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Human Resource Planning System at TATA Motors Ltd.

Presented By: Abhimanyu Singh Rathore H11061 Avinash Chopde H11072 Navjot Singh Gill H11091 Prianka Sharma H11099

Human Resources at TATA Motors Ltd.

Manpower | Structure, Headcount

Manpower | Trend

Manpower | Band wise progression

Human Resource Planning | Process

Undertaken independently at every unit As a strategic part of the Human Resources

function, the Assessing Agency undertakes an annual manpower planning exercise in the month of February/March, based on the approved business plan for the unit.
The Assessing Agency collates data provided by

the departments on the bifurcation of vacancies between grade families and Divisions, and draws up a manpower plan.

Human Resource Planning | Process

The plan covers Bargainable, Supervisory and

Managerial employees as also Cadre Group requirements.

The plan is approved by the Appropriate Authority

and then communicated by the Assessing Agency/Location HR/Plant HR to Departmental Heads.

Location HR/Plant HR defines recruitment strategy

as per the Organizations policies and guidelines.

Job Analysis
Job description specification Job title/ name of the job


Working hours Qualities

Duties and responsibilities Experience Working conditions background Salary and incentives Family

Job Analysis
At Tata Motors a specific Job Design process is

undertaken which ensures the correct Job Descriptions and Job Specifications for each job.
The process of Job Analysis is the same for both

workers and managers.

The line managers are involved in designing the

job specifications for particular roles.

The HR department plays a supportive role in

designing these job specifications so that the line managers themselves are a part of the process.

Succession planning
Identification of the few crucial positions in the

The available talent pool is skimmed through Screened employees go through

- Psychometric tests - Interviews

Based on judgments of the panel and preferences

of the candidates selected employees are distributed across various verticals with some overlapping across verticals

Issues and challenges

Low contribution of IJP in overall recruitment Candidates not released for as long as 6 months Withdrawal of application on selection Grade / Promotion of applicants Lack of Quality of applications for advertised positions Low applications for some profiles Same group of employees applying for openings Employees discussing a proposed barter of profile /

locations on MyTataMotors portal

Scope for improvement

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