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tranquil. . Burhanuddin received the title of ‘al-Helmy’ which means a person who is gentle. • Born in Changkat Tualang. • Dr. Burhanuddin’s real name is Burhanuddin bin Haji Muhammad Nor. • His father. Haji Muhammad Noor worked as a farmer and was a very pious man and is believed to be a descendant of a royal family lineage from Sumatra. Perak on the 29th August 1911.BRIEF BIOGRAPHY • Dr. Kota Bharu.

1927 1934 1942-1945 • Became the advisor for Malay Culture and Islamic Affairs during the Japanese occupation. Batu Sangkar. Minangkabau. • Pursued religious studies at Sungai Jambu. Sumatera • Furthered his studies at Madrasah al-Masyhor. Pulau Pinang • Went to Universiti Aligrah.Tahun 1911 1926 Peristiwa • Dr Burhanuddin was born into the world. . New Delhi. India for tertiary studies in philosophy and literature.

• Won the Parlimen seat for Besut. . Terengganu during the 1959 General Election • Was held under the ISA due to allegations that he is an Indonesian agent and is involved in the movement against the forming of Malaysia.1950 • Was imprisoned by the British for being involved in a riot in Singapore. 10 October 1969 • Passed away due to asthma. 1959 1964-1966 • Was released in the year 1966 but was still placed under supervision.

had made him aware and realized the importance of independence when he came back to Tanah Melayu. • It can be said that the exposure he experienced in India. .CONTRIBUTIONS • In 1928. he went to India to further his studies and was exposed to the Independence movement made by Mahatma Gandhi and other prominent individuals.

. The British regime in Tanah Melayu felt that his writing could initiate some unwanted behavior among the Malays during those times. he was also an editor to a magazine called Taman Bahagia. • With the Japanese’s support. he taught Arabic at AlJunid Arabic School in Singapore and during this period. 1945. he was jailed for a period of six months.• In his return to Tanah Melayu. • Within just one and half an hour of the first publication. he together with Ibrahim Yaacob lead KRIS to reach an agreement for independence with the Japanese for both Tanah Melayu and Indonesia on 17th of August.

1945. 1945. Among the famous books that he wrote is Sejarah Perjuangan Kita. Ugama dan Politik dan Ideologi Politik Islam.• Unfortunately. Falsafah Kebangsaan Melayu. wrote his own speeches and spread his own thoughts to the masses. • The Indonesians still managed to get their independence on the 17th of August. Burhanuddin became Parti Islam Se-Malaya (PAS) members on 14th December 1956 and became the President of PAS on 25th December 1956. • Dr. Burhanuddin wrote many books. . unlike Malaysia. • Father of Homeopathy in Malaya/Malaysia • Dr. the Japanese surrendered to the Americans on the 14th of August.