Environment Analysis for Parle

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Aksh Soni Govind Jiwnani Nikita Singhania Rahul Pandya Rahul Randive 4/15/12

Types Of Environment  Internal Environment External Environment 4/15/12 .

Political Factor Positives Tax based incentives by the government. 4/15/12 . Value Added Tax Helpful state governments in providing incentives towards infrastructural developments. Production and distribution licenses are difficult to attain. Negatives Rigid Standards and Measures act. Conformance to size.

Negatives Rise in sugar prices manifold. (up by over 25% in six months) Increasing Raw Material price leads to economic constarins 4/15/12 .Economical Factor Positives Increase in per capita income of Indians. Increase in the purchasing power on Indians.

4/15/12 . Negatives Better products mean heightened competition. Boast to Research and Development.Technological Factor Positives Innovations in the sector.

biscuits Better lifestyle.Social Factor Positives India is currently the largest producer of Biscuits in the world. affluence and better perception about Negatives “Health” consciousness consumers: some may move to healthier options 4/15/12 .

4/15/12 . But the class of such people affect very minor. such people believes that Maida is not good for health. Certain rigidities in mind regarding the content of biscuit product.Cultural Factor There are no any such factor in respect to culture that influence buying Behavior of Customer.

Demographic Age Income Social Class Family Size Customer Group 4/15/12 .

and • Elderly people. • Working People. • Housewives. Parle able to reached Lower class Middle class Upper class • • • 4/15/12 . Youth : Experimental more purchasing power and disposable income.Customers • • Teens : More Experimental.

Suppliers Availability of Raw Material Bargaining power of Supplier Near by availability of supplier Policies and terms of supplier Availability Multiple supplier 4/15/12 .

Parle V/S Tiger Market Availability and Scope for new competitor Adversely effect on growth Strategy 4/15/12 .Competitor Take over Market share Hindrance in Key success factor Competitor Strategy  Eg.

Distributors & Dealers Distribution Channel Channel members Logistics & Supply Chain Accessibility of product Loyalty of Channel members Market coverage 4/15/12 .

4/15/12 .