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5S Training

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean Manufacturing is the continuing process of analyzing, then improving, the flow of information and materials in order to eliminate waste and enhance value to the customer. In simpler words: Cut out the waste of non-value activities. Illustration:

WHY Go Lean?
Uses less of everything compared with mass production. Less human effort Less space Less tool investment Less inventory Less defects Reduces costly internal Wastes

Being Wasteful Helps the Competition!!

Elements of Lean

Philosophy of Excellence in becoming a World Class Company Elimination of Waste Synchronization to Customer Demand Employee Involvement Continuous Improvement

What Is Waste?

is everything we do that takes time, adds cost, and has no value in the eyes of the customer.

7 types of Waste (Muda)

1) Overproducing 2) Waiting 3) Moving 4) Downtime 5) Excess Inventory 6) Motion 7) Scrap

CAS Medical Systems Route to World Class Manufacturing

Lean Building Tools
6 Sigma Minimum Investment

Value Stream Mapping

5s Evaluation

Flexible Work Force

Small Lot Production


Rapid Response to Change

Layout Changes

Visual Controls

Setup Reductions

One Piece Flow

Waste Elimination (Muda)

Short Cycle Manufacturing

Highest Quality

Standard Work Instructions

Suggestion Program

Takt Time

Pull Systems (Kanban )


Quick Delivery


Best Process Reliability

What is 5s+1

Housekeeping at the highest level thats measurable

To prepare the workplace so the end result is a clear, clean, orderly, and safe environment:
Eliminates waste from unorganized and/or uncontrolled processes Gains control on equipment, material, and supplies Allows us to work safely Helps us to easily & quickly find people, parts, tools, places, supplies, and information you need in order to do your job

Early Years of 5s
1. Scrounge 2. Steal 3. Stash 4. Scramble 5. Search

Do you know your 5Ss +1?

S1: Sort

Sort out the clutter. Get rid of items not needed to make your product S2: Scrub Scrub & Shine your work area. Paint if needed. Dont rely on someone else to clean your mess S3: Select Select locations for materials, supplies & equipment. Anything that takes up real estate needs to have a designated location S4: Set Set locations by using borders, ID labels, shadow boards S5: Safety Prevent Safety hazards caused by clutter, garbage, spills, and disorder. Increase safety through visual order. +1:Sustain Sustain the 5s habit. Conduct

SORT - The 1st & Most ImportantS

Purpose of Sort - get rid of the junk Sort through items in the area Keep what is needed Eliminate what is not needed Reduce the number of items to the quantity required at any given time

Red tagging is a visible way to identify items that are not needed or in the wrong place: Identify unneeded, misplaced items Attach red tags Move the items to the holding area Dispose of unneeded items Ask yourself: Does it have a function in this area? Is it needed? How often? By whom? If we remove it, will it really matter? Is it in the way? Does it take too much space? Should it be smaller?

Red Tag Unnecessary Items

Scrub - The 2nd S

Definition of Scrub - Clean everything inside and out. Why cleaning is inspection It helps us notice pre-failure conditions, and makes a good impression to our customers & visitors. Clean floors are the first thing customers & visitors will notice. Establish daily housekeeping list. Allow time at end of shift for cleaning &

Daily Housekeeping Check List

(To be completed before you leave for the day) Associate

Floors are clean & free of debris. (check underneath your work bench) Clean all bench tops & equipment from dust, oils & debris Turn off all equipment, computers, lights Return all tools, parts, and supplies to designated locations. All kanban cards are handed in and properly placed with the item Chemicals & cleaning supplies are stored in proper locations Dispose all cardboard Work stations are clutter free and well organized Nothing is in the aisle ways

Select Locations - 3rd S

Definition of Selecting location - a place for everything & everything in its place. Considerations for deciding locations - point of use storage, how often is it used, space constraints. A few guidelines - Dont select locations for things you dont need (S1), Standardize & consolidate, watch personal items.

Dont fret mistakes; try making it better worst case scenario you can always put it back the way it was! JUST DO IT.

Set Locations - 4thS

Definition of Setting locations- Identifying your selected location so everyone knows where it has to go. Location Identifiers - signs, labels, colored tape, shadow boards, floor borders 3 actions needed 1) Put taped border around moveable items. 2) Put an ID label with each border. 3) Put an ID label on each item.

Safety - 5thS

Everyone is accountable for having a safe operation and work environment. Get involved. Improve safety through visual order. Safety committee is established for CAS. Help to implement committee findings. S1 is your biggest contributor toward a safe environment. (Statcorp Pallet story)

Cardinal Rule for 5s Implementation

Follow the 5s Methodology **Do not do S3 or S4 before doing S1 (Trident story)

+1 Sustain - The 6th S

Purpose of +1: Is to recognize, reward, and strengthen adherence to the first 5Ss. It provides feedback for Continuous Improvement. Make 5S part of the culture - Empower workers to manage and control their area. 5 Techniques for sustaining the 5s Program 1) 5s Audit Report Card 2) Review of report card with employees 3) Develop daily housekeeping activities 4) Employee Ownership 5) Include in annual performance review. Reasons for inadequate implementation:
1. Lack of understanding & training 2. Not supported by management 3. Little or no employee involvement

Review of 5s +1 Audit Report Card

Keys To Success

Management Driven Management Involvement Gather baseline information Get everyone involved Audit your results Take action Just do it Keep it simple!

Total Employee Involvement


5s Dept. Photos & Hall of Fame Best Practices

5s Quiz

1) Can you name the 5s+1 order of methodology?

Sort Scrub Select Set Safety Sustain

2) Of the five 5Ss which is the most important? Sort 3) What are the 5 techniques we will use to Sustain (+1) the 5s program? Audit Report Card Employee Review of Report Card Daily Housekeeping List of Duties Employee Ownership Performance Reviews

5s Quiz Continued

4) What do we use for setting locations (S4)? Signs Labels Tape Borders Shadow Boards 5) Why is S2 Scrub so important to do? It helps to notice pre-failure conditions. It makes a strong impression to our customers & visitors. 6) Whats the Cardinal rule for 5s Implementation? Follow the Methodology Dont do S3 & S4 before doing S1

Bonus Quiz Question

What are the 7 types of Muda? 1) Overproducing 2) Waiting 3) Moving 4) Downtime 5) Excess Inventory 6) Motion 7) Scrap