How to Write a Grant Proposal for a lot of money

Or How to spend a lot of time and get really depressed when your grant gets rejected !!

Why Should I Bother?
• Increasingly it is necessary for even
state or federal supported programs to obtain funds from granting agencies.
– Help buy classroom equipment – Help you hire additional persons – Buy out your own time (e.g., temp. teachers) – Fund travel to conferences & workshops

Where do U apply? • Federal – – – – – – – – NSF ONR DOD NASA EPA NOAA NPS USFWS • State – SFWMD – DEP – Florida Fish and Wildlife .

Where do U apply? • Private – National Science Teachers Assoc. – National Geographic – Nature Conservancy – Bellsouth – Textbook/Computer – Banks/Local Businesses • Philanthropic – – – – – – – – Gates Foundation Kecht Foundation Kellogg Foundation Pew Charitable Trust Toyota Tapestry Michael Jordan Kodak Target . – National Marine Educators Assoc.

What Do You Need? • A good Idea – An idea – An idea – An idea – An idea goals whose time has come in the news which has relevance which links research and education .

What Do You Need? • A good proposal – Stick to the proposal guideline • Page Limit • Prescribed format concerning text • Look for linkages – A good looking proposal • Institutional approval .

Male/ Female. • • • • • • • • • • Non-US etc) Cover Sheet (1 page) Certification Page (1 Page) Project Summary (1 page) Table of Contents (1 page) Project Description (up to 15 page narrative including figures and results from prior NSF support) References CV (2 page per person maximum) Budget – Budget justification Current and Pending Support Facilities Equipment and other Resources .What is in a Proposal (NSF)? • Information about PIs (White. US. Black.

fax etc) . email.Title Page (or Cover Sheet) • Includes Title of Project • Includes Agency and contact person • Includes beginning and ending dates • Includes total amount requested (not always) • Institutional signatures (not always) • PI contact information (phone number.

Project Summary • Abstract/ Executive Summary • Identifies – Applicant – Need – Project goals – Major objectives • Brief/Free of Jargon • No more than 1 page .

Table of Contents • Lists all sections of the proposal • Different formats for different agencies .

– State what will be done and what will be expected . society etc.Project Description • Statement of Need – Relates of the goals and purposes of agency – How will research benefit education.

or supplementary documentation) .Project Description • Narrative (Up to 15 pages including figures and – Previous Work – Hypotheses • Null Hypothesis – Proposed Work – Methods – Time Table – Deliverables – Qualifications of personnel appendices. CV. but not references or budget justification.

APA.References • Not usually included in total page count • Follow the one format required by the agency (e. MLA) .g.

Budget • Budget pages required by the agency • Budget justification – Salary – Fringe Rate – Travel – Supplies – Analyses – Overhead Rate .

Current and Pending Support • Any other grants you currently have or that you have applied for – Include title – Dates – Percent coverage – Amount .

Points to Remember • Read your proposal thoroughly – Do not be sloppy • The worst review is a sloppy proposal – Be consistent – Check references – Check spelling (be wary of spell check) • Make a check list and make sure every thing is there .

Other Considerations • Cover Letter – Suitable Referees – Non suitable referees • Number of copies • Every agency has different requirements!! • Deadlines – Most Federal agencies have similar one although some subtle and important differences. – Always read the Request For Proposals (RFP). – Fed Ex – Web submittal (NSF Fastlane) • Color or B&W .

Requirements for INSTAR Grant Proposals • • • • Cover Sheet Table of Contents Summary/Abstract Project Description – Statement of Need – Narrative • References • CV • Budget – Budget Justification • • • • • Background Proposed Work Methods Expected Outcome Timetable .

There is a measurable change in water chemistry relative to the coast as a result of saltwater intrusion. For example: The hypothesis might be: .Formulating an IDEA • The idea is to write a research paper or a grant proposal using preliminary data which you will collect in your theme • How does this idea relate to your theme? In the Earth System Science theme we are investigating the change in water chemistry relative to the coastline.

In Your Grant….. Hypothesis: There is a measurable change in water chemistry relative to the coast as a result of saltwater intrusion • Present preliminary data which supports hypothesis and describe additional data requirements – Additional sampling – Installation of wells – Temporal samples .

Research Paper • • • • Title Authors & Address Abstract Introduction – Includes a brief statement of the purpose of the paper – Background/Setting • Methods • Results – Do not confuse results with discussion • • • • Discussion Conclusions Acknowledgments References .

Common Errors • Do not be sloppy • Do not use figures that are not relevant or have not been referenced in the text! .

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