• It opened its first Indian outlet in Yeshwanthpur. such as small and medium-size retailers.• Ranks No. . hotels and other service providers as well as institutions. Otto Beisheim in 1964 he opened the first METRO Cash & Carry wholesale outlet in Germany. Kolkata. Delhi. Jalandhar. restaurants. Bangalore. • Dr. Bangalore in 2003 and has presence at Mumbai. 1 worldwide in Cash and Carry Wholesale • Motto:"From professionals for professionals“ • Caters to commercial customers. Hyderabad. cafeterias. Ludhiana.

offers on over 300 products. highlights special events • Huge Discounts .CRM • Metro Cash and carry card • Gold and silver membership/Bandhan card • METRO offer booklet @ every fortnight..

• Transport facility to nearby areas • Replacement .CRM • Offers at fingertips: SMS. Mails.

... Mistake identified by the customer. Charged Rs 800 for adidas sport shoes which are not purchased. .. Customer goes back to METRO cash & carry and complains.Service Encounters Research • Scenario: Billing mistake.

.Service Encounters Research Service Encounters Research Recovery: Apology for the billing mistake reason being a technical error in the system. Rs 800 falsely charged Coping: Listening to the customers problem regarding the false charges in the bill Spontaneity: As a solution. Adaptability: Accepting the billing mistake. 800 Rs will be deducted from the next amount of purchase.

Service Encounter Service Encounters Cascade Cascade Parking Security check (IN) Registration desk Product search Billing counter Security check (OUT) .

Factors That Influence Desired & Predicted Service 10000 Products Explicit Service Promises Implicit Service Promises Desired Service Zone of Tolerance Adequate Service Adequate Service Word-of-Mouth Past Experience Predicted Service .