Human Resource Planning

Human Resource Planning   Right person ---At Right place ---At Right time. personnel planning or employment planning. Definition – HRP is defined as the process by which management determines how an organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position.  HRP is also called manpower planning. .

 To provide control measures to ensure that necessary HR are available as and when required. .  To forecast future requirement for HR.  To assess the surplus and shortage of HR.Objectives of HRP  To ensure optimum use of existing HR. (Downsizing).

.Objectives of HRP – Contd.  To determine the level of Recruitment and Training.  To meet the needs of expansion and diversification programmes.  To anticipate the impact of technology on jobs and HR.

Factors Affecting HRP Organisational growth cycle and planning Type and strategy of organization Environ mental Uncertain ties HRP Time horizons Outsourcing Type and Quality of forecasting Information Nature of job .

The type of organization determines the production process. Outsourcing – the process by which employees transfer routine or peripheral work to the another organizations. And the strategy plan (Growth or merger) of the organization defines its HR needs. social and economical change affect all organizations. type of staff. decline Environmental uncertainty – political. 4.1. 3. Organizational growth cycle and planning – start up. 2. growth. . (supervisor and manager). maturity.

7. budgets.5.organizational structure. 6. promotions and expansion strategies. the greater the uncertainty the shorter the plan. Type and quality of forecasting information . Time horizons – long term plans and short term plans. . production. Nature of job – job vacancies.

Forecasting & analyzing supply of HR 4. Forecasting & analyzing demand for HR 3.HRP Process Environmental scanning 2. Developing action plans to match HR demand & supply 1. .

technological changes. politico-legal considerations & demographic trends   . socio-cultural changes. competitive trends.Environmental Scanning  Systematic process of studying & monitoring the external environment of the organization in order to pinpoint opportunities & threats Involves long range analysis of employment Factors include economic factors.

Environmental Scanning  Attempts to answer 2 questions:   Which jobs need to be filled (or vacated) during the next 12 months? How & where will we get people to fill (or vacate) these jobs?  Demand & supply of labour in loose & tight labour market   Major impact of the shortage of skilled workforce (tight labour market) in India has been on staff cost Fast growing sectors like retail. ITeS. telecom are new & do not have historical talent to bank on & hence they are hiring from other sectors with skill sets that are relevant to their industries .

Forecasts are not perfectly accurate & as the planning scope becomes shorter the accuracy of forecasts increases HR demand forecasts may be internal / external   .Forecasting HR Demand  FORECASTING ‘makes use of information from the past & present to identify expected future conditions’.

Qualitative Methods of Demand Forecasting Estimation  Expert Opinion  Delphi  Group Brainstorming  Nominal Group Technique  Simple Averaging  .

Quantitative Methods of Demand Forecasting Trend Analysis & Projection  Simple Long Run Trend Analysis  Regression Analysis  Simulation Models  Workload Analysis  Markov Analysis  .

such as age distribution of workforce.Forecasting & Analyzing HR Supply – Internal supply forecasts relate to conditions inside the org. – External supply forecasts relate external labour market conditions estimates of supply of labour to available to the firm in the future different categories to & be in . terminations. retirements. etc.

Methods of Supply Forecasting Staffing Tables  Markov Analysis  Absenteeism Rate  Labour Wastage Analysis  Skill Inventories & Management Inventories  Replacement Charts  Succession Planning  .

HRP based on Demand & Supply Projections .

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