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. • Business interview is excellent for jobs that will require applicants to have communication skills. It will also allow the company to obtain important information that is related to the client.INTRODUCTION • The goal of business interview is to determine the potential job performance of an applicant based on the answers that they give to questions.

ask to call back after you have prepared Allows you to demonstrate your skills .Types OF Interview • Traditional • Group One-on-one session where interviewer asks you questions 2 different formats: You are interviewed by a group of people You and others are interviewed collectively • Telephone • Work Simulation Most commonly used as a screening device. If you are caught off guard.

Typical Interview Format Each interview will be different. however most follow a format similar to this: Introductory Stage/Rapport Building • First impressions are formed • Interviewer will create relaxed but business-like atmosphere • They may ask you to tell them a little bit about yourself – keep it professional Question and Answer section • Questions to review your background and interests • Questions to match your skills with the skills necessary for the job • Focus on what you have accomplished • Give concise and thurough answers Close Time for you to ask questions of the interviewer –make sure you have well thought out questions Interviewer explain the steps of hiring process .

experiences and qualities  Check CV  Anticipate questions and identify relevant examples  Prepare key selling points Research organisation Websites. articles. reports. etc Contacts with knowledge of organisation or sector Relevant articles in the press Personal visit or telephone call .Preparation  Review own skills. company literature.

(audio recorder / digital camera / camcorder) Ask opinion from a friend. practice. . Record your answer with a recording device. practice and practice. Attend all the interviews you can.Preparation  Research job and occupational area • Job description – or similar • Current issues  Prepare and memorize the answer for possible questions asked in an interview  Practice • • • • • Prepare and memorize the answer for possible questions asked in an interview.

they can’t take you seriously!! • Make a good first impression • Pride in yourself implies pride in your work • Show your creativity in your work.Personal Representation Appearance : • If you don’t dress seriously. not your appearance • Dress conservatively • Be well groomed and clean .

clean looking face/makeup  Clean your fingernails  Skip the clunky jewelry  Press your clothes  Avoid strong perfumes or colognes .Personal Representation Appearance:  Nicely styled hair  Natural.

solid blouse – Suit in solid colors.appropriate color. no darker than your hem  Don’t wear anything too tight or revealing  . low heeled shoes  Minimal accessories  Hosiery .Professional Image for Women  Best choices – Navy or black suit. printed blouse – Straight dress with jacket. no holes. solid colors Wear polished.

dark colors (blues. lighter colors. no holes. long length  .Professional Image for Men  Best choices – Business suit. white shirt – Suit with solid shirt – 2-piece suit. striped shirt Button your jacket when you stand  Shine your shoes  Socks-appropriate color. browns). grays.

addresses. and phone numbers of references .What to Bring to an Interview      Several copies of your CV Your portfolio. if applicable New notebook and a nice pen Briefcase or leather folder Names.

your communication skills and if you are a responsible person in this interview.How to behave in an interview?  Your potential employer will observe your personality.  Your body language is the answer to above question .

3.  Wear a smile when you walk in. 1.  Close the door with caution w/o banging the door. Men should wait to have a hand extended by a woman interviewer . Men should extend a firm handshake to another man. Handshaking is a very important manner in business. Women should offer to shake hands only if the interviewer extends his/ her hand. 2.How to behave in an interview?  Knock before opening interviewer’s door.

.  Don’t lean back in your chair. Lean forward in your chair.  Don’t cross your legs Sit up straight in the chair.  Don’t open your mouth until you’re ready to say something.  Don’t look down.  Look straight.  Keep your hands still. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer.  Don’t fold your arms.How to behave in an interview? Wait to be asked to be seated.

How to answer interviewer’s questions ? • Listen carefully. seek clarification • Illustrate answers with real examples and evidence • Be positive – constructive criticism • Keep answers specific and succinct • Take time to respond • Be alert to interviewer’s body language • Speak clearly. smile and show enthusiasm • Know what you want to say. and find the opportunity .

“Up-talk”: A singsong or rising inflection at the end of every sentence creates a tentative impression and makes it sound as though you're asking a question instead of making a definitive statement. “OK” or “like” tell the interviewer you're not prepared.” “you know”.” “ah.How to answer interviewer’s questions ? Speech habits to avoid:   Non-words: Filler words such as “um. . A better strategy is to think before you speak.

you don't want your information to fly by like a speeding bullet. The interview is not the venue for regional expressions or informality. Speed Talking: While everybody is a bit anxious during an interview. Slow down your racing heart by doing some breathing exercises before the interview.How to answer interviewer’s questions ?    Grammatical Errors: The interviewer may question your education when you use incorrect grammar or slang. . Sloppy Speech: Slurring words together or dropping their endings impairs the clarity of your message. and speed talkers are seen as nervous. A rapid speaking rate is difficult to follow.

At the End of Interview 1.Ask when you might learn of the decision about filling it.Shake hands.Smile and say goodbye to the receptionist on the way out. if appropriate and leave. . 3.Thank the interviewer again when the interview is concluded. 2. 4.Express an interest in the position. 5.

the owner of the company will do the final interview.CONCLUSION The higher position you apply.  Normally the first interview is done by HR people. . If you apply for a very important or managerial position. The second interview may be done by your supervisor. the more interviews you may need to attend in order to get the job.


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