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INTRODUCTION  Large Marine Diesel Engines are started using high pressure compressed air.  To minimise the risk of an air start explosion. fuel is not injected into the cylinder whilst the air is being admitted.  There is a means to start the engine locally as well as from The Bridge . .

Principle of Operation .

An isolation non-return valve  ii. A bursting disc or flame arrester .International Association of Classification Society rules state  To protect starting air mains against explosion arising from improper functioning of starting valves  i.

Different Parts at a glance .

compressed air at flows into the cylinder.Air start valve When opened by the air signal from the distributor. . forcing the piston down.

A FLAME TRAP can also be used.Bursting disk 1. 2. . Limits any pressure rise due to explosion by bursting.

Automatic valve  Open only during air starting  Incorporates 1. Non return valve 2. Slow turn valve .

Air distributor  One end attached to air main start valve  Has number of pilot valves  Operated by means of a cam .

Turning Gear Interlock  If the turning gear is engaged .this stops high pressure air from reaching the air start control valve and thus the automatic valve .

Air Start Receivers  Capacity of the receivers  Function of the receiver  Pressure gauge and drain are attached  Manhole for inspection purposes .

 Intercoolers are fitted with taps on the water side.Air compressors  Charges the air receivers . .  Usually two stage reciprocating with inter and after stage cooling are used.  Relief valves are fit to each stage as is a high temperature cut out.


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