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By 1960 Japanese motor companies hit the country with quality motorcycles for cheaper prices. a recreational equipment conglomerate. Symbolizes the all-American attributes of individuality. § § § § . Harley-Davidson produced by 1950 uniquely styled motorcycles that inspired an unusually high degree of brand loyalty achieving a 60 to 70 % of US market share.About Harley Davidson § 4/15/12 Founded in 1903 by William S Harley and the Davidson brothers. In 1969 AMF. freedom and passion for adventure. bought the company and manage it focusing in its worthy products.

04 billion net income (up 8. 88% of its buyers are men with a median age of 45. § § § § .7 % abroad) and it has a domestic market share of 49.196 units to retailers (21. had $1. high income and 51% of their customers owned a Harley before. But still they were leaders of the heavy bikes market. With the 80s Harley-Davidson started its revitalization program with the government help.3% for heavyweight motorcycles.7% from '05) it sold 349. Harley-Davidson Inc.4/15/12 § By 1976 Harley-Davidson offered 4 models while Japanese companies offered 20 to 25 models and its market share dropped to 5 %.

Swot Analysis 4/15/12 .

it looks like they were more efficient in their processes. Despite the lack of data to defend the Japanese against selling below costs (dumping). It should have developed better products and processes before the Japanese could come into the market. reactions with strong advertising and campaigning.Harley Davidson: a victim of unfair competitive practices or its own lack of strategic vision ? § 4/15/12 In th 60s and 70s Japanese technology bumped the world. Therefore. Harley Davidson was not a victim of unfair competitive practices. § § § § . Harley Davidson should have been prepared to the entry of new products.

they could reduce their costs due to large scale production. The Japanese were selling their products worldwide.Harley Davidson: Does Size Matter ? § 4/15/12 Being a small scale producer can pose to be a disadvantage or rather a problem when competing with a producer who is able to reap the benefits of large scale economy. size does matter ! § § . Therefore.

Leading by differentiation in a wide objective and .Leading by costs in a wide objective .Leading by costs in a narrow objective . .Leading by differentiation in a narrow objective § Until now they have been focusing in a single market and were lead by its different image and products . So at the end we have four strategies : .Strategic Alternatives § 4/15/12 There are two main strategies ( leading costs or differentiation ) depending on the extent of your objective .

§ § . but should also focus the advertisements in Europe and Asia to the freedom and the need for escape from the normally busy lives of wealthy middle aged people. They could be the American symbol in America.4/15/12 § It is recommended for Harley Davidson to open its scope and increase its exporting efforts. They should channelize efforts and resources in changing their image in other countries.

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