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INTRODUCTION  The mechanisation of mine development is becoming increasingly important in the mines with increased emphasis on safe and efficient mining. the methods used in today's shaft construction are still comparatively conventional. . While the process technology of boring machines deployed in mechanical tunneling and their auxiliary equipment have advanced rapidly.

OBJECTIVES :- To achieve high sinking rate in deep underground excavations Drilling upto higher depth coping with different hydrogeological conditions Reducing cost .

Factors responsible for the low degree of mechanization Presence of groundwater Geology Depth Construction lining/blind-enlargement Area of the cross–section .

Types of sinking operations Sinking Operations Series system Parallel system Simultaneous system .

 Parallel system : sinking with simultaneous face advancing and permanent lining erection in certain distances behind the face.Sinking operation:  Series system :sinking with non-simultaneous face advancing and erecting of permanent lining.  Simultaneous system : advancing the face with simultaneous and erection in the same shaft section. .


VSM (Vertical Shaft machine)  Developed by HERRENKNECHT AG in Kuwait-2003  Best for water bearing soil  Generally for shallow shaft( can also be used for deep shaft)  Based on technology of roadheader boom and cutting drum  Machine can also be operated remotely in water submerged condition .

This comprises a circular frame which hydraulically clamps to the leading section of the cason. This is made up of six main pieces when fully dismantled. Rotary Cutting Unit. the boom movements being automatically computer controlled. this supports an inner rotary ring which carries the cutting boom. . it is normally broken down into two halves which can be transported on a low loader flat black lorry. The ground is excavated by a Dosco hydraulic axial boom rated at 110 kW.Parts of VSM and working It comprises of two main structures:  Upper support / thrust frame. The inner ring is hydraulically rotated through 360 degrees by two high torque slow speed motors.

: 9 m  Shaft depth 85 m  Internal dia. : 7.Models of VSM: Model VSM 8000 specifications  Can work upto 28 mtr depth  In a rock compressive strength of 60 MPa  Shaft dia. : 6m and 8m  Can work to a depth of 100 m  In a rock of 85 Mpa strength  Shaft depth : 23 m  Internal dia.7m  Shaft depth: 160 m  For very hard rock VSM 2500 VSM 9000 VSM 7700 VSM 9600 .

VSM VSM 9000 VSM 9600 VSM 7700 .

SHAFT BORING SYSTEM(SBS)  Developed by Herrenknecht AG in collaboration with Rio Tinto  for the mechanised excavation of deep vertical blind shafts  In hard rock conditions (125MPa rock strength)  Can work upto 500 m (experimental)  based on the use of a rotating cutting wheel excavating .

SBS excavation process The excavation process is divided into two steps:  • trench excavation to a depth of one stroke with the cutting wheel rotating around its horizontal axis and being pushed downward in the shaft direction  • excavation of the entire bench (face) area by slewing the rotating cutting wheel 180° around the shaft vertical axis. .

Working operations in SBS The cutting wheel has a diameter that equals the excavation diameter of the shaft (10–12 m). . The frontloading disc cutters have a diameter of 48 cm with a narrow cutter ring design. It is equipped with disc cutters at the periphery and the side areas. The cutting paths of the disc cutters are circular.

.Mucking Mucking is primarily done by two ways :   By fore bore hole Hydraulically through pipe lines The shaft sinking machine has steel ropes attaching it to the sinking unit which is located on the surface.

Cryderman muckers They can be electrically . Overshot loaders on caterpillar iii. There are several types of muckers like: i. Scrappers ii. . • Depends upon the rock fragmentation • Most efficient in medium sized fragmentation. Cactus grab iv.Mechanized mucking • Time and effort consuming job.pneumatically or hydraulically driven.

Mucking units .

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