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From the economic point of view productivity means the yield from: Each factor of production. Each input. And overall yield of the joint factors and resources enumerated above.

Improve basic process by research Provide more and improved physical means of producing

Simplify and improve the product and reduce the variety

Improve methods of operation Improve organization, planning and control Increase manpower effectiveness of all levels


Nature and quality of raw materials

Basic nature of processes employed

Amount of equipment employed

Efficiency of equipment employed

Volume continuity and uniformity of production Utilization of manpower

Total Factor Productivity

Future Growth

Changing Demand of the customers

Increase market share

Competitors strategies

Appropriate advertisement media


Maintaining proper linkage with the users

Avoiding Bad debts

Cost effective distribution channel

Reviewing mistakes

Change of occupational pattern in India

The central statistics organisation(CSO)presents such estimates under the following five categories: Compensation of employees Interest Rent Profits and dividends Mixed income of self employed

Distribution of net domestic product (at factory-cost)

Primary sector

Secondary sector
Tertiary sector

Technological changes induce change in occupational structure throughSubstitution of manpower for technology

Creation of new functions

Dilution of skills

Corporate Sickness
Corporate sickness is a term in which an

organisation is ill and due to that it is not able to perform. Due to some problem it can be major or minor problem it is not able to meet the goal of an organisation.

Reasons for corporate sickness

Quality of management.

Impractical planning.

No proper utilisation of resources.

No proper research and development.

Poor industrial relations.

Healing corporate sickness

The recovery process comprises a few steps: 1) Getting started 2) Assessing the extent of sickness

3) Choosing the right treatment and using it

4) Periodic check-ups

1.Getting Started
recognize the problem the course of action and resources required to

fix the problem need to be decided upon.

2.Assessing the Extent of Sickness

Assess the breadth of the problem. Indentifying its causes. Finding symptoms of a problem.

3.Choosing the Right Treatments

Treating intra-group problems:- It can be

treated by clarifying roles, setting goals, solving problems and training in small group skills.
Treatments for inter-group problems:- IT can be treated by inter group team building, or by establishing cross-functional teams

4.Periodic Evaluation
Periodic check ups. Proper alignment.

Technology upgradation

Need for restructuring.

Need for introducing new technology.

Changed the job content of employees.