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On Resource Mobilization and Partnership Building for Social Entrepreneurship

Foundation for a Sustainable Society

A presentation by Jerome Ignacio, Assistant Director for Development Services of the Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc., for the ASoG-ISEA Seminar for Mayors and LGU Officials Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Local Economic Development, held on December 9, 2011.

Meet FSSI.

Our Roots
Product of a debt relief program
50% Payment Cancelled

Philippines Debt to the Swiss Government

50% Counterpart Fund

FSSI Endowment Facility

Development requires debt relief

Our Members

Key Challenges

poverty , being highest in rural areas
unemployment inadequate government action to promote development economic activities is spurred mainly from the outside foreign investments imported commodities overseas work

poverty and inequality environmental degradation climate change inability to regulate against overuse of natural resources

FSSI envisions just, sustainable and empowered communities, recognizing diversity of cultures, respecting integrity of creation and realizing the fullness of life.

FSSI is a sustainable resource institution committed to social investments that facilitate the entry and participation of poor Filipino communities for the development of just, local economies. FSSI shall:

Provide financial services to enterprises that deliver triple bottomline returns Support enhancement for entrepreneurial capacities Engage policy makers and facilitate the participation of poor communities in policy development and implementation Act as facilitator, partner, advocate and implementer where appropriate

Our Presence

Our Experience

From 2004-2010, FSSI has extended P380 million of social investments in the form of loans and grants to 70 operating and start up social enterprises in the coco coir, microfinance, agribusiness, handicrafts and other sectors. Since 2004, some 130,000 poor individuals have benefitted as workers, suppliers and microenterprise owners. 81% of them are women. A self-sustaining social investing organization ensuring three bottomlines: ecological soundess, social equity and economic viability Have established partnerships with NGOs, government, MFIs, cooperatives, and communities of practice.

Our Bottomlines
Economic Viability
Convergence or focus areas where sustainable local economy development happens. Sustainable communities = confluence & interaction of people (& their culture), economic produce, and ecology

Social equity
Small farmers Fishers IPs Women Agricultural workers

Production areas Water resources Air and soil Coastal resources

Heres how we contribute to change.

3BL in Local Economic Development

Triple Bottom-line in Local Economic Development, or 3BL-LED, serves as a conceptual framework that guides FSSIs program for the period 2011-2016.

An approach that does not focus on economic growth but also on other important development aspects that need to be addressed to reduce poverty such as social equity and ecological soundness. With little resources, 3BL-LED is an approach decisionmakers must consider.

Whats in it for you?

Creation of more livelihood opportunities for the poor and/or disadvantaged (women, disabled, elderly, IPs etc) Improved dignity, economic condition and self-worth of the poor as owners or decision makers in social enterprises Sustainable use of natural resources for economic activities

Enhanced cooperation and involvement among community members including government, business, cooperatives, consumers, civil society organizations among others
Rejuvenation of local pride and identity Innovation using local resources and talents Community-centred development Improved resilience of communities against failures of the global markets and effects of climate change.

Market System
Resource Market



Communities Socially-prepared LED- and Social Enterprise ready LGU-supported

Product Market

Land, labor, capital, & entrepreneurial ability

Resource Market

Income & wages Labor & entrepreneurial ability

Social Enterprises

Product Market

Empowered Social Sectors

Goods & services Revenue

Goods & services Consumption expenditures

Focus Area Approach

The current program adopts the focus area approach in supporting, developing and implementing 3BL-LED initiatives.
M&E Preparation

Development intervention is organized

according to a defined geographical location which should offer physical viability for integrating the 3BL features summed up as the interaction of local value chain development, participation of target social sectors, and protection of eco-system.
Implementation Area Planning

Sustaining community efforts through advocacy

We partner with stakeholders at the local and national levels on the following advocacy agenda:

promoting social entrepreneurship

climate change adaptation and mitigation sustainable natural resource management and production alternative/renewable energy developing supporting policies and practices for the value chain development of specific industries or sectors addressing gender concerns in enterprise and value chain development promoting patronage of products and services of social enterprises or ethical consumption

Our goal by 2016: contribute to the sustainability of local economies and ecosystems in focus and priority areas in the Philippines by:
1. Supporting the establishment and strengthening of social enterprises (project development, business development support and portfolio management)
2. Facilitating participation of communities in the development and growth of social enterprises (social marketing, consumer education, and community education and training activities) 3. Contributing to the creation of a conducive environment for social enterprises (research, advocacy and education that would lead to policy reforms or a change in practices leading to a better ecosystem and vibrant local economies)

We invest. We facilitate. We partner. We advocate. We implement with you.

Final note
The 3BL-LED framework is a development proposition that FSSI commits to explore and enrich.

This framework is adopted while recognizing the

various practices and discourses that relates to the concepts of 3BL and LED. As a learning organization,

FSSI recognizes the role of the Community of

Practices in the continuing development of thoughts and disciplines in line with 3BL-LED.

Thank you for your attention!

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