 Brand Name:-The word Intel is like Integrated Electronics”. California.  Founded:-Gordon Moore.Microprocessor. Leap ahead“  LOGOS:- . Robert Noyce  Headquarter:-Santa Clara.Mother board. Network Interface card  CEO:-Paul Otellini  Jingle:-Bom-Bom-Bom-Bom  Tagline:-"Intel. U.S  Products:-Bloototh.

.Intel constantly cannibalizes its own products as a strategy for growing their business.


. Intel's market would be producing a reliable chip that is capable of processing data for a personal computer.

 Intel brand include being the first microprocessor firm to enter the market. . and having the best overall reputation. producing the fastest and most efficient microprocessors in the market. being the largest firm in the market.


Push Effect Pull Effect Intel Inside .

Business OEM’s Customers .

Co-Branding Two great Brand One Great Product! computer Magazine Boxes .




1st marketing strategies is LOGO:-INTEL INSIDE. providing ‘the power and compatibility to take you into the future. 386. AMD planned to introduce a microprocessor with a similar name. 2nd joint advertising with PC OEM in order to share the advertising expenses. The new marketing strategy implemented three elements ensuring that a similar mistake could not occur. as Intel's current microprocessor. and development of the brand          preference. Through the branding campaign. . Intel did not license its technology. The brand image was directed to the tell the customer that purchasing a personal computer with an Intel microprocessor inside was a safe and technologically sound investment. In 1990. This new branding strategy was implemented into the market only a month after the court's verdict. 3rd advertising directed to build equity to the new Intel brand. The negative verdict announced in 1991 AMD to use the same marketing approach used by Intel. research.

So It will take care of over heating issue Runs cooler for a longer duration Gaming and 4 Multimedia 5 Performance:Price Upgraded graphics so its better graphics and Better multimedia output due multimedia output than to faster clocking previous micro architecture High:Low High: High .User No Requirement 1 Power Consuption 2 Price Range Lower AMD Less efficient than Intel Higher INTEL More efficient than AMD 3 Cooling Factor AMD processors were getting heated up very fast.