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Compensation & Benefits

12 th June 2010.

10. International compensation. 11. .Compensation & Benefits 8. . Recent trends in compensation & benefits.Approaches & administration. Employee welfare / Wellness. 9. Laws relating to compensation. 11. .Executive compensations.Trends in C & B. Industrial relations relating to compensation. 12. . Revision & wrap – up.

. • Developing Incentives And Rewards for Tough Economical Times.Compensation & Benefits Objective of C & B : • The Role Of Compensation & Benefits – Does It Include job analysis & job evaluation. • Innovative Methods to Reward Employees. • Implementing A Total Reward Scheme To Attract Top Talent & Become An Employer of Choice. • Creating Flexible Compensation & Reward Policies That Can Change With Your Company Strategy. • Increasing The ROI On Intangible Assets Through accounting & technologies.

Compensation & Benefits Objective of C & B : • Shaping the future of employee benefits to changing needs. • Executive remuneration: corporate governance and performance measurement. . • Global compensation and benefits trends: the right solutions for current market pressures. • Overall HR Outlook & C & B approaches. • Compensation management for expats.

since promotional opportunities are limited. • Particularly in an entrepreneurial. • Less emphasis on increasing base pay. and more emphasis on distributing gains via bonuses that reward actual goal attainment.Compensation & Benefits Current Compensation Thinking : • Organizations need to develop a compensation philosophy and direction in writing that is reviewed by the Board of Directors and agreed to by your managers. measurement system for awarding variable pay. market-driven company. the compensation philosophy needs to include a method for grouping similar jobs for purposes of broad banding. . • It should include a responsible.

Compensation & Benefits Current Compensation Thinking : • Goal attainment should be rewarded for both individual and organizational goal achievement to foster teamwork and eliminate the “lone ranger” mentality. their place in a total compensation package has increased in importance. They should not reward checking items off a “to-do” list. Shifting the costs of some benefits to employees is a last-option scenario. . • As the cost of benefits has increased. • Real goal achievement is attached to outcomes or deliverables that are measurable or offer a shared picture of what success looks like.

. . . such as bonuses.Compensation & Benefits • In addition to traditional increases to base pay.Increased emphasis on additional benefits such as pre-paid legal assistance.Clear career paths so employees see opportunities within your organization.Increased opportunity for flexible work arrangements and job-sharing. .Payment of smaller rewards with “thank you” notes for above the call of duty contributions. educational assistance. and vision insurance. . profit-sharing and gain-sharing. recommend attention to quality of work life rewards.Payment of a one-time. .An organizational emphasis on the training and development of employees. lump sum payment for a result or outcome that deserves recognition. . and variable rewards.

.Forward thinking organizations are emphasizing “quality of work life” rewards and recognition to add to the value of the total compensation package. such as bonuses. and less emphasis on increases to base pay. . and variable pay based on performance. organizations are moving toward salary and compensation systems that emphasize flexibility. . . recommend attention to quality of work life rewards.They are using bonuses based on profit and accomplishment to add to employee compensation. profit-sharing and gain-sharing. ----------------------------------------------------- .The rising cost of benefits is causing rethinking of their place in the compensation system.Compensation & Benefits • In addition to traditional increases to base pay. and variable rewards. goal achievement.In summary.

How relevant is role based compensation ? 4.considerations and challenges . 5. 6. Are current compensation levels commensurate with the responsibility level of roles ? 2. LTIP and its role in Total Rewards including whether LTIP should be broad based. Retention plans and their utility in managing attrition. Is the differential for performance adequate in our compensation structure ? 3.Compensation & Benefits Current Questions in Trends in Compensation" 1. Design an international compensation package .

Compensation & Benefits .

Compensation & Benefits .

Compensation & Benefits How do you think compensation is determined ? 12 th June 2010. .