Dining Etiquette

or How to Make a Great Impression

Dr. Navanita Lahiri Jan 15, 2010

Before 1   Invite the guests if you are the host Make restaurant reservations Accept the invitation if you are the guest Call in advance if you are going to be more than 15 mins late   .

step outside to take a call Dress for meals at out-bound programs .Before 2  Dress appropriately (industry & level)    Bankers – business formals Consultants/IT – business formals FMCG/Manufacturing – business casuals    Check personal grooming Turn off cell.

At the table 1  Napkin       “Unfolded not shaken” – place on lap Loosely fold and place on left if leaving the table Leave semi-folded. at the end Do not use to wipe cutlery. nose Hold before mouth when coughing The meal starts when the host unfolds his napkin . left.

At the table 2    Wait until you are served Ask the server questions about the menu if you are uncertain Do not order the most expensive items if you are the guest .

not into the hand . drink to your right Start with the cutlery farthest from your plate Cutlery placed at the top is always for dessert Scoop food away from you Do not blow on the food Transfer butter or spreads from the serving dish to your plate before spreading or eating Set item on table.At the table 3        Eat to you left.



At the table 4        Never intercept a pass Hold hand over glass to decline Do not use a toothpick or apply makeup at the table. Do not touch items that have dropped to the floor Keep elbows off the table Do not talk with a full mouth Cut/pick up only as much as you can chew .


knife on right/center (blade in). spoon on right Do not place soiled cutlery on the table Do not push away/stack crockery for waiter Remember to tip – 10% std Thank your host .Finally       Place cutlery at 6 o’clock position to signal closure Fork on left (tines up).

Bon Apetit! .

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