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Kinetic energy can be used to generate electrical energy.  Different methods : Water filled soles Nanogenerators Polymer transducers Regenerative brakes Piezoelectric effect Reverse Electrowetting  .  Renewable energy source as long as the person is walking.

2W  Sufficient to run iPod mobile music player  .Shoes have small generator attached to water-filled soles  Each step puts pressure on soles. causing the water to spin a small turbine and generate electricity  Can generate 1.

Made up of tiny wires called nanowires (zinc oxide) that are free to flex  When moved by mechanical energy. wires flex and make contact with collection plate  Wires have piezoelectric properties  Can produce 4W/cm3  .

Low-cost polymer transducers are used which have metalized surfaces for electrical contact  Soft and robust  Can replace regular heel shock absorber  Can be used to power MEMS sensors and locator devices.GPS receivers and RF transponders  .

Energy recovery mechanism which slows down a vehicle or object by converting its kinetic energy into another form  Features a knee brace – harvests the energy lost when a human brakes the knee after swinging the leg forward to take a step  Weighs 3. power generated is less when compared with the amount of work done  . bulky to carry.5lbs.

electrical voltage is created  Many crystals having piezoelectric property are connected together in proper manner on a slab. an electrical potential is developed. when stepped on. when this potential is not shorted.  Whenever mechanical stress is applied on certain crystals. mechanical stress is applied and electricity is generated  .Easiest way of generating electricity.

Output power is directly proportional to the pressure applied  Area of cells is directly proportional to the power output  No constant output is seen unless a high frequency of stepping on it and off it is present  Can be implemented in heavy crowded areas as a type of floor  Can be implemented in the boots of soldiers  This kind of system is implemented in subways in Japan and in discos in Netherlands  Can be used to charge iPods and many such devices which require less power  .

.422 televisions for one hour. In 20 days. it was possible to generate electricity to power 1.1) In Japan research is going on to implement these systems and generate electricity from railway passengers at train stations 2) Kohei Hayamizu installed this kind of system in Shibuya train crossing.

Phenomenon discovered by Wisconsin researchers.  Fluidic actuation can be done in different ways.  Electrical energy generation is achieved through the interaction of arrays of moving microscopic liquid droplets with novel nanometer-thick multilayer dielectric.  .  Has the ability to directly output a broad range of currents and voltages.

Each droplet can be treated as a variable capacitor.  Can solve three problems: High level of electrical energy generation/unit area Efficient mechanical actuation & energy generation by the individual droplets Synchronous energy generation of droplets in parallel  . electrical energy produced/unit area is directly proportional to the interfacial electrical capacitance and square of the voltage applied across the interface.

pollution  . which requires 12W of power  Used to charge batteries of mobile electronic devices where power grid is not available  Can be used by military personnel  Reduces cost. no need to connect any device to the footwear  Can charge cell phones and laptops.This technology can enable a footwearembedded energy harvester that captures energy produced by walking & converts it up to 20W  Need not be recharged  Can be used in two ways Mobile electronic devices can be directly connected to footwear Can be integrated with Wi-Fi hotspot.

 Cannot expect the system to generate power in the range of kW and MW.  If this technology is not advertised properly.Not many people will have the mindset to accept and implement this new technology. funding required for installing and implementing of the technology will be a problem.  .

Due to depletion of presently available resources. it is utmost necessary and the right time to go for renewable sources for generating electricity for continuity of human life on this planet. .

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