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The timeline of my life.

Avery Galvez

Two police officers convicted in Los Angeles on civil rights charges in Rodney King beating (April 17); sentenced Aug. 4.

That guy got justice.

July 17th, I was born. (:

US Supreme Court approves limit on abortion protests (June 30).

Scores killed as terrorist's car bomb blows up block-long Oklahoma City federal building (April 19); Timothy McVeigh, 27, arrested as suspect (April 21); authorities seek second suspect, link right-wing paramilitary groups to bombing (April 22).

Dr. Ian Wilmut and his team clone the world's first sheep from adult cells. The lamb born in July 1996 is named Dolly. Dolly the sheep was not the first animal to be cloned. She was the first mammal to be cloned. Dolly was produced to research medicines in milk. She is not an exact replica of the sheep she was made from but she was born from a black face ewe and she had a white face. Dolly could reproduce which is showing that clones can live a normal life. She aged faster than normal sheep that live eleven to twelve years. Dolly was put down due to a tumor in her lung, she was six and a half years old.

US Appeals Court upholds California ban on affirmative action (April 8).

House impeaches President Clinton along party lines on two charges, perjury and obstruction of justice. (Dec. 19).

Students Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, storm Columbine High School in Littleton , CO, killing twelve other students and a teacher, then themselves (April 20).

My little sister was born December 7th

U.S. presidential election closest in decades; Bush's slim lead in Florida leads to automatic recount in that state (Nov. 7-8). Republicans file federal suit to block manual recount of Florida presidential election ballots sought by Democrats (Nov. 11). Florida Supreme Court rules election hand count may continue

The hijacking of two planes on September 11th 2001 has forever changed our security, especially in our airports. We have increased all the procedures you have to do before you board the plane. Also checking the baggage more often with special x rays. We now have a watch list also known as the no fly list for terrorists. The TSA is implementing safer travel ways and being more secure post 9/11.

AIDS deaths are projected to skyrocket. The UN announced that the toll could reach an additional 65 million by 2020 if preventative measures are not expanded (July 2).

The Hubble telescope has detected the oldest known planetand it appears to have been formed billions of years earlier than astronomers thought possible. Nicknamed Methuselah after the aged biblical patriarch, the planet is an astonishing 12.7 billion years old (July 10).

Gay marriages begin in Massachusetts, the first state in the country to legalize such unions (May 17).

Hurricane Katrina wreaks catastrophic damage on the Gulf coast; more than 1,000 die and millions are left homeless. Americans are shaken not simply by the magnitude of the disaster but by how illprepared all levels of government are in its aftermath. (Aug. 25-30).

I got that vaccine that year

The Food and Drug Administration approves Gardasil, a vaccine that prevents cervical cancer, which is caused by the human papillomavirus. At $360 a course, Gardasil is one of the most expensive vaccines (June 8).

The minimum wage increases to $5.85, up from $5.15. It's the first increase in 10 years. The wage will increase 70 cents each year through 2009, when it will be $7.25 an hour (July 24).

Connecticut's Supreme Court rules that a state law that limits marriage to heterosexual couples and a civil union law that protects gay couples violate equal protection rights guaranteed by the constitution.

I started my first job a month after my birthday

Hundreds of thousands of people watched in front of the Capitol as President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are sworn into office. Obama makes history as the first African-American president. Barack Obama our 44th president elected in 2009 was the first black president ever. This put a stop to our racial boundries in our government and we proved that we can handle a black president. He beat John McCain; a war veteran. The replubicans thought this was a long shot. Barack has Joe Biden as his vice president. Not only did Mr. Obama capture the presidency, but he led his party to sharp gains in Congress. This puts Democrats in control of the House, the Senate and the White House for the first time since 1995, when Bill Clinton was in office. The democrats have the government back.

A man crashes his plane into an office of the Internal Revenue Service in Austin, Texas, killing himself and one other person. Apparently the pilot, Andrew Joseph Stack III, was holding a grudge against the government and the tax system. Thirteen others were injured.

Osama bin Laden Is Killed in Pakistan (May 1): U.S. troops and CIA operatives shoot and kill Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, a city of 500,000 people that houses a military base and a military academy. Following a firefight, the troops descend upon the compound and shoot Osama bin Laden after he reportedly refuses to surrender. News of bin Laden's death brings cheers and a sense of relief worldwide. (May 13): Two suicide bombers attack recruits leaving a paramilitary training center in Shabqadar, Pakistan. Eighty people are killed and 120 are wounded in the first retaliation for the killing of bin Laden. The Taliban immediately claims responsibility and blames the Pakistani military for failing to stop the U.S. raid. A decade later Osama Bin Laden is killed. While he hid in a million dollar home our technology found out where he was at. A special team of six executed the mission. The United States finally has a huge relief off of its shoulders with the al Qaeda leader brought to justice. Barack Obama sent off this mission with high secrecy. Bin Ladens death satisfied many people who have lost loved ones to his terrorism. No people can finally get some satisfaction.