Arrange Household Goods Move with the Personal Property Office (move date not to conflict with SWO Intro course) 3. it is imperative that you understand/complete the following PRIOR to reporting to SWOS: 1. Set up Dependent’s Insurance (TRICARE and Delta Dental) 5. Advanced TDY/Per Diem will be received 10 days after check-in (Plan Accordingly!) 6. Check-in CBQ/Chalet is not authorized until SAT prior to Class Convening • (SWOS makes your reservations) . Report to SWOS (as a group) upon OCS Graduation 7. Check-in at SWOS in Uniform of the Day on the day you check-in to the CBQ/Chalet 8. Sea Duty/Overseas Screenings (Complete before you depart OTCN) 2.BEFORE REPORTING TO SWOS… In order to focus on SWO Introduction Curriculum during the 3-week course. Medical/Dental Appointments required prior to arrival on ship 4.

Complete the following NKO Courses: • • • • • • • 3M Maintenance Person Basic/Core Course (CSS-3MBC-001) 3M Maintenance Manager Basic/Core (CSS-3MM-010) Introduction to Damage Control (CNE-BECC-0000) Shipboard Damage Control Organization (CNE-BECC-0200) Damage Control Communications (CNE-BECC-0310) Damage Control Petty Officer (A-495-0400-V2) SWOS Shiphandling (CNET11826) 2. Prepare a draft of your Commanding Officer Introduction Letter 5. Exam test bank. Review MoBoard procedures 3.S. Coast Guard Navigation Rules of the Road • • Rules of the Road Book. Review U. and Practice Exams Important Links provided on the Pre-Arrival Guide 4.COURSE PREPARATIONS 1. Research your ship’s naming history (ship’s website) .

75% Comprehensive Final Exam Passing .80% Damage Control Exam Passing .75% .COURSE REQUIREMENTS Rules of the Road Test Passing .

Shiphandling 11.5 hrs 19.SWO INTRO COURSE TIME BREAKDOWN TOPIC HOURS Course Administration DIVO Fundamentals Engineering Maintenance University Maritime Warfare COVE Navy Familiarization Navigation.5 hrs 16 hrs 6 hrs 8.5 hrs 12 hrs 9 hrs 41 hrs TOTAL: 123.5 Hours . Seamanship.

5 1 1.5 1 1 2 (Admin-4) Comprehensive Final (Admin-5) Student Graduation and Check-out (Admin-6) Test Retake (Admin-7) Test Retake SWO INTRO AND ASAT SOCIAL TOTAL: 11.Admin Module (Admin-1) Student Check-in/Admin Time (Admin-2) Fleet Training Director Welcome (Admin-3) CO Welcome 3 0.5 Hours .5 1.

5 Hours .DIVO Fundamentals Module (DF-10) Introduction to Surface Warfare Training Programs/Requirements (DF-11) Awards Writing (DF-12) DIVO Ethics (DF-13) Financial Management (DF-14) Intro to Navy Message Writing (DF-17) Message Writing CASREPS (DF-19) Message Writing Practical CASREPs (DF-2) DH Seminar/Panel (DF-4) DIVO Seminar/Panel 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1.5 (DF-5) Enlisted Service Record/DIVO Notebook/RADM (DF-6) Career Counseling (DF-7) Manning: AMD/SMD/EDVR & Schools (DF-8) FITREPS and EVALS & Homework (DF-8A) EVAL/FITREP Homework Debrief (DF-9) Legal Perspective for the DIVO 1.5 1.5 1.5 TOTAL: 19.5 1 1 1 1.

Engineering Module (EN-1) DC Organization (EN-2) Fires and Extinguishing Agents (EN-3) Flood Management (EN-4) Basic Gas Free (EN-5) Personal Protective Equipment (EN-6) ORM/Safety (EN-7) Tagout Program and Practical (EN-8) Electrical Safety Program (EN-9) DC Exam 1 (EN-10) DIVO Supply 1 1 1.5 1 TOTAL: 16 Hours . Program and Walkthrough (EN-14) Propulsion Overview (EN-15) EOSS/CSOSS 0.5 1 1 (EN-11) DC Exam Debrief (EN-12) Zone Inspection/Self Assessment Practical (EN-13) 3M Spotcheck.5 1 1 1 1.5 1 1 1.

Zone Inspection 3 3 TOTAL: 6 Hours .3M Program (MU-2) Maintenance University .Maintenance University Module (MU-1) Maintenance University .

Maritime Warfare Module (MW-1) Intro to Surface Combatants Blend w/ MW-2 (MW-2) Intro to Other Navy Platforms (MW-3) Shipboard Evolutions Change to NF-8 (MW-4) CWC Overview (MW-5) Navy Missions Seminar Change to NF-3 1 1 1 1 1 (MW-6) Strike Group Operations Brief (MW-6A) Strike Group Operations Seminar (MW-7) Student Platform Presentations 1 1.5 1 TOTAL: 8.5 Hours .

Rudder and Engine Familiarization (NS-33) COVE .Pier Landing / Underway from Pier 3 3 3 3 TOTAL: 12 Hours .Man Overboard Procedures (NS-34) COVE .Underway Replenishment (NS-35) COVE .Conning Officer Virtual Environment (NS-32) COVE .

Change of Station (NS-19) Rules of the Road Exam (NS-20) MoBoard Review 1 (NS-21) MoBoards Formations 2 1 1 2 1.5 Continued next slide . Shiphandling & Watchstanding Module (NS-1) Navigation Case Study (Cruiser Grounding) (NS-2) Standard Commands (NS-3) Basic Shiphandling (NS-4) Intro to Shipboard Watchstanding (NS-6) Rules of the Road 1 (NS-7) Emergency Actions (NS-8) Underway Replenishment (NS-9) Rules of the Road 2 (NS-10) Man Overboard Procedures (NS-11) Rules of the Road 3 1 1 1.Navigation.5 1.5 1.5 1.Tracking/CPA (NS-18) MoBoards .5 1 1 1 1 1 1 (NS-12) Introduction to Basic Navigation (NS-13) Rules of the Road 4 (NS-14) Compass and Time (NS-15) Introduction to Electronic Navigation (NS-16) Rules of the Road 5 (NS-17) MoBoards .5 1 1.5 1. Seamanship.

Wind 0.5 1 2 1 2 (NS-25) MoBoard Review 2 (NS-26) Underway Watchstanding 1 1.5 1 4 TOTAL: 41 Hours .Navigation. Shiphandling & Watchstanding Module (NS-22) Rules of the Road Exam Debrief (NS-23) Introduction to Navigation Brief (NS-24) MoBoards .5 (NS-27) BRM/RMD & Navigation Brief Practical (NS-28) Introduction to Radar Nav and Practical (NS-29) Introduction to Piloting and Practical (NS-30) NAVDORM (NS-31) Day in Navigation 1. Seamanship.

Navy Familirization Module (NF-1) SWO Career Path (NF-2) CO Seminar/Panel 1 2 (NF-4) CPO/SEA/CMC Seminar/Panel (NF-5) DoD/Ship ORG (NF-6) Intro to CIC (NF-7) R/T Procedures (NF-7A) R/T Procedures Lab 1.5 1 1 TOTAL: 9 Hours .5 1 1.

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