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o Different forms1. 3. Pre-paid cards. and many more…… . 2.WHAT IS PLASTIC MONEY ? o Plastic money is a term that is used predominantly in reference to the hard plastic cards we use everyday in place of actual bank notes. Cash cards. 5. Debit cards. Store cards. 4. Credit cards.

TRANSACTIONS • At present 87% of the entire plastic money transaction is done through credit cards and debit cards collectively….000 crore annually through credit cards which is expected to grow at 50% in the next 4-5 years. • Consumers spend nearly 50. .

•Refilling of fuel in vehicles. •Payment of insurance premiums. •For cash withdrawals. •For settlement of hotel bills.puchase etc.) •For online shopping.water. rail and road tickets for travelling. . •For payment of bills(hotel.USES •Purchase of air.electricity.

Credit cards         Issuing bank logo EMV chip on "smart cards" Hologram Credit card number Card brand logo Expiration Date Card Holder Name contactless chip .

Apparel purchase 8-10%.STATISTICS •Out of the 87% of the total usage of plastic money accounted by credit cars and ATM cum debit cardsTravel and hotel bills along with dining account for nearly 25-35 % of the total purchases Jewellery purchase accounts for a staggering 10-11 %. Consumer durables 6-7% .

However total number of credit cards declined from 19 mn in June 2010 to 18 mn in June 2011.128 crore.RAW NUMBERS  Spending through credit cards increased from 11. In contrast total number of debit cards increased from 190 mn in June 2010 to 249 mn in June 2011(25% rise).691 crore to 22. Spending through ATM cum debit cards increased from 8.065 crore to 11. .691 crore.


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