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Aspergers Syndrome Student : Ghada AlSallami Teacher : Chris Cadieuxe

Tom is an eight-years old boy with Aspergers syndrome. He has made lots of progress during the school year but still has some difficulty in social situations and with impulse control. His mother is single and works full-time. She is very worried about July and August and asks for advice around finding an affordable summer program . She would like him to be involved with other children and be able to spend time actively outdoor.

Give parent of the child with special needs information about workshops and training, advocacy and resources and all agencies related. If the parent can not attend work shops because she is a single mother and full time employee , there are online workshops in some organizations provide it for busy parent such as Geneva center for autism . Inclusion should be part of the program especially during summer activities.

Implement activities that help increase social skills for the child with special needs. provide the parent about summer camps in Toronto that have diversity and good programing. Provide the parent with some services they could need it such as help for fill government financial support applications such as respite services. Also Respite creates greater opportunities for all family members to live actively and participate in community activities while allowing caregivers time for themselves(Respite web) . If the parent new to Canada help with family doctors and Pediatrician specialized of special needs children.


Syndrome is the mildest and highest functioning end of the Autism Spectrum. Individuals with Aspergers Syndrome experience problems in social interaction and often have restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests, and activities.

Hans Asperger labeled this disorder "autistic psychopathy" in 1944. The exact cause is unknown. More than likely, an abnormality in the brain is the cause of Asperger syndrome. There is a possible link to autism, and genetic factors may play a role. The disorder tends to run in families. A specific gene has not been identified. The condition appears to be more common in boys than in girls. people with Asperger syndrome often have difficulty socially, many have above-average intelligence. There is no delay in their cognitive development.

Above average memory skills. Average or above average vocabulary skills. Awkward, repetitive gestures, body postures or facial expressions. Below average handwriting. Difficulty understanding their feelings. Extreme difficulty with peer relationships and social situations Inability to be empathetic. Inability to read non-verbal social cues and other people's feelings. Inability to sense other people's needs for personal space


development of motor skills or a lack of physical coordination. Obsessive interest in one topic which they may talk about excessively. Strong attachment to routine. Strong aversion to change or spontaneity. Unusual sensitivity to sound, light, or touch. Unusual speech patterns with regard to tone, pitch, or accents.

There is no single best treatment for all children with Asperger syndrome. Most experts feel that the earlier treatment is started, the better. Programs for children with Asperger syndrome teach skills by building on a series of simple steps, using highly structured activities. Important tasks or points are repeated over time to help reinforce certain behaviors.


should be presented both visually and orally with gesturing. Aware of sounds that may distract the child, and provide him with headphones or earplugs to engage in social interactions which can lead to anxiety and stress. Minimize transitions to insure the environment is predictable for the child. Minimize the length of the activities, because children with Asperger's cant stay for long time in the activities.


physical structure for classroom help the child move comfortably. Use Visual display of daily schedule. for safety class room environment children should tidy up after each toy they play with Pair the child with a peer who can act as a positive social model. Designate classroom jobs, space and time with certain activities such as computer Carefully structure seating arrangements and group work activities.

Vision: Successful Community Inclusion. Mission: to empower individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and their families, to fully participate in their communities. Goals: Build the capacity and skills of individuals, families, community agencies and professionals to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Provide leadership in the development and delivery of services. Raise awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders.


for children under 18 years of age. Individual over 18 years of age . Parents Attend The Foundation workshops ( free ). Parent Network meetings create an opportunity for parents/caregivers of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and share resources.

Respite : Respite gives families time to rest, relax and rejuvenate. After School Respite Program for Children with an ASD. After School Drop In Program for children with Asperger Syndrome for ages 6 - 18 years. Weekend Respite for Children for ages 7 - 18 years. Bridges Summer Camp .

Phone: 416 322 6317

All services has waitlist , their website didn't mention the period of time waiting. Website didnt mention coast of services. Accomplishments: 35 years serving the Greater Toronto community. 4,200 Toronto area families supported 120,000 respite hours provided to Ontario families each year. 10,000 Teachers Assistants and 1,200 child care professionals trained and supported to create inclusive Ontario classrooms. Summer Institute trains 1,500 educational professionals each year. Tel: (416) 322-7877


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