managed without user interaction after initial provisioning installed are confirmed back to the server providing compliance assurance  Maintains  Policies  Uses the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) to deliver management to the device iOS MDM Capabilities  Install/remove  Query  Detect device configuration policies without user interaction comprehensive software and hardware inventory and asset tracking information jail broken status erase. / Page 31 . Once a MDM relationship is established only that entity can manage the device using MDM protocol © 2010 SAP AG. configuration data is removed from the device and managed Exchange account information and data is removed. managed applications are disabled. lock and clear passcode  Remote MDM relationship is terminated.

SSID of the wireless network   Hidden Network Security Type  Password   Accepted EAP Types EAP-FAST Protected Access  Authentication Settings   Identity Certificate Certificates for validating the authentication server for the WiFi connection. / Page 32 .Afaria iOS4 Configuration Settings Passcode Settings  WIFI Settings  Restrictions                   Exchange  Require Passcode         Allow Simple Value Require Alphanumeric Value Minimum Passcode Length Minimum Complex Characters Maximum Number of Failed Attempts – device is wiped Maximum Passcode Age – in Days Passcode Lock – in minutes   Service Set Identifier . Trusted authentication servers Allow Trust Exceptions    Grace Period for device lock Passcode History   SSID Hidden Network Encryption Type Allow Explicit Content Allow Use of Safari Allow Use of YouTube Allow Use of iTunes Allow Installing Apps Allow Use of Camera Allow Screen Capture Allow Voice Dialing Force Encrypted Backups Allow Multiplayer Games Set Safari Security Preferences Force Fraud Warning Allow Java Script Allow Pop Ups Accept Cookies Allow inApp Purchaces Content Rating Disable Push while Roaming Account Name        Exchange Active Sync Host User Email Address Use SSL Domain Password  Credential Name Number of Past Days to Sync User is prompted for values not set VPN Settings          Email  LDAP/CalDAV/ Calendars/Web Clip        Advanced  Connection Name Connection Type Server IP or Name Account Authentication Type Shared Secret Entry Send All Traffic Through VPN Setting Proxy VPN’s Supported  L2TP/IP  PPTP  Cisco IPSec Account Description           Account Type – IMAP or POP Path Prefix Account Name Email Address Mail Server and Port Username Use Password Authentication Use SSL Incoming Username Outgoing Username LDAP Connection Settings CalDAV Connection Settings Calendar Connection Settings Web Clip Settings Certificate Payload SCEP Payload CardDAV APN    AP Username AP Password Proxy Server and Port Available with Afaria today © New Configuration for iOS 4 2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

and Windows © 2010 SAP AG. Android. / Page 33 . Erase and Reset Native commands from the console No User Interaction Deliver and remove device policies behind the scenes Termination causes removal of managed applications MDM Relationship Configuration data and Managed Exchange account information and data Multiple Platforms One Console iOS. Windows Mobile.Afaria Advanced Configuration Management Removable Policies Configuration profiles can be installed and removed by the IT administrator Remote Lock. Palm. All rights reserved. Symbian.

/ Page 34 . a decrease in nonproductive travel time and an improvement in field efficiency Tennant improves field service technician productivity. increases first time fixed rate.Afaria Achieve Positive ROI Today Cox Communications saves approximately $500.000 per year by reducing downtime and IT man hours required to manage remote devices BNSF Railway Company saves $7. All rights reserved. and reduces billing cycles from 10-12 days to 1-2 days © 2010 SAP AG.500 per day on data entry labor costs with a mobile work order management system Delta Air Lines is saving each of their field engineers 30-60 minutes each day with a mobility solution powered by Sybase iAnywhere Pepsi Bottling Group saves $7 million per year using wireless field service application Otis Elevator enjoys a more than 200% ROI.

/ Page 35 . All rights reserved.SAP and Sybase Together: # 1 in Mobile Enterprise Platform Industry Analysts Sybase Unwired Platform: Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for the 2008 Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms Magic Quadrant Industry Awards Sybase Unwired Platform: 2009 Award for Mobile Enterprise Platforms Afaria: Leader in mobile device management for the 8th year. Leader in mobile middleware for the 7th year Afaria: 2009 Global Product Excellence award for Wireless/Mobile Security Solution Customer Trust Afaria: Top ranked in Forrester Wave™ Mobile Device Management Solutions report Afaria: Four 2008 Mobile Star Awards from MobileVillage® © 2010 SAP AG.

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