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Introduction Organizing committee Preparation Irregularities Corruption Social Impact Terror threats Calls for boycott Is they really important

Commonwealth games 2010 Motto: COME OUT AND PLAY  Games were held in 1930. the Commonwealth Games have been held every four years.  Since then. Canada and saw the participation of 400 athletes from eleven countries.  . except for the period during the Second World War. in the city of Hamilton.

Sheduled in new delhi 3-14 october 2010 Total country participating 85 Events: 260 events in 17 disciplines Main stadium: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium .      Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games being recognised as the first ever "Green Commonwealth Games" These are 19th commenwealth games.

CD Chairman Hon. Michael Mr. Suresh Kalmadi .Organizing committee  President  (Jamaica) Fennell OJ.

Delhi government. . Organising Committee and other agencies for the preparations ofCommonwealth Games 2010. the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee under Suresh Kalmadi was set up. In 2004.Preparation  COMMONWEALTH GAMES were allotted to Delhi in 2003. Six years were available to the Government of India (Ministry of Sports/Sports Authority of India).

.6 billion and this amount excludes non-sports-related infrastructure development in the city like airports. US$ 1.1 billion). roads and other structures. total budget estimated for hosting the Games is US$ 1. This will likely make the 2010 Commonwealth Games the most expensive Commonwealth Games ever. being larger than the previous games in Melbourne 2006 (approx.

 money laundering involving a UK firm came into light.    Award of works at higher prices Poor Quality Assurance  Award of work to ineligible agencies .000 crore. The BJP estimated that the scam would be to the tone of Rs 30.Corruption corruption in constructions in the CWG stadiums.

Unskilled workers are paid 85 to 100 Indian rupees (INR) per day iii.000 contract daily wage workers are working on Games projects ii. skilled workers are paid 120 to 130 INR per day for eight hours of work.Social Impact  Labour Violations over 415. wages contravene the stipulated Delhi state minimum wage of INR 152 for eight hours of work. i. .

Slum eviction and no-beggar-zones i. over 100.000 to 40.000 were slated for eviction and ‘relocation’ . and a further 30.000 families have already been evicted in order to make space for CWGrelated projects.

Terror threats Attacks on Mumbai in 2008 ii. 2010 Jama Masjid attack i. . two low intensity bombs went off outside the stadium in Bangalore iii. Indian Premier League.

England and Australia . shoddy construction work at venues and security concerns for participating athletes. the 2010 Commonwealth games has faced numerous boycottcalls from individuals in India.Calls for boycott  Amid allegations of blatant corruption.

Is this really important ? on the Games – a whopping 30.Hockey India footed that it was unable to fund his treatment in the US.  expenditure . Indian hockey goalkeeper Baljit Singh sustained a eye injury.000 crore  India is a country where sports still languishes – apart from cricket  Sample this: In July 2009.

national men’s hockey players staged indefinite boycott of the World Cup preparatory camp  sports in our country suffers due to lack of funds. and sportspersons lead an awful life  common children are being deprived of basic facilities to play  Organising Committee members of the CWG involved in unbridled corruption  .In January 2010.