Comparison of Political and Electoral System in the UK and Hong Kong

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Content • • • • • • Background of Hong Kong Government Structure Political Structure Electoral and Party System Conclusion References .

2009 .Background of Hong Kong • • • • Used to be a British colony Last governor was called Chris Patten The sovereignty was handed back to China on 1st July 1997 Renamed as Hong Kong Special Administrate Region (HKSAR) Hong Kong Colonial Flag HKSAR Flag Pictures from Nelson. 2009 Pictures from Nelson.

Government structure of Hong Kong (post 1997) The Chief Executive Executive Council The Administration Legislative Council District Council The Judiciary (GovHK. 2010) .

2006) (GovHK. occupation-based constituencies. 2010) .) (Oakland.Political Structure The UK •The King or the Queen is the Head of State •The Prime Minister is appointed by the Head of State Hong Kong •The Chief Executive is the Head of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region •The Chief Executive elected by a broadly representative Election Committee in accordance with the Basic Law and is appointed by the Central People's Government •Members of Executive Council are appointed by the Chief Executive •Cabinet ministers are appointed by the Prime minister •Parliament (Consist of the House of Lords •Legislative Council (Consist of 60 seats. and the House of Commons) elected from geographic constituencies and functional.

2010 The President of the Legislative Council Jasper Tsang Pictures from LegCo.Main Figures in Hong Kong The Chief Executive Donald Tsang Picture from CEO. 2011 .

occupation-based constituencies •Geographic constituencies (proportional representation) •Functional. 2010) .Electoral and Party System The UK •UK is divided into 646 Constituencies •First-past-the-post system Hong Kong •30 from geographic constituencies and 30 from functional. Coalition Government (Oakland. 2006) (GovHK. 2 party system (8 Labours and 8 Conservatives Government) •In 2010. occupation-based constituencies (First-past-the-post system) •Multi-party system (Coalition system) •Since 1945.

2010 .Seating Plan of the Legislative Council Picture from LegCo.

2006 .Seating Plan of the House of Common Picture from Oakland.

Which is the same as the UK • Hong Kong people are not satisfied about the process of electing of the Chief Executive .Conclusion • Hong Kong has a similar political and electoral system compare to the UK • Voters in Hong Kong must be over 18 and is a permanent residence.

New York: Routledge The Chief Executive Office website (CEO) (2010).legco. British Civilization An Introduction (6th edition). Retrieved from 1st The Legislative Council (LegCo) (2011). 2011 from http://flagspot. 2011 from http://www.pdf • • • • . 2011 from http://www. P.html Nelson.crwflags.htm The Legislation Council (LegCo) (2011). 2011 from http://www. 2011 from http://www. 2011 from http://www. Seating Retrieved from 1st April. Hong Kong. Biography.References • • • Nelson.legco. Hong Kong Colonial Flag (2009) Oakland. Retrieved from 1st April.html Hong Kong Government official website (Govhk) (2010).hk/chinese/index. Members’ Biography. P. J. Hong Retrieved from 1st Colonial Hong Kong. (2006).hk/eng/biography. Retrieved from 1st April. Government HKSAR FLAG (2009). Retrieved from 1st April.

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