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Gauging the Efficiency of Brand Revitalization Strategy of Frooti

Gaurav Kumar F-170 Nishant Verma F-183 Rahul Mehra F-189 Rigzin Denzongpa F-



Primary research was conducted to analyze the effectiveness of brand revitalization techniques adopted by Frooti
Whether Frooti has been successful in their new positioning strategy Whether new customers were attracted towards the brand Whether customer’s behavior has been affected by the techniques that have adopted Should Frooti bring new flavor to the market and also change its taste To gauge popularity of Frooti as a brand

 

+ RESEARCH DESIGN  Qualitative  Sample Research size . mostly closed with some open ended conversion tools . computer generated tables. statistical analyses  Data .Structured and standardised.around 200  Questions .Questionnaire.

starting with its positioning and proceeding through creative regeneration of the brand identity  Methods        of Brand Revitalization Making Old Brands New Expanding Brand Awareness New Uses that Revitalize Old Brands Improving Brand Image Repositioning the Brand Changing Brand Elements Entering New Markets .+ REVIEW OF EXISTING LITERATURE  Brand Revitalization or Revitalization is a major overhaul of a brand.

+ Research Methodology   Qualitative research methods used The study was done to assess efficiency of brand revitalization   Mainly uses primary research Respondents interviewed through an questionnaire (online)  Responses analyzed to evaluate success of brand revitalization by frooti .

+ Data Analysis    80 percent of the respondents belonged to 17-24 age group In line with our target segment of youth Brand holds a dominant 47 percent position when it comes to brand recall ability in mango drink segment Positioning shown successful by recalling of almost same properties of brand as shown in advertisements. 58 percent recall “fresh and juicy” A major segment (68 percent) of target population drinks frooti when it comes to mango drinks A significant percent (62 percent) noticed recent changes in frooti Brand also has been enjoying loyalty for a long time (92 percent have been drinking frooti as a mango drink)     .

+ Data Analysis (contd…)  Price plays an important role in purchase decisions (shows up with maximum responses on likert scale) Buying behavior also significantly linked to brand value Taste is one of the most important criteria for choosing a mango drink Packaging is important (new frooti packaging might have been a result of this key insight) Availability though important is taken care of by best brands Respondents rated the new packaging highly in terms of impact Logo doesn’t seem to make much impact on buying behavior Significant number of consumers could recall the new advertisement        .

likes and dislikes. memory recall.+ Questionnaire-designs 1.Open-Ended Types( Comments to Essays) 0 Open-ended questions are those that allow respondents to answer in their own words 0 Seek a free response and aim to determine what is at the tip of the respondent’s mind Good to use when asking for attitude or feelings. or additional comments 0 . opinions.

. there can be some drawbacks 0 Sometimes respondents may find it difficult to express their feelings. They do take more time and effort to fill out and at times they can have a larger skip rate. This can result with respondents answering “I don’t know” or skipping it. analyzing open-ended comments can be time consuming and difficult. 0 0 In addition. Eg:Which brand comes to your mind when you think of mango drink? * .+ Questionnaire-designs However.

g.Closed–Ended Types (Multiple Choice – One Answer or Multiple Answers): 0 Pre-designed answers with a small or large set of potential choices 0 One type of closed-ended question is a “dichotomous” question which allows respondents to choose one of two answer choices (e.+ Questionnaire-designs 2. Yes or No) Eg:Do you drink Frooti? * 0 0 Yes No .

+ Questionnaire-designs 0 Another type is the “mutli-chotomous” question. . From a long time I just started. which allows respondents to choose one of many answer choices Eg:If Yes for how long have you been drinking Frooti? 0 0 0 I used to drink before and again started recently.

g.Ranked or Ordinal Questions: 0 Ranking questions are best to use when all the choices listed should be ranked according to a level of specification (e.” then you can set up a ranking question 0 Eg:Rate the factors according to thier importance which you consider while buying a fruit drink? * 5Most Important 1.+ Questionnaire-designs 3. level of importance) If you have a question in which you need the respondents to indicate what items are the “most important” to “least important.Least Important 1 2 3 4 5 0 0 0 0 0 Price Brand Taste Packaging Avalilability .





+ FINDINGS Brands that comes to people mind when they think of mango drink Trpicana 1% No specific 3% Made for children 13% What comes in people's mind when they think of Frooti? Why Grow up? 6% Slice 15% Real 10% Frooti 47% Mango Drink 23% Fresh and Juicy 58% Maaza 24% .

again 0% started recently. 8% No 38% Yes 62% From a long time 92% .+ FINDINGS (contd) Percentage of people who have noticed recent changes in Frooti Duration I used to drink Ibefore and just started.

+ Impact of Changes introduced by Frooti on consumers Packaging 5 Rating 5 Logo 4 Rating 4 3 Packaging Rating 3 Logo 2 Rating 2 1 Rating 1 0 5 10 15 20 0 5 10 15 .

+ CONCLUSION  Frooti has been successful in changing the perception of the consumers and in its positioning strategy Around 98% of the respondents were youths and 68% of these respondents drink Frooti implying that Frooti has been able to attract youth segment One other important trend that has been identified is that consumers who don’t drink Frooti did not even notice changes in the brand Frooti is perceived by many as mango drink so they should stick to that fruit only but can add more flavors within mango Brand revitalization techniques adopted by Frooti have not been successful in adding new consumers      Frooti has been successful in grasping attention of the consumers of Frooti as 68% of the respondents have noticed the changes and also rated them highly on these changes .