Dynamics of corporate leadership

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Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla And Mr.Jack Wetch 4/17/12

(Chairman, The Aditya Birla Group)

Team Members v v v v v v v v Kunal Dev-11 Satish Kumar-13 Kumar Prince-14 Md.WahajudDin-18 Roshan Panda4/17/12 .Asad Ansari -15 Abhay Shankar -16 Ghaushia Naz -17 Md.

Index……… v v v v Introduction Success Leadership quality Conclusion 4/17/12 .

earned commerce degree from HR College of Commerce and Economics. A chartered accountant by profession.Mr Kumar Mangalam Birla Introduction v Kumar Mangalam Birla is a fourth generation member of the Marwari business Birla family from state of Rajasthan. 4/17/12 v v .Mumbai and also has an MBA from the London Business School.

4/17/12 .

after the untimely demise of his father. to 4/17/12 US$ 35 billion today. In the process he has raised the Group's turnover from US$ 2 billion in 1995. he has accelerated growth. Birla took over as Chairman of the Group in 1995. As Chairman.Business records • Mr. • . Birla has taken the Aditya Birla Group to an altogether higher growth trajectory. Mr. built a meritocracy and enhanced stakeholder value.

'CNBC-TV18 India Business Leader Award 2012' for "taking India abroad". 'GQ Business Leader of the Year 4/17/12 • • .Awards and Leadership processes • NASSCOM's 'Global Business Leader Award' 2012.

'The Rajiv Gandhi Award' for "business excellence and his contribution to the country" by the Mumbai Pradesh Youth Congress. 'The Outstanding Business Man of the Year'. 2001.Continue………… • 'Honorary Fellowship' by the All India Management Association. 'The Business Leader of the Year'. 2001. 2001. The Institute of Directors' 'Golden Peacock National Award for Business Leadership'.2003' by Business India.Global 4/17/12 Finance. 'Business Man of the Year . The Bombay Management Association's 'The Management Man of the Year 1999-2000‘.The National HRD Network. 'Among the 10 super stars of corporate finance' . 1998. • • • • • • • . 'Businessman of the Year'. The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence 2002-2003. 2001. 2004. The Hindustan Times'.

Conclusion v People skills are Birla's biggest 4/17/12 .

4/17/12 .

a Boston & Maine Railroad  conductor. He was born in Peabody. business executive. 4/17/12 graduating in 1957 with a  • • . (born November 19. 1935) is an American  chemical engineer.Introduction • John Francis "Jack" Welch. Welch attended Salem High School and later the  University of Massachusetts Amherst. a homemaker. and author. Jr. Massachusetts  to John. and Grace.

Massachusetts.Reward • Welch joined General Electric in 1960.000 raise he was offered after his first year. While at GE. and was almost fired for doing so.500 annually. He worked as a junior chemical engineer  in Pittsfield. Welch was displeased with the $1. He planned to leave the company to 4/17/12 work with International Minerals & • • . at a salary  of $10. he blew off the roof of the factory. as well as the strict bureaucracy within GE.

 Jack: Straight From The Gut and Winning made it to the New York Times Best-Seller List in their first week of release.Success q His books. in chemical engineering. After 4/17/12 working hard and receiving the standard q .D. Mr. to help GE develop a new plastic called PPO. Welch has hit home run after home run for as long as anyone can remember.  Jack joined GE in 1960 after finishing his Ph.

when he was promoted to head of strategic planning for a portfolio of businesses.  His last promotion before getting the top job was in 1977. then generating $2 billion in annual sales. With $400 million in annual sales.Awards and Leadership In 1971 heprocesses was named vice-president of the chemical and metallurgical division. this division was his biggest challenge to date. when he was chosen by 4/17/12 the CEO to become sector executive for the .

he transferred the best practices • • . From that he came up with the idea of the "boundaryless" organization. in which the best ideas and processes could be transferred from one part of the company to the rest of the corporation to foster improvement. 4/17/12 That is.Conclusion……. • Mr. Welch noticed that some businesses did better than others and he could see that it often had to do with how the people managed the business.

THANK U 4/17/12 .

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