Internship Program in Florida, USA

Intelligentsia International, Inc.

Project partners

Internship objectives
Have you ever thought about? • • • Bringing a new experience into your life? Getting some practical training? Increasing your chances to get a good job in today’s competitive market place? • • Visiting the USA and seeing with your own eyes, how people work, think, and live there? Bringing some of this knowledge back to your country and into your professional career?

Internship objectives
Intelligentsia International Inc. and its partners offer a variety of internships for young American and international professionals seeking experience in: • Computer simulation of hydraulic and hydrological systems • • • Hydrological research and environmental monitoring Production of training and project reports and videos Design and management of telemetry and database systems • Non-profit organization management and community

Location - Florida

Location – LaBelle, Gainesville, Tampa

Interns capacity 4 Gainesville 2 Tampa 15 LaBelle

Organization of the Internship
• • • • • up to 20 interns at a time engineers & others housing provided 250 participants since 2000 from 54 nation

• • • • • •

Office work Field work Laboratory work Classes, meetings Tours Recreational activities

Office Work

Field Work

Laboratory Work

Classes, Meetings, Teaching

Educational Tours

Recreational Activities

Projects, Clients
• • • • • • • • • Cattle Stocking Rates Canal System Models Water Treatment Residuals River Restoration Phosphorus Removal Water Sampler Design Regional Water Planning Water Supply Planning Irrigation Efficiency • • • • • •

• South Florida Water Management District Department of Environmental Protection University of Florida U.S. Sugar Corporation Hendry County Lee County Engineering firms

Estimated Irrigation Water Use
Suwannee River Water Management District

AFSIRS model





0 Corn,CP Corn,CT Melons
Crop/Irrigation Type



Gianni Benezet France

Sugarcane Using Thermal Dataloggers

Carlos Sarmento Brazil

Stream Monitoring System

Laura Marino Colombia

Phosphorus Removal System

Paul Kyei Ghana

Hydrological Models of Soil and Water Systems

Selim Dogan Turkey

Hydrological Models of Canals and Flooding

Claudia Perlongo Italy

River Hydraulics Models

Allesando Pagani Italy

River Systems Restoration (Oxbows)

Ben Harrison Australia

Project Sites and Surveying

e Str


Site ject zone) Pro tion a pplic


0 ft (a

t 200f



Stephan Gronauer Switzerland

Block of 17 Plots and Samplers

- 51 samplers - in 3 rows - 17 plots in each row

- 3 telemetry stations - 102 wells - 4 types of residuals

Tolga Sengul Turkey

Water Samplers Design Development

Marat Bizhanov Kazakhstan

Water Samplers Core Design
Hole Plate Trigger

Collector Tube

Storage Intake Screen

Oliver Neumann Germany

Electronic Control Units

Sanjay Prassad India

Laboratory and Field Testing

UF – Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Ramy Atiyeh Lebanon

Samplers Operation and Maintenance

Olga Furman Ukraine

Ground Water Wells

Yaw Sun Lim Singapore

Real-time Internet Data Reporting System

Stefan Bruhns Germany

Real-time Flow, Rain, Depth to Water Table and Sampler Trigger Monitoring

Jayant Ray Zambia

Internet Maintenance Data Reporting

Tony Fessel USA

Real-time Monitoring in the Field, Wireless PDA – Database Linkages

Wie Mien Cheung Surinam

Online Database and Graphics Tools

Edith Tassemka France

Statistical Analysis and Reports

Jurate Barkauskaite Lithuania

All of this is waiting for you…

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