SOA and integration of

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Daniela Milanova
Senior Sales Consultant Oracle Corporation

What is SOA? Reduce friction. thrive on change Portal ERP/ Legacy Apps Web Application Monitoring Optimization Process Flow Logic WS Security Reliability Logging Failover Dynamic Routing Custom Apps & Services API MONITOR & OPTIMIZE INTERACT/ACCESS ORCHESTRATE GATEWAY Web services BUSINESS SERVICES BAM JMX PORTAL JSR-168 Struts/JSF BPEL XSLT/XQuery WS-Security WS-Policy. enhance visibility. SAML Web Services Mgmt XML/XML Schema WSDL/WSIF SOAP JCA JMS .

Oracle SOA Platform Next Generation. Standard Integration Platform Security B2B BPEL PM Adapters BAM Messaging Transformation Routing Oracle Enterprise Service Bus 5 .

Oracle Fusion Middleware Comprehensive & Integrated SOA Platform .

Oracle Fusion Middleware Comprehensive SOA lifecycle support Integrate Orchestrate Develop Secure Deploy Change Monitor Manage .

Service-Oriented Architecture Integrate Develop Services Orchestrate Secure Change Monitor Manage .

0 Device View Controller Model Renderer JSF/JSP JSF/Struts EJB 3.0 .Business Components Enterprise JavaBeans 3.

Service-Oriented Architecture Integrate Services Orchestrate Develop Secure Change Monitor Manage .

Integrate Services Routing QOS BPEL Transform Rules Enterprise Service Bus WSIF & JBI In Memory REST JCA COM+ SOAP .

Service-Oriented Architecture Integrate Develop Orchestrate Services Secure Change Monitor Manage .

Orchestrate Services Oracle BPEL Process Manager Credit Rating Order Entry A D A P T E R A D A P T E R United Loan WSDL Oracle BPEL PM Fulfillment A D A P T E R W S D L Star Loan Service Bus Application Server .

Service-Oriented Architecture Integrate Develop Orchestrate Secure Services Change Monitor Manage Services .

Secure Services Federate Users Authorize Users Authenticate Users Manage Identities Provision Users BPEL ESB App Server W S S E C LDAP .

Manage Services Bus. Process Enterprise Service Bus WSIF & JBI In Memory REST JCA COM+ SOAP .

Service-Oriented Architecture Integrate Develop Orchestrate Secure Change Manage Monitor Services .

Monitor Services Business Activity Monitoring Bus. Process Enterprise Service Bus WSIF & JBI In Memory REST JCA COM+ SOAP .

Service-Oriented Architecture Integrate Develop Orchestrate Secure Change Services Manage Monitor .

Oracle Fusion Middleware Change Once Apply Everywhere CRM ERP Database Java Application Common Metadata Repository Business Services Mainframe .

Oracle Fusion Middleware “Extends and Evolves” Existing IT Investments Multi-Channel Business Process Rules Composite Service Enterprise Service Bus ERP Mainframe .

. Messaging Tuxedo MQ. AS2.. Oracle Apps E-Business Suite PeopleSoft JDE Retek Fusion Other Apps SAP Siebel Legacy Content Management EMC/Documentum. EDI Swift. IntelliJ TP Monitors. Borland Spring. PDAs. Application Servers Weblogic AS . FileNet System Mgmt HP Openview CA Unicenter IBM Tivoli BMC IM Systems Microsoft AD Sun LDAP. Netegrity Dev Tools Eclipse. Wireless.Oracle Fusion Middleware “Hot Pluggable” Architecture Multi-channel Access Browsers. Sonic CICS. IMS Tibco Partner Systems RosettaNet.Net WebSphere AS JBoss Databases Oracle IBM DB/2 Sybase Informix .

NET Custom Apps Enterprise Manager Packaged Apps .Oracle Fusion Middleware Delivers 100% Secure Web Services Web Service OAS10 Web Services Manager Gateway • • • • • Auditing Logging Tracing Security Billing g Databases Web Service IBM. BEA. JBOSS BPEL Processes Legacy Systems Web Service MSFT.

Multi-System Management Grid Management • Manage sets as one • Dynamic service mgmt .Oracle Fusion Middleware Unbreakable Grid Technology guarantees 100% service delivery Application Service Levels Grid Platform Service Level Management • Set service level goals • Measure performance • Report service levels • Diagnose root cause • Respond to change Low Cost.

02 $200.07 4496.28/ TOP Oracle BEA TOPS Oracle BEA .10 $50 BEA $0 Oracle 5991.04 $218.73 $/TOP $330.34 Oracle BEA IBM 1000 0 IBM Best on Intel32 (Dual Node) 1200 TOPS 1000 800 600 400 200 0 $150.01/ TOP 1305.34/ TOP 1325.28 2575.06 1037.24 $150 $100 $101.61 $138.67/ TOP Best on Intel64-Linux (Multi-Node) 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 1165.Oracle Fusion Middleware Highest Performance at the lowest price with Grid Computing Best Performance 6000 5000 TOPS 4000 3000 2000 Best Price-Performance $350 $300 $250 $200 $200.

Oracle Fusion Middleware for SOA  Comprehensive & integrated SOA platform  “Hot Pluggable” architecture  Unbreakable & secure service delivery .

BPEL and 100% standard integration approaches extend the reach of the application server platform to service-based. process-centric applications.The Oracle BPEL Process Manager SOA. .

Flow Coordination. Encryption. Auditing Scalability Web Services (Sync and Async) Unpredictable loads Asymmetric performance capabilities Management and Security Access control. Compensation. Access . adapters) Java Platform ? Orchestration ADF Orchestration Asynchrony.A Consistent Set Of Requirements Java Services (EJB) Messaging Destinations (JMS) Portal Connectivity Heterogenous Back Ends Silos of API and mechanisms Opaque/heterogeneous data definitions Synchronizing multiple data stores User Tasks Legacy Applications (JCA. Data Transformation. Version Control. Metering Independent of the service Interaction/Access Catalog. Logging. Customization.

Forrester Research. JCA and JMS. XML Query. . • Rich support for async interactions. • Composability: A process flow is automatically a service. WS-Addressing and WSIF. XSLT. • Leverages XML Schema. parallel processing and exception management.David Smith. but also a way to create services from them and put them into business processes . Inc. ” .John Rymer. WS-Security. FDML) • The best integration solution for XML and Web services but also Java. Gartner ” future of the “ BPEL is thespace in my integration view…Why? Because the value is so much higher when you provide not only a way to integrate applications. Research Vice President and fellow. believes that “ Gartner as the leadingBPEL will emerge industry standard for Web service orchestration and coordination of business processes. Vice President.Introduction to BPEL • Markup language for composing a set of discrete services into an end-to-end process flow • 10+ years of research and development from Microsoft (XLANG) and IBM (WSFL.

BPEL by Example <variable> Credit Rating BPEL Flow <process> start 10:00am Get Rating <faultHandlers> <invoke> <flow> Handle Negative Credit Exception <partnerLink> United Loan Send Loan Application Send Loan Application <invoke> <receive> Star Loan <partnerLink> Receive Loan Offer Receive Loan Offer <partnerLink> </flow> <switch> </process> ? Select Lowest Offer end 03:00pm .

deploying and managing BPEL business processes. JMS. WebLogic. JCA XQuery XSLT File. WebLogic and WebSphere • Get up and running in less than 15 minutes! J2EE Application Server (Oracle AS. FTP Database iWay MANAGE Core BPEL Engine BPEL Console User JAVA Tasks Built-in Integration Services • Rich management and monitoring • Support for Oracle AS. JDeveloper BPEL Designer • Comprehensive and native BPEL implementation BPEL • Easy-to-use modeling tool • Scalable and reliable engine • Flexible binding framework Oracle Store DehydrationDB (Oracle Database) BPEL Process Manager WSDL Binding Web Service Java.The Oracle BPEL Process Manager Enterprise-strength infrastructure for designing. JBoss. Eclipse. JBoss. WebSphere) .

Cross Platform Application Server • Oracle Application Server • WebLogic Server • WebSphere • JBoss IDE • JDeveloper • Eclipse Operating Systems • Linux • Window XP/2003 • Solaris • HP UX • AIX .

Full BPM Lifecycle Support Notation Layer BPMN or UML Business Analyst Activity Activity Activity Integration Developer assign invoke receive assign Executable Layer XML. BPEL. Java. Struts. JSF Existing Systems DATABASE PACKAGED APPLICATIONS JAVA MAINFRAME . XQuery. Rules Service Developer Business Services Adapters.

multi-version support • Quick change. Compensating Transactions makes exception handling easy 1-off orchestration • Costly • Hard-coded integration • Longer development time implement manage implement describe Build your own Process Logic describe BPEL Process Logic Programming abstraction • Efficient • 20 to 30 times less code • Rapid implementation .BPEL Value Proposition Reduce the cost and complexity of process integration initiatives Cost/Complexity $700K $125K Changes Multiple versions adapt Encapsulates all process logic • Simultaneous. re-deploy Exceptions are the rule manage adapt Easy testing. auditing.

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