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Energy Management Systems For Energy Efficiency In Commercial Establishments

Energium 2004, US-ERC & PCRA

Presentation To By Abraham Varughese

Enercon Systems Pvt. Ltd.

29th June 2004, J W Marriotts, Mumbai

Efficiency is NOT

Energy is Expensive,

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Energy Management Systems

Energy Management System

Energy is not only electricity, it could be

any other form of thermal, mechanical, chemical etc. Incorporate:- Temperature meters - Flow Meters - Humidity meters - Combustion monitors etc.

Energy Management System Applications

Predictive Maintenance Root Cause Analysis Power Quality Measurement and Verification Cost Allocation Smart Power Management Energy Resource Planning Energy Balancing Breaker Status remote monitoring Automated Energy Billing System for Townships

Initiatives By Government

Initiatives By Government

Energy Conservation Act, 2001 Amendments In Electricity Act, 2003 Both Acts Aimed At Promoting Energy

Efficiency in India 25000 MW saving potential to be achieved by year 2012 as per MOP plan

Designated Industries
1. 3. 5. 7. 9. 11. 13. 14. 15. Aluminium 2. Fertilizers Iron and Steel 4. Cement; Pulp and paper 6. Chlor Akali; Sugar 8. Textile; Chemicals 10. Railways; Port Trust 12. Transport Petrochemicals & Refineries Power Stations, T & D companies Commercial buildings >500 kW

Enercon-Link Between Industry and The Acts

Energy Conservation Act 2001 Electricity Act 2003



Energy Conservation Act, 2001

Major Provisions

Norms of processes and standards Identified Designated Industries Accredited Energy Auditors Mandatory Energy Audits Building codes Energy Managers Comply with norms and standards Submit Status Report on Energy Consumption Penalty for non-compliance

Case Studies
Energy Audit Instrumentation Energy Management Networks

Energy Efficiency Case Study

A 2800 TPD Cement Plant Specific Energy 98 kWH/ton of cement,

best in India is 69 kWH/ton Initiated Energy Efficiency Initiatives Zeroed in on equipment wise efficiency DCS was in place Replaced Analog meters with Enercon Digital Energy Meters

Cement Plant

The Crusher specific energy recorded

continued to be high - 2.32 kWH/ton of cement Why?

Cement Plant

Many attempts were made to reduce

specific energy consumption in crushers Motor efficiency was first suspect as they were old motors Overhauling of equipment carried out Installed capacitors at load ends to reduce cable heat losses Nothing yielded appreciable results

Cement Plant
Accurate measurement still remained as a
problem with manual measurement of energy The DCS had real time production data But Energy was manually recorded daily The plant had eLAN installed for their main feeders The management decided to extend the eLAN network to the crusher motors

Cement Plant

There were two crushers

The eLAN kW Profile for the one

300 TPH each

crusher shows 350kW loading. But there were also dips of 108 kW Why?

Cement Plant

Found Crusher hopper empty

frequently, and all drives of crusher upto stacker running idle Thus there were long periods of idle operation of the crusher 108 kW

Cement Plant

Soon, the reason was found: Non-availability of material in the

hopper of crusher due to mismatching of number of dumpers running between limestone/clay stockyards to crusher head.

Cement Plant

They added three more dumpers at a

cost of Rs. 24 lakhs Ensured full load on the crushers

Cement Plant

Full load operation of the crushers

ensured reduction in energy per unit of production due to better capacity utilisation The plant started switching off the crushers 3 hours earlier than normal The specific energy came down to 1.43 kWH/ton of cement from 2.32

Cement Plant

Net saving of Rs. 27.7 lakhs for about

per annum with investment payback of less than one year Enercons Total Energy Management approach with process knowledge made the difference


Office Building

A large office building Two transformers and two LT panels APFC relays installed with both panels Still average monthly power factor was

as low as 0.79 Heavy LPF penalty of as high as Rs 2.4 lakhs per month

Office Building

Examined performance of all capacitors,

replaced damaged ones Added more capacitors in the circuit The relays were checked suspecting malfunctioning Approached the EB suspecting fault in the trivector meter

Office Building

The overall power factor remained at

about 0.8 after all these efforts Finally, the department decided to equip the building with eLAN and called in Enercon

Office Building

The load pattern as recorded by eLAN

indicated kW loading as low as 15 kW after office hours, about 14 hours per day Same load pattern during Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Decided to check the PF profile

Office Building
The installed capacitors were all 25 kVAR
rating each Due to low load none of the capacitors were getting switched on Replaced the capacitors with lower rating of 10 kVAR each Relays started switching on capacitors Power factor improved to above 0.95 Resulted in annual saving of Rs. 28.8 lakhs per annum


eLAN For Energy Efficiency

A Few Major Case Studies About 12% savings in energy cost, based on

findings by eLAN in an automobile industry in South India Use of eLAN for process optimisation in a cement plant in Western India About 30% savings reported by use of eLAN in a foot ware manufacturing industry in North India Use of eLAN for power factor correction in an office building

eLAN For Energy Efficiency

Helps to evaluate most important

aspect of energy efficiency, Specific Energy Consumption, On-Line Can incorporate non-electrical meters like flow, temperature, humidity, pressure etc; making it a total energy management tool

eLAN For Energy Efficiency

Over 150 installations all over India and

Abroad Most of the clients use eLAN for identifying energy saving opportunities in addition to specific energy evaluation Most of the clients reported substantial savings in energy by use of eLAN

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