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Which age bracket do you fall into?

I made this question because I thought it would help me to gain background knowledge about the person answering the questionnaire. I thought by including this question I could also see a connection between peoples age groups and what content they want to see in my magazine. The results of this question showed the majority of the questionnaires that I handed out were to those between 13-25 years, I expected this result because I handed a lot of my questionnaires to people in my school. The results of this question compared with my other questions show that the majority of people want to see contemporary, mainstream and non- mainstream bands involved somehow in my magazine., again I anticipated this because a lot of my questionnaires were completed by secondary school kids.

0-12 13-25 26-38

52-64 65+

Which genre of music is you're favourite to listen to?

4 4 4 4


3.5 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 Music genre liked



0.5 0

The idea behind this question was to see which genres of music was liked by the participants, this would determine how relevant their answers will be to my Indie style magazine (regardless of results I still acknowledged every answer and put them into a graph). The results of this question also helped me decide which type of audience I am aiming for. Because the results of this question were quite diverse, I am aiming for a niche audience; who enjoy graphical, Indie magazines, however I may still make reference to a musician from a difference genre to attract more viewers to my magazine, I will do this because I am only targeting a small audience and this tactic will enable more viewers to my magazine.

Who is your favourite celebrity (related to music), musician or band?

I made this question to see what references to bands I can make and the results show a good selection. The results to this question are incredibly diverse, only twice did two people pick the same result. These mixed results indicated that if I choose to focus upon one artist my audience will be very restricted. So from taking data from previous questions and this one I feel that I must focus upon a lot of Indie bands, but make a reference to an artist from another genre. Queen S club 7 Daytona lights Jayme Dee Paper lions The killers Blink 182 The vaccines Rihanna D play N dubz My chemical romance Guns and roses Ed Sheeran Kayne West Olly Murs Beyonc Ben Howard

Favourite music related celbrity/ band or musician

What single feature do you find most attractive in a music magazine?

I made question because I want a magazine which is liked by numerous people. I thought the question would help me to decide which features in a contemporary magazine are liked and which arent. The results to this question show that colourful, vibrant magazines which have articles and band references are liked most the viewer. These results have taught me that I have to prioritise which features to include and that I have to stick to what the viewer idolises most in a magazine.

Out of the following, which promotion do you prefer and why?

I thought by having a promotion in my magazine I may obtain more viewers or at least more interest. I looked at modern promotions in current magazines and decided which promotions I thought my viewers may appreciate most. Two of my options ,however, dont have any votes (Free mini magazine and exclusive reader offers) so I will not be using them as my promotion as nobody likes them. I think if I was making my magazine in bulk copies the free poster would be best to use as a promotion because it would be considerably cheaper then the other options, however, I am not making this magazine in bulk so I therefore will be using the one free download option because 45% of my questionnaire participants decided they prefer this choice. A significant amount of participants answered one free download because it saves [them] money on music [they] was already going to download, this is beneficial to me because it shows me that my niche audience are largely music orientated and will enjoy having this free offer.

How often would you like a new issue of a music magazine to come out?
I made this question because I thought the results could help indicate a price range which the participant will be willing to pay, I thought more frequent issues would be cheaper and filled with less content while scarcer magazines would have more content at a bigger price range. The results show most people want a weekly magazine, this keeps within my niche audience dynamics, who I assumed would want to keep updated with their favourite bands, competitions, etc as much as possible.

Which is your most preferred font type?

Being a magazine, I will include a lot of text into my piece so I designed this question to see which type of fonts are most popular. The Skinny text was suppose to symbolise authentic handwriting Whereas the Transit text was supposed to represent an eroded type. I think the selection of fonts were great, however I wish I included a couple more options. The results however are brilliant and I think regardless of which fonts I use the viewer will enjoy reading the content.

Out of the following, which contents page is your favourite and why?
I made this question so that I could understand and identify the key features in a contents page which the viewers are most probable to like. Before this question I didnt really know what to include in a contents page, except from the generic features such as page numbers and pictures. Most participants of my questionnaire enjoyed seeing then close up face contents page because it is the least formal one, however my participants may have felt this because the majority of my questionnaires were handed out to students. I am glad that I chose to ask why the participants of my questionnaires why they favoured their chosen contents pages because this allowed me to see what features in particular they liked. A lot of the participants answered it has a nice layout or something related to the format, indicating to me that a contents page has to be clear and precise in order for it to be readable and liked. An considerable amount also liked the close up face contents page because it is the only one with a coloured background, specifying colour is also significant to the likability of a contents page.

Out of the following, which is your favourite band of colours? Please circle most appropriate option

I asked this question because I wanted to find a suitable colour scheme for my magazine pages. I thought I would look at modern magazines front pages, contents pages and double page spreads in order to find fashionable schemes. The results show the two favourite schemes were: Yellow, Pink, White and Black, White and red, so I will be looking to involve these colours into my designs somehow.

Out of the following, which is your favourite name for an Indie based music magazine?
I made this question because I had a range of potential names, but I couldn't decide upon one, I also wanted the viewers of the magazine to choose a name because I wanted them to be contented with the decision. I was quite pleased with the selection of magazine names that I had thought up and even more pleased with the results to this question. The results showed a clear favourite (Vindee Ink) so I will be using this as my magazine name. Other names also received great results, like Revolt, which I didnt anticipate because I didnt think this was a strong name. I thought the results to this question would be more evenly spread, but I am happy with the way they have turned out because I would much rather have viewers to have a comfortable magazine name then having to choose one my self.

I made the poll because I wanted to reach and collect different spectators opinions regarding important information concerning my magazine. I found my blogs viewing statists and managed to find where my blog viewers live (bottom left corner). The statists show people from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and all over England had viewed my blog at some time. This information gave me the idea of reaching other peoples perspectives regarding magazines, also my questionnaire has the inability to physically reach far away audiences, so this poll allows useful information and viewpoints of far away people to be considered by me. A limit to using the poll is that I dont know who answered my question and I dont even know where they live in Britain, this information is critical because I am focusing my magazine to fit a niche audiences needs, but because I dont know the participants backgrounds, I can not use the results to an extent because they may be different to my niche audiences and may not fit their needs. The question was influenced by Robert Dyers utopian solution theory, and gives me a clarification to what people feel when reading a music magazine. I found this an important question to asked because I wanted to be able to focus upon a persons inadequacy solutions. The results show 60% of voters felt entertained, so I will focus upon making my viewers feeling entertained. I consider the results to this question as critical because they give me a platform to start the bases of my magazine on and will help deliver a solution to my audiences inadequacy's.

Statistics revealing where people who have visited my blog live