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All around the world almost 45% of the accidents occur by

mistakes of the driver. .

This seminar paper is based upon the project work being

carried out by the collaboration of DelphiDelco Electronics (DDE) and General Motors Corporation. It was named the Automotive Collision Avoidance Systems (ACAS) field operation program to build the tomorrows car.

Its goal is to develop a comprehensive FCW

system. FCW includes the combined ACC & rearends CW functionality. Detection of hazard conditions associated with crash is accomplished by (a) a long range forward radarbased sensor & (b) a forward visionbased sensor which detects and tracks lanes. Development activities of FCW are divided to 2 phases;

FCW (Forward Collision Warning)

It included forward looking radar system Helps drivers to reduce need for manually adjusting

It also alerts driver by audible & visual methods when

braking is necessary.

Using braking & throttle systems it manages a speed to

keep distance set by driver

DDE has modified three vehicles to provide the basic

functionality of fully integrated ACC and FCW systems.

ACC (Adaptive cruise control)

In the current ACAS program, four complementary host and road state

estimation approaches are being developed (a) vision based road prediction (b) GPS based road prediction (c ) Map based path prediction (d) Brake & throttle control These 4 approaches are being correlated and fused by the Data Fusion system & provides an improved estimate of the roadway shape/geometry in the region ahead of the Host vehicle, and an improved estimate of the Host vehicles lateral position.

Vision Based Sensor

system consists of two components.
A video camera & A remotely located image processing unit .

Datas from these are fused together with other sources to

provide accurate estimate of road. The system will operate in clement weather, in both day and night conditions, and under natural and artificial lighting. The road surface should be paved, clear, and free from glare, and the road markings should have good contrast.


Has a stored roadway map in it.
The combination of dead reckoning and DGPS with

the map database has been explored to obtain a map based path prediction system

Gps based path prediction

It allows users to locate their position any where in

GPS systems use a network of 24 satellites to establish

the position of individual users.

Brake & throttle control

Brake control system includes an antilock brake

system (ABS), vehicle stability enhancement, and traction control features Throttle control system maintains the vehicle speed in response to the speed set by the driver or in response to the speed requested by the ACC function

Conveniently manages vehicle speed and headway gap
Makes cruise control more useable in most traffic

conditions resulting in a more relaxed driving experience Operates under wide range of environmental conditions ( dusty, ice, day, night, rain, or fog)

Radarbased sensing for optimal performance
Sensor hidden behind front grille. Best available detection and tracking performance Manages vehicle speed and headway gap using throttle

control and limited braking Automatically notifies driver of a block via displayed message

Robotics is the part of engineering, which exploits

each aspect of electronics and mechanical engineering. The developments of robotics have lead to the ACAS program. On the completion of this program vehicles will change the phase of driving; a hand free driving.

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