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Building Up On Another
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Members of One Another Encouraging One Another Working with One Another Submitting to One Another Bearing One anothers Burden Devoting to Each other

Encouraging One Another

Objectives Explain what it means to encourage one another. Identify at least one Bible example of encouragement. Apply biblical truths with regard to encouragement so that they can report back the week after in the Care Cell meeting.

Encouragement is a peoplerelated ministry from a Christcentred heart.

Meaning of encouragement

The original root word for encourage is parakaleo.

It means to go alongside another so that one is always at close call. Parakaleo is translated in the different Bible versions as encourage, comfort, exhort, and admonish.

A Biblical Example Of Encouragment

Identify 1 Bible Character who was very encouraging to another Bible Character. Explain why? What can we learn from this person?

Barnabas The Son of Encouragement

Acts 4:36-37 Acts 9:27

What are the unique characteristics of Barnabas that made him a good encourager? What can we learn from him?

Acts 11:22

Acts 15:25-26 Acts 15:36-39

Characteristics of a good encourager


Takes a Real Interest in the Member Personally Talks to the Member Personally Tends to Members Needs Personally Touches Members Lives with Personal Experience



Christians spread cheer and comfort to those whore down and out. Thats the essence of encouragement. Bible versions as encourage, comfort, exhort, and admonish. We can encourage by word and by action. There are certain traits of an effective encourager, viz.

He gravitates towards people and meeting their needs. Hes genuine in feelings and sincere in dealings when encouraging others. Hes a man of compassion and is moved by peoples misfortune.

Action plan

People need encouragement in different dire circumstances.

When their faith sags, and their belief in God and His Word is wavering.

Take the opportunity to boost their faith. Remind them of the infallibility of Gods enduring Word (Heb 3:13,14).

When they have family problems or when they lose their jobs or when they encounter difficulties in their work.

Seize such occasions to pray for them that God will intervene on their behalf. Lend a listening ear. Help to source jobs for them, if it is within your ability. Follow the example of of Barnabas. Do something concretely like collecting a love offering

When they are caught in financial difficulties.