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(Project Proposal)

Bulacan Bamboocraft is a newly established

company that started its operation in March 2005. It makes bamboo holders for wine and other bottled products, furnitures, baskets, trays, and other decorative items. The Company aims to distribute its bamboo products all over the country and eventually in other countries to show that ordinary farm workers have God-given talents to produce unique and quality products that we Filipinos can be proud of.

We have chosen their company since weve

seen that they show nationality and create native products to promote the resources of our beloved country the Philippines. They started from a business of Bottled sardines, and then they create a basket for their sardines to have a good presentation. It is made of bamboo; customers loved the bottle handler they ordered a lot of it, because of that they had decided to manufacture products made of bamboos.

Bulacan Bamboocraft was established in March 2005 by Ms. Bella J. Santos. It shows that the success of the business is merely the creative mind of the owner. They never stop developing their product and offer an attractive output. Before the Bulacan Bamboocraft was establish and been out in the market, Ms. Santos previous business and endeavor concerned was bottled sardines. It is originally located at Balagtas, Bulacan, she established BNK Home Needs in 1985 to provide fresh and handmade bottled Sardines to Super Markets. Actually the first name of this business is El Negrense , which became the first supplier of Bottled Sardines to Super Market.

Crafts made of bamboo are considering one of the best

and creative products that is produced in the Philippines. Aside from its well built characteristics it shows nationality of the producer. To create value for its local and international customers, bamboo manufacturers in the Philippines greatly value the craftsmanship of the products they create. As such, they always make it a point that the bamboos that they produce are well created and have a high quality. They always think of a well develop product that will be caught the attention of the customers.

Bulacan Bamboocraft was established in March 2005

at Plaridel, Bulacan. The Company manufactures religious items using images made of lahars from Mt. Pinatubo, and bamboo frames decorated with different kinds and colors of ropes made of indigenous materials that can be found in the Philippines. The Company has outlets in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Pampanga and Subic. It accepts made to order give away items for all occasions such as wedding, baptism, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc. It can make designs exclusively for such occasion. It also accepts made to order furniture

Katryna SantosOtadoy Owner manager

Bella J. Santos General Manager




With an accounting and financial background from

her academe degree, Mrs. Otadoy administers and controls the rather uncomplicated day-to-day accounting system of Bulacan Bamboo craft. Similar to other micro- scale businesses, the companys owner keeps the most basic books of accounts like the general ledger, journal and cash disbursement books. Mrs. Santos hires an accountant acquaintance for the company during the end of the fiscal year.

In terms of quality and craftsmanship, the companys

products can actually compete with other handicrafts both locally and internationally. They gain competitive advantage over other manufacturers. As observed in the recently held handicraft trade fair in Malolos City, the eye- catching handicrafts are highly unique and saleable. They create different products with high quality and creative output.

The production processes currently in the place in

this rather company is characteristically laborintensive in the initial stages and highly inventure in the latter ones. In both cases, production processes are manual and subjective, mostly relying on the skills, resourcefulness and vision of both the managers and the manual laborers. The factory layout is quite unplanned, with most of the processes intertwiningly happening in the same work place and just a few away from each other.


STRENGTHS: Producing high quality products Environment friendly products Bamboo products such as decors, displays and souvenirs. Unique designs Reasonable price

WEAKNESSES: Lack of advertisement Location Limited working area Few people are aware about their business. Limited financial resources.

OPPORTUNITIES: Entering abroad, expanding Increasing sales opportunity New product line THREATS: Competitors (new entrants) Unexpected Calamities By order products Economic crises

To help the company earn an above- average returns. To introduce the company as the maker of highly

quality products made of bamboo. To be known internationally. To create employment and livelihood for the people. To make a strong name or image in bamboo industry. For the readers, to become aware of the Bulacan Bamboo Craft business.

The group came up with a proposal of improving

their advertisements by promoting their products through the use of tarpaulins, leaflets, signboard, and make some development with regards to their website. Through these promotions, their business will be known and residents of Bulacan and even our neighboring towns will be aware of this kind of creative and nationalistic product offered by our KaBulakenyo.

Bulacan bamboo craft is the business which involves

producing unique products at a reasonable price. These are miniature souvenirs, images/ statues of saints and some displays. Bulacan Bamboocraft are mostly catering Filipino people to show the importance and the treasure that the Philippines posses. They also consider some tourists as well as the balikbayans as their potential customers, since most of them love to buy native products as a Pasalubong for their loved ones. Bulacan bamboo craft has their distribution channels to reach their outlets/ branch in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Ilocos, Olongapo and Pampanga.


bamboocraft is specialized on their unique Filipino designs. It simply just showing and maintaining our Filipino culture. The direct competitor of Bulacan Bamboo craft are the NMS Handicraft, Philippine Handicraft Industry which is also offering souvenirs product made in bamboo. They are also participating in trade fairs like the SINGKABAN FESTIVALS and other competition for tourism events.

Bulacan bamboo craft has a competitive advantage

in producing bamboo products for it offers functional and traditional Filipino items. Balikbayan and foreign tourist [patronize arts and collectibles like the bamboo basket, bamboo fan decors, and lanterns, bamboo boxes and vases etc. because its very stylish and neutral, that they can place them to anywhere in their home. It is modern because the nativity established its identity as maker of high quality products with unique designs, without the help workers as their God- given talents using their excellent craftsmanship.

Description of the product/service As a handicraft manufacturing company, Bulacan Bamboocraft manufacturers and fabricates a catalogues of highly marketable and admirable bamboo-made products: towel holders, letter holders, vases, trays frames, wine holders, candle holders, and religious decorations. In fact, in almost all the trade fairs and exhibit that Mrs. Santos and Mrs. Otadoy have attended, it can be observe that passer by from all walks of life sauntering next to their booth would stop by and marvel at the sleek and polished bamboo items.

Manufacturing process The companys basic and most essential raw material is the bamboo, which is purchased from Dona Remedios Trinidad, a mountainous town near Plaridel, Bulacan. The most senior and experienced member of the labor force, the one who actually made the first sample packaging for the bottled sardines, is appointed to select and discriminate the bamboos delivered to them. He manually and meticulously only purchases those bamboo sticks that pass a certain quality based on years of experience handling bamboo handicrafts.

PRODUCTION CAPACITY At present, bulacan bamboo owns assets valued at P 1.8 million. These assets are mostly in cash, accounts receivables, inventories, and equipment. During the year 2005, Php 50, 000 was invested as startup capital for the business. With the rather conservative expansion of operations, further investments were made only by acquiring more manpower. The company usually hires about 6-8 regular employees. Operations are carried out through different processes by the following mini- departments procurement, cutting drying, treating, and designing.

1. Total Project Cost The amount needed to pursue this project proposal will be P200,000. 2. Source of Financing The fund to be used will be from the cash in bank of the company. They can provide a fund without borrowing money from banks or having loan as their source since they have enough savings.