Central Eastern Sumatra. title   .333 1.383333 3 Located around 51 km from the provincial capital of Jambi. Berbak National Park Indonesia.BERBAK NATIONAL PARK lat   lon   104.

BERBAK NATIONAL Sources of Water PARK Source: Boku Surtanal. mapping and survey agency .

Peat Distribution and Carbon Stock of Berbak Natinal Park Source : Wetland International and World Resource Institute .BERBAK NATIONAL PARK Soil Type.

BERBAK NATIONAL PARK (by : Jambi University) .

Tanjung Puting National Park .

17 species of reptiles and 29 species of mammals. . a total of tress are 2390 The park is a world icon for orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) rehabilitation and conservation efforts.Tanjung Puting National Park Source of Water : Kumai River and Seruyan River It is home to 220 species of birds.

by distance from the river Source : Center for International Forestry Research (2009) .Tanjung Puting National Park C-stocks in riverine peat swamp forests of Tanjung Puting National Park.

Tanjung Puting National Park Services .

Karimun Jawa Archipelago .

Source of water : Java Sea .78333333 Lon Principal vegetation: Mangrove forest Area: 7.wikipedia.35 (en.Karimun Jawa Archipelago The islands have been designated as a Marine Nature Reserve Average temperatures range : 20-30°C Location: 70 km off the north coast of Central Java.026 ha. Lat :-5.

Possible changes in Land use: There is a project to develop rice cultivation and aquaculture (fishponds) on the islands. Source : indahnesia.0667x 1015 g C/yr (Duarte & Chiscano. there is some agriculture on the inhabited islands and fishing in the surrounding waters.Karimun Jawa Archipelago Carbon Storage : . 1999) Land use : Wildlife conservation.

and water quality Cultural services. esthetic. and is a major part of the economies Supporting services. which support goods and services used more directly by humans .Karimun Jawa Archipelago Services Regulating services. photosynthesis. These include regulation of climate. wastes. natural hazards such as floods. and nutrient cycling by healthy ecosystems. These include soil formation. These include recreational. disease. Coastal tourism is the fastestgrowing sector of the global tourism industry.

Water Balance P = ET + RO + I ± ΔS P = Precipitation (mm/day) ET = Evapotranspiration (mm/day) RO = Run-off (mm/day) I = Infiltration (mm/day) ΔS = Water Balance (mm/day) www.deindonesia Variable P (mm/day) ET (mm/day) RO (mm/day) I (mm/day)  ΔS (mm/day) Berbak National Park 6.08 3   - .56 5.2 Tanjung Puting National Park 6.75 11.19 0.gtz.2 -2.75 3.

Climate Change in Indonesia Rainfall in 2080 Hulme dan Sheard. 19990 The annual rainy season may be delayed for 30 days. and Will increase of more than 75% in summer (july to september) . and there may be a 10% increase in rainfall in the crop year (April-June).

36 to 0.Temperature in 2020 Susandi (2007) Temperature will increase starting from 0. The higghest temperatureoccurs in Borneo Islands and Maluku .47 in 2020.

volcanic and tropical storm hazard (OCHA 2007) .Climate Change in Indonesia Indonesia's exposure to seismic.

Climate Change in Indonesia The Disappearing of Coastal Land Jakarta Coastal Region in 2050 .

Climate Change in Indonesia BERBAK NATIONAL PARK .

Tanjung Puting National Park Climate Change : Action Denuded mangroves could be restored by involving communities whose livelihoods depend on them .

Climate Change in Indonesia Karimun Java Archipelago Changes in wind patterns could affect coastal and estuarine circulation patterns and upwelling or downwelling of water in marine systems Changes in the frequency and intensity of storms would affect water circulation processes and threaten coastal aquaculture and fishing industry facilities Changes in precipitation could flood coastal systems or leave them in drought WWF is pushing for agreements and policies that protect sensitive marine habitats and species from inevitable effects of climate change. coral reefs and sea grass . Research to assess the potential and increase the absorption of CO2 from the marinesector by plankton.



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