LIST OF FINISHES Sl 1 2 FINISH APPLIED CALENDERING GLAZING Durable Press Stiffening and Luster PURPOSE 3 4 5 EMBOSSING NAPPING CREASE RESISTANT Engraving Raising of fiber hair Resistant to Wrinkling 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 WATER REPELLANT SHRINKAGE CONTROL FIRE RETARDANT SPOT AND STAIN RESISTANT ANTI BACTERIAL SOIL RELEASE UV RADIATIVE PROTECTION Prevents Water Spots Dimensional Stability Fire Proofing Prevents Spotting and Staining Free from odor generating bacteria Easy removal and dust and dirt Protection from harmful UV Rays from Sun .

Basically done for: All kinds of fabrics.CALENDERING It smoothens out all wrinkles and gives a subtle sheen to the cloth. GLAZING give your fabric a lustrous sheen and feel. Basically done for: slipcovers. curtains and draperies .

Bed sheets. Curtains . Curtains NAPPING Raises the nap for a soft fuzzy appearance Basically done for: Chairs having padding and springs.EMBOSSING Pressing a design into a flat fabric to give it a pattern Basically done for: Leather Couches. Bed sheets.

Basically done for: Carpets. Sofa Covers. Sofa Covers.CREASE RESISTANT Treatment with thermoplastic resin is done. resiliency and dimensional stability. then cured to impart shape retention. Table Cloth WATER REPELLANT Chemical coating is being applied that causes water to bead and roll from the surface by raising the surface tension of the fabric. Table Cloth . Bed Sheets. Basically done for: Bed Sheets.

SHRINKAGE CONTROL It is useful in obtaining greater basis weight (GSM). more bulk and higher strength Basically done for: All kinds of Fabrics FIRE RETARDANT Reduces the tendency to burn or to propagate the flame. Table Cloth . Basically done for: Curtains. density. Draperies.

Basically done for: Bed sheets and Pillow Covers . Table Linens ANTI BACTERIAL FINISHES These are used to control populations of bacteria.SPOT AND STAIN RESISTANT FINISHES A chemical finish is to the fabric which prevents oil and water based solutions from penetrating the fibers Basically done for: Carpeting. fungi. algae and viruses on the substrate.

yellowing. Basically done for: Curtains . Basically done for: Bed Sheets. loss in strength and fading of the colors.SOIL RELEASE FINISH Reduces the problem of soiling by repelling the stains and soil using repellants such as flourochemicals or create a surface that aids the removal of soil when cleaning or laundering using chemicals based on polyacrylic acid. Hand Towels UV RADIATIVE PROTECTION Protection from Ultraviolet light which can do great damage to the polymers causing photo-degradation. Table Cloth.

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