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Founded in 2001 By -Mr. Kishore Biyani.

Owned by- Future Group Target market- higher and upper middle class-customers. The large and growing young working population is a preferred customer segment.

Process Physical Evidence


7 Ps People Price



Food Farm product Chill station Home and Personal Care Electronic Bazaar Fashion and jewellery Furniture bazaar Child care and toys Other services

Time pricing
Low interest pricing

Value Pricing Promotional pricing

Psychological pricing


Special event pricing


Big Bazaar

XIDAS, Jabalpur


saal ke sabse saste 3 din FUTURE CARD SHAKTI Card Exchage offers BRAND AMBASSADOR : M S Dhoni, Asin ADVERTISEMENTS: Print Ads, TV, Radio

Located in tier 1 and tier 2 cities- 74 cities with 133 outlets

Hyper market spread over 40k-45k sq ft, super centre over 1 lac sq ft Launched a website Location selected on the basis of following criteria: *Future/ potential development areas

*High traffic areas

*Major roadways in the vicinity

People are the customers which are biggest asset of the company Employ around 500 employees per month Well trained staff at stores to help people with their purchases Well dressed staff improves the overall appearance of store Willing to help attitude and well groomed Use scenario planning as a tool for quick decision making Staff at store to keep baggage and security guard at every gate makes for customer friendly atmosphere


enabling the promise

setting the promise

delivering the promise

GAP -1 : NOT KNOWING WHAT THE CUSTOMER EXPECT Meat and fish not available. In house brand/ Private label - Srishti, Pink & blue Special Deals /Discounts. Efficient upward communication Building relationship Apt service recovery GAP -2 : NOT SELECTING THE RIGHT SERVICE DESIGNS AND STANDARDS Confusion when changes in layout. Long Waiting time in peak hours at cash counters Over crowding during offers


High attrition rate since low pay scale. Lack of knowledgeable staff Efficient training


Strong communication strategies through advertising Manages customer expectations to a satisfactory level. Same policies and procedures at all outlets Never over promising

Reliability Assurance Tangibles Empathy

Accurate & error free transactions, Quality of the products Is se sasta aur achha kahin nahi Cleanliness , Ambience, layout, display designs, staff in uniforms Ease of Communication, Service Attention and Patience of Quality the sales staff Speed of response to complaints, Service without delays


Dr. Otto Beisheim in 1964 he opened the first METRO Cash & Carry wholesale outlet in Germany. Ranks No. 1 worldwide in self-serve wholesale wholesale METRO Group today, is the third largest trading and retailing group in the world Motto:"From professionals for professionals Caters to commercial customers, such as small and medium-size retailers, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and other service providers as well as institutions

Three store formats: Classic, Junior and ECO

METRO Cash & Carry started operations in India in 2003 with two Distribution Centres in Bangalore Presence at Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Delhi

offers 18000 articles at the best wholesale prices Availability, Facilities, Pricing etc.

Explicit Service Promises

Implicit Service Promises


Friends, Relatives etc

Desired Service Zone of Tolerance Adequate Service

Past Experience

Predicted Service

Customers last visit

Service Encounters Cascade


Product search

Billing counter

Security check (IN)

Registration desk

Security check (OUT)

Service Encounters Research


Billing mistake.. Charged Rs 800 for adidas sport shoes which are not purchased.. Mistake identified by the customer.. Customer goes back to METRO cash & carry and complains..

Service Encounters Research

Service Encounters Research

Spontaneity: As a solution, 800 Rs will be deducted from the next amount of purchase Coping: Listening to the customers problem regarding the false charges in the bill

Accepting the billing mistake, Rs 800 falsely chargedAdaptability:


Apology for the billing mistake reason being a technical error in the system.

Metro Cash and carry card

Gold and silver membership/Bandhan card Transport facility to nearby areas Offers at fingertips: SMS, Mails.

METRO offer booklet @ every fortnight.. offers on over 300 products, highlights special events
Huge Discounts