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What are ERP Systems ?
Distribution Manufacturing Marketing


Planning and Execution


Engineering Human Resources


Satyam Confidential

C 1-May-00 Common Database & On-line transactions Satyam Confidential Dept. D . B Dept. A Dept.Breaking Barriers Dept.

HR Sub Modules Personnel Development Recruitment Training Employee Database Time Recording & Evaluation Organizational Management Workforce Planning Compensation Management Personnel Cost Planning 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

Medical Record Grievances Performance Appraisal Deadlines Personal Data Organisational Assignment Contracts Mail id Leave Entitlement Medical Record Family Details Education Skills Previous Employment Working Hours 1-May-00 Salary Details Satyam Confidential .

05.01.2000 Specifications Satyam Confidential .Medical Center Endocrinology General Thyroid Gland Height Weight Adrenal Gl Blood Pancreas Grp Nutrition Pituitary Gl Vaccination Gonads Sensitization 1-May-00 Examined on 12.2000 Next Check-up 12.

date. • Effective dates on virtually all data in the system. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Audit trials for all changes – Source (who). • Dynamic event change monitoring – System prompts user to change update related data. • Automatic validity check on all data. time and “before” and “after” data.HR Administration • System generated employee numbers – Separate range for contract employees.

Satyam Confidential . department.. supervisor etc. Contd. – Information on “need to know basis” • Standard Reporting. • Search feature for selecting employees – employee no. • Authorization restriction. 1-May-00 • Ad hoc reporting. • Date driven reminders. – Multiple screen for one employee.HR Administration • “Fast Entry” feature – Screen for multiple employees.

Organisational Management Organizational Management 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

• Positions. • Vacant Positions. • Reporting Relationship. • Departments/ Project Teams/ SBU’s. • Holder of the Positions. • Line/ Dept Function. Work Centers Resources attached to Work center/ Position. Job Description. Authorities of Positions. Planned Compensation. • Obsolete Positions. Restrictions associated with Positions & Workcenters.Organisation Structure Job Profiles. Graphical Planning 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . Job Evaluation Data. • Departmental Heads.

• Integrated functionalities – Cost Planning. – Compensation Management. – Recruitment. – Employee Development. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Planning Scenarios. • Helps in Strategic Planning.Organisational Management • Basis of Workflow.

Recruitment Recruitment 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

Recruitment • • • • • Advertisement Applicant Master Data Applicant Activity Selection Procedure Hiring 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

• • Date/ Statistics per instrument. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Cost per applicant. Maintain & Monitor Internal & External Ads. • Instrument. Evaluate each Advertisement.Advertisement Evaluate each instrument. • Per used.Statistics. • Total Applicants. • Applicant • Date/ Period. • Evaluate each instrument. • Cost per • Per Vacancy. • Evaluate each Advertisement. • Medium Vacancy. applicant.Applicantperiod. • Total Applicants. • Cost.

– – – – Education. Vacancy Assignment. Skills. – Former applicant/employee.Applicant Master Data • Initial Data Entry. • Additional Data. Previous Employment. • Applicant Check. Org Assignment. Overall Status. Reference Person. – – – – Personal Data. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

Applicant Activity • Applicant Administration . • Follow up activity per Personnel Officer. – – – – – – Invite for Test. Telephonic Invitation. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . Invited for Interview. Interview Appointment. Offer Contract etc… • Print Letters.Plan/ Completed. Medical Examination.

Potential. – Positions. – External Applicants. • Factors. – – – – 1-May-00 Suitability Percentage. • Profile Match up. – Internal Applicants. Preferences. Satyam Confidential . Dislikes.Selection Procedure • Based on Requirement profile.

Education. Working Time.Hiring • Allot an Employee Number. • Applicant Data Transferred to Employee Data. . – – – – – – – – 1-May-00 Personal Data. Satyam Confidential • Other Information Maintained. Leave Entitlement. Skills. Previous Employment. Deadlines etc. Organisational Assignment.

Applying Online SAP Database 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

• Correspond Electronically to applicants. • Online Application Forms.Web Based Applications • Post new positions on the Internet or Intranet. Required skills. Hiring Manager. • Applicant Status using Web Technology. Satyam Confidential . Location. • Notify Recruiters Electronically – – – – – 1-May-00 Vacant Position. Educational requirements.

Personnel Development Personnel Development 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

I need people with 3 yrs. experience in Oracle Financials and SAP for project “Safari”.


Satyam Confidential

Professionals Oracle & SAP required for Project Safari.
Oracle Exp 4 Prof 9

Oracle Exp 2 Prof 8 SAP Exp 2 Prof 6

SAP Exp 1 Prof 6

SAP Exp 3 Prof 8


Satyam Confidential

Career Planning

SAP Exp 3 Prof 8

Suitability % Deficiency Earmarking Potential Dislikes



Succession Planning Shift Planning
1-May-00 Satyam Confidential

1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Depreciation Meter for skills. • Track employees’ preferences.Competency Profiling • Identify & Catalog Qualifications – For Positions. – Of employees/ applicants. dislikes and potential for growth. – Complete/ Partial. • Define alternate qualifications. • Define pre-defined scales specific to skills. aspirations.

– Integrated to Training & Event Management.Competency Profiling . • Identify gap between requirement and availability. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . with the right skills” – Earmark right person • If unavailable – Extend search to applicants. • Enable Mangers to perform – Profile Match Up. “Finding the the individual.Contd. – Share with external recruiters. – Assess suitability & ranking.

GM Engineer Executive Trainee 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .Career & Succession Planning President& MD What will be my career path ? Manager General Manager Vice President Asstn.

Career & Succession Planning • Define Career Paths – Horizontal & Vertical. – Predefined Career Paths. – Dislikes. • Earmark as Successor. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . – Potentials. – Preferences. • Career Planning based on – Individuals qualifications. • Rank individuals based on suitability.

Succession planning is based on the Career Models and takes into consideration the skills and experience of the employees. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

Payroll Accounting Payroll Accounting 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

Retroactive accounting. Gross Payroll. Interface to other Payroll packages.Payroll Accounting • • • • • • • Country Specific Payroll Roll Out. Deductions. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . Net Payroll. Pay Reclassification.

1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Web based online appraisal process. • Just-in-time training to fill performance gaps. • View appraisal results along with employees profile.Performance Management • Multiple appraisal models for multiple purposes. – Surveys etc. – Project Appraisals. • Define unlimited number of attributes and evaluation scales. – 360O Appraisal. • Maintain Appraisal Models in catalog. – Employee Appraisals.

– Define Comp Plans. • Budgeting – Centralised/ Decentralised. eligibility rules and guidelines for executing compensation process.Top/ Top Down.Compensation Management • Planning & Administering Compensation policies & programs. • Flexible to support unique requirements. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . – Bottom . • Store external survey results. • Integrate to Appraisals.

• Store & analyze employees salary history.Compensation Mgmt Contd. • Statistics for jobs with evaluation points & market reference pay. • Generate Salary structure based on external survey results. • Total compensation reporting & analysis. • Job Pricing Tool to determine relative value of positions. • Compare actual compensation costs with budgeted costs. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

Training Management Training 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

Book Resources. – Have attended xyz Buz event. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . Resource List. – Transfer skills. Location/ Building. Organiser .Internal/ External. Demand. – Should have abc skills. Capacity.• Standard Buz Events – – – – – – – – Business Event • Prerequisites • Procedure Schedule. – Reaction to booking/ prebooking etc. Int/ Ext Price.

Contd. – Internal attendees. – External attendee. • Buz Event Brochure. • Billing. – Resources. 1-May-00 – Description/ Objective/ Target Group/ Price/ Prerequisite/ Language course/ Location etc. – Buz Event Appraisal.Business Event • Price Proposal – Considers cost attached to resources. • Budgeting. • Cost Allocation. – Attendee Appraisal. • Appraisal. Satyam Confidential .

Business Event • Reports – – – – – – – – – – – – – – BE Demand. Search feature for courses. Contd. Company’s World Wide Web site. Employees can view their own training history. BE Brochure. BE Appraisal. BE Schedule. Attendance Statistics. Booking/ Pre-booking/ Cancellation. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . BE Prices. Resources not yet assigned per BE. • Internet Application. BE Dates. Correspondence electronically. Training Calendar. Resource list per BE.

Attendees • Employees/ Applicants/ Ext Persons/ Company/ Department. – Book/ Prebook/ Replace/ Rebook/ Cancel. Attendees Training History. – Bulk Booking. • Trainee/ Attendee Administration. Attendance Statistics. Cancellation List per attendee/ Buz event. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Reports – – – – – – Int/ Ext Attendee List. – Correspondence (e-mail/ letters). Attendee Appraisal. • Attendance Menu. Attendee bookings/ prebooking/ rebooking.

Personnel Cost Planning Personnel Cost Planning 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

Personnel Cost Planning helps in : • Monitoring the Current Personnel Costs. • Planning Projected Costs for various Scenarios. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

• Detailed Comparison between targeted and actual labour costs. • Comparing Company’s HR costs against industry standards. – What . 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .if scenario.Personnel Cost Planning • Accurately forecast labour costs – Based on different Plan Versions.

Cost in Rupees 1999-00 Scenario II 2000-01 The company decides to increase the Basic Salary 2000-01 of employees by Cost to the company 50% •Salary •Canteen Scenario I •Transportation The company decides to •Training …… increase the Basic Salary of employees by 20% Sales Sales Sales Total Total HR HR HR Mfg Mfg Mfg Total 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

Travel Management Travel 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

1-May-00 • Posting Travel Expenses to Financials. Hotel. • Best Prices. – Availability & Online booking (AMADEUS) • Booking Car. Reservations & Travel Accounting. • Travel Management allows for – Profiles .Flexible instruments for storing travel policy • Routes. • Workflows for Travel Request (ESS).Travel Management • Trip Planning. Time Limits. – Statistics & Reports. – Data Integration. – Personal Preferences. • Allows for Centralised/ Decentralised operation. Flight Tickets. Satyam Confidential . Classes. Priorities.

Employee Employee • Bookings AMADEUS – Airlines. – Hotels. – Car Rentals.AMADEUS AMADEUS Via Remote Via Remote Connection Connection • Worlds Largest Global Travel Distribution R/3 System. Travel Agents 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . Via Remote Connection • Present in 115 Countries.

Time Recording Time Recording & Evaluation 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

Terminal A Terminal B Centralised Time Recording Machine Terminal C 1-May-00 Terminal D Satyam Confidential .

Centralised Time Recording Machine Attendance Leave Data 1-May-00 Absences Overtime Correction Satyam Confidential .

Business Workflow • Submitting application forms. • Following up on new hire activities. • Drawing up job offers. • Reviewing and approving expense reports. • Approving travel requests. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Planning and holding interviews. • Reviewing time entries. • Processing absence approvals. • Monitoring rejected applications.

Boss Leave Application R Employee A A Time Administrator 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

• Full Access – 24 hours a day. from office. or on the road. 7 days a week. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .Employee Self Service • Easy to Use. at home. • Data entry at source. • Security – State of art security and fire wall protection.

• Travel Planning. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . Booking. • Enter hours worked . • Check applicant status. etc. Marital status.CATS. – Address. • Enter. • Apply for a job. Cancellation.ESS • Training Programs Contd. bank details etc. View training history. – Calendar. • Information to Recruiter. submit and review Travel Expenses. • Maintain personal details of dynamic nature.

Managers Desktop Managers Desktop 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

Satyam Confidential . • Integrated to FI-CO – Access Budget Information. • Administrative activities decentralized to Line Mangers. • Carry out personnel cost comparisons. – Line Mangers carry out HR tasks of employees reporting to him.Managers Desktop • Role Based Functionality. • Can see the current situation of employees holidays and take decisions on leave requests. • Can access salary structures. 1-May-00 • Drag and Drop functionality. – Can request Cost Center evaluation.

About Satyam • Global IT solution Provider • One Stop Solution • SEI CMM Level 5 • Market Capitalisation of over US $ 5b • Fortune 100 Client List • 9500+ IT Consultants • Large complex Projects • Rightsourcing Option 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

• Strategic Relationship with : .SAP Division • Dedicated SBU. • SAP Learning Center. • Integrated E-Commerce solutions with SAP.SAP Retail AG.SAP India.SAP AG.250+ . 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Consulting Team . . . • Support over 55 SAP Implementations worldwide. • Global ABAP Development Center.

SAP Multi Skilled Team IS-Retail IS-Auto IS. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . Oracle.PP. WF.) BASIS Skills (UNIX.SD.BDC.) Customer HR ISTP.TM. BPR & CM Project Mgmt Group ABAP Skills (RPT.EC) Logistics (MM. IDoc. RFC.Chemicals R/3 Support Group Financial (FI.. SQL Server) Operations Training Network & Systems QA Group Software Engg.. ALE. NT. Scripts.CO. TXN.

• 3rd Party Interfaces. • Mobile Services. • Web enabling SAP. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . – Document Management. • Lotus Notes.Human Capital Management • SAP HR. • Microsoft Exchange. – Interface to Legacy Systems (non SAP). – Workflow.

Enterprise Application Integration • Integrating SAP with Legacy applications. • Web enabling SAP.) 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . building and implementing interfaces to existing applications (Non SAP). • Using BAPI to enhance SAP functionality. • Interface to 3rd Party packages. • Integrating Groupware (Lotus Notes. • Designing. MS Exchange etc.

Palm . • Communication Device.Enterprise Device • Enterprise Device. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Personal Organizer.

Satyam’s SAP Customers .Workplace in your Pocket Integration with .Palm customers who use SAP 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .Data warehousing .SAP .Legacy Office .

1-May-00 • Skill Search. • Manpower Status. – Training • Schedules. – Specific Reports. • Marital Status. • Present Address. Satyam Confidential . – Employee Self Service. • Booking/ Cancellations. – Leave Application.Workplace in your Pocket • HR Transactions with Palm VII – Time Sheet Data Entry.

NZ LTITL Workflow 3COM.USA Mistubishi Chemicals. UAE ONGC ESS Dr. Singapore TAFE Digital ABB Al-Futtaim Trading Group of Companies. Reddy’s Labs SAP Labs Thomas Cook Exide Industry Widia BPCL Mobile Services Kirloskar Electric Co Goodyear India Ispat Steels 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . USA Day & Zimerman. UAE British Oxygen Company Phillips Consumer Electronics.SAP HR Competency Workplace PepsiCo NIIT Wipro General Motors SAP HR Zespri International. USA Hughes Network Systems.

• • • L&T Information Technology. Washington. • Exide Industry Ltd.SAP HR Team Profile • More than 2 SAP HR implementations each.. • Developing Country India Version of SAP HR………………………………. • Al-Futtaim Trading Group of Companies. Singapore. Dubai. • Philips Consumer Electronics B.V. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Mitsubishi Chemicals. • Rich HR experience. British Oxygen India. NIIT. • HR Implementations in: • Pepsi Cola India Ltd. • MBA’s from reputed institutes in India. • General Motors India. • Hughes Network Systems. Dubai.

Seatle Visteon Ford Lifetecnet.Italy SAP Retail Germany Japan OTE . DWG.USA J Martins . Sharp - Harrods . & Pandesic . Vendex .UK.Portugal.Canada.UK Wella -UK Middle East Satyam Clients Aramco Kalyani Sharp Wellspun GFCL Pricol Hoechst India Tractor Supply World Bank* Waccamau GE Fanuc eTransX 3-Com DuPont World wide REI .Germany.Oman Satyam Confidential .Belgium & Holland JCL . Sobeys & Metro .Europe Fona Denmark GE Aircraft Engines Royal Sunalliance . Metro . 1-May-00 North America Asia Pacific GM. Infraserv & KMT .Enmed hsupply.Denmark. Office Max.

• Realization. Methodology • Final Preparation.Methodology • Project Preparation. • Go Live and Support. • Business Blueprint. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

• Leverage Satyam’s Product Mix. • Commitment from Top Management . • User Training at Satyam’s Learning Center in Chennai. • Proven track record with large & successful clients. • Cost Effective Solution. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Highest Level of Quality. • Continuous Upgradation on SAP technology. • Dedicated R&D team.Satyam Commitment • Committed SAP & Integration team.

Thank You 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .

PP. SD and PM. FI/CO. MM. SD. PM & QM.0B. PP. FI/CO. MM. PM & QM.Japan in India. SD. • Sharp – India – Manufacturing Plant of Sharp. – R/3 Ver 4. • Pricol -India – India’s Premium OEM Automotive Part Manufacturer. – R/3 Ver 4. FI/CO. PP. India – Asia’s Largest Co-operative Fertilizer Company.0B.0B. – R/3 Ver 4. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential .Project Profile • Godavari Fertilizers Chemicals Limited(GFCL). MM.

MM. – ABAP Development support. SM.Project Profile • 3-Com Corporation – Satyam is executing the roll-out of the following modules: SD. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . FI/CO.

MM. EDI and Web. – 128 KBPS link to Ford worldwide network. • Du Pont – Asia pacific – SAP Development Center in India – Support for various modules including FI/CO. – Helpdesk support. – BASIS and Configuration support at Client .Site.SAP Development Support – Rightsourcing Option SAP Services • Ford – Visteon – USA & Europe – SAP Development Support Center in India. – Deployment of Satyam’s CMM Level 5 Process. Forms. 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . PP and SD. – Support for Reports.

1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . – BASIS support. – BIW – data loading support. – Support in SAP IS-Retail deployment for various clients worldwide. • Worldbank – USA – R/3 Implementation in over 130 countries.SAP Development Support – Rightsourcing Option SAP Services • SAP Retail Germany – Support in Product Development. – SAP Development support in Reports.

• REI. • Wella . 1-May-00 Satyam Confidential . • Fona. UK – Premium cosmetic maker in Europe. Denmark. USA.0B Annual Revenue.SAP Services Integration • Tractor Supply Corporation – USA – Specialty Farm and Ranch Retailer with over US $ 1.