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1 International Marketing

Domestic Marketing: Single market, one set of customers Export Marketing: Export products or services Global marketing: Integrated strategy Multinational or International Marketing: single country single strategy E.g

Peter .F. Drucker No any business can hope to survive unless it measures up to the standards setup by leaders in its field. E.G :

Marketing + international Operates in different environment Application of marketing principles to more than one country

It should consider: 1) Customers needs 2) Culture 3) Language 4) Technology 5) Legal factors

The multinational process of planning & executing the conception, pricing, promotion & distribution of ideas, goods & services to create exchange that satisfy individual & organizational objectives. -BY American Marketing Association IM is simply an attitude of mind, the approach of a company with a truly global outlook, seeking its profit impartially around the world, home market included on planned systematic basis.

Objective: To understand need of international marketing Any country that wants to prove to the world that it is a modern, industrialized nation has to create maximum market for its product or service. This makes the countrys economy strong.

What do you think is it right? How can maximum market be created?

Export Marketing Overseas Manufacturing Working with local partners Trade agreements International Marketing Research Offering consultancies abroad

Being better than the competitors by responding to their actions To identify global customers needs through research Co-ordinating marketing activities i.e. staffing, responsibility allocation Try to satisfy global customers.

1) Political & Legal environment: Rules, regulations, tax & trade laws e.g. when BJP was in power it proposed a project of connecting all rivers across India, but when congress came into power this project collapsed. So firms in construction business were affected. Legal: E.G. helmet

2) Cultural environment: values, attitudes, ideas, beliefs.

3) competitive environment: E.G. Pepsi & Coke have a tough competition which creates competitive environment. 4) Exchange risk: It is based on current currency. E.G. 1$=48 Rs In Jan 1$= 40Rs In feb Profit to Indian company of 8 Rs E.G. TCS & Infosys this loss by 6-7% in 2007 & near about similar in 2012. 5) Corruption

6) Property rights & Privacy: The law operates different for different countries. E.G. Moser Baer recently launched movie DVDs at the same rate with which pirates sold them earlier. These are some tactics companies can use to attract buyers to genuine product. 7) Terrorism: Kidnapping of workers of foreign company. 8) Skills & competence gap in knowledge about customer preferences

Objective: To identify challenges in international marketing Source: Wall Street Journal

In 1984 coca cola was having 6.3% market share in beverage market. In 1993 coca cola lose its market share to 58.8%. What may be the reasons of losing market share?

CASELET 3 Objective: To understand exchange risk as challenge Source: Business line 24th Dec 2007 Compact discs maker Moser Baer India said appreciating rupee has eaten into the firms topline by 12%. The rupee impact is bad. It has wapped out 20 % of topline. What may be the reason of this situation?

Growth in foreign markets In developing countries both population & income is growing fast Few countries are newly industrializing themselves e.g. China Even if market is not having potential today it is having potential in future When east European economies have opened up, there have been rush of MNCs to establish base in market

1) Government Actions: govt tax policy, subsidy 2) Competition on global basis: few competitors are unchallenged. 3) Customers 4) Production resources 5) Technological Markets

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