Connected Kenya 2012 Knowledge & Beyond

Jessica Long Accenture Development Partnerships Global Lead – Donors & Emerging Govts Leisure Lodge Mombasa, Kenya April 2012

“Much of the improvement in human welfare over the past century can be accounted for by technological innovation in public health, nutrition and agriculture”
-- Innovation: applying knowledge in development, UN publication

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Innovations from Emerging Economies

Embrace Infant Warmer

D.Light solar light and phone charger

Community Cooker Juhudi Kilimo – asset financing for farmers Lifeline Solar/Wind Up Radio

Q-Drum water carrier Maternova Obstetric Kit

Driptech MicroIrrigation Systems

Envirofit Biomass Cooking System

PharmAccess insurance for dairy

mPesa Grundfos LifeLink
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AMREF eLearning for Nurses

Last Year’s Vision 2030 ICT Innovation Award Winners
1. International Livestock Research Institute – mobile-ICT based livestock insurance solution 2. enables Kenyans to buy and sell goods online 3. Mbetsa Innovations Ltd - anti-theft device that uses SMS to block and track car theft 4. Aga Khan University Hospital – combination of health management information systems and mobile phone technology to improve health care service delivery 5. Websimba’s Eat Out website and Eat Out Mobile – allows consumers to search for restaurants based on various criteria such as area location, type of cuisine and/or budget 6. Ushahidi – non-profit technology company that specializes in developing free and open source software for crowdsourcing, visualization, and interactive mapping 7. Horizon’s HK_V2 Platform – a locally developed web based solution which allows for integration with a soft phone to make outbound calls and update data real-time 8. MobiKash offers an all-in one independent mobile commerce and banking solution 9. is a Social Media Tools Aggregator that offers a platform for SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Mobile Applications 10. Virtual Essence – E-learning/E-revision Solution is a comprehensive digital supplement for upper primary classes 11. Anniversary Lab – incorporates home-made gadgets like the touch switches among other bridge detectors to displays number of intruders on a digital display
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Knowledge & Beyond – Building Capacity in Kenya

NetHope Academy provides technology training and internships to young people in developing countries. Their goal is to help increase employment and improve staff capacity and productivity by strengthening crucial information and communication technology skills. Initially piloted in Haiti, the Academy is now being rolled out across 6-8 African countries, including Kenya. In total over 700 interns will be trained and placed through this program.
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Knowledge & Beyond – Building Capacity in Kenya

Over the next few months, we will train over 90 Kenyans (two-thirds women!) and place them in internships, with the aim of providing long term employment. The Academy combines online, classroom and on-the-job training, as well as the ability to get two Microsoft certifications. In addition to core ICT skills, students learn soft skills, including customer service, time management, prioritization, project planning, etc. If you are interested in learning more about this program or sponsoring an intern, please let us know!
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