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National Publishing Company

serialized stories. Named Titli because the title is catchy for children. Short stories. .Product Augmented Product: Face masks. long stories. Lots of colours and cartoons used. time table cards given with the product Core Value : Entertainment and Reading Actual Product : Children’s magazine.

Titli .

About 45% past users discontinued the magazine. . • Dynamic and ever changing children’s tastes. interests and habits. • Could not sustain the existing customers. • No major increase in sales despite active advertisement and no significant competition. the circulation of ‘Titli’ declined by 40%.Implications of Decline Stage • After attaining peak sales in 1997.

Lapse rate(% of past readers) 14 yrs 13 yrs 12 yrs Lapse rate(% of past readers) 9-11 yrs 8-9 yrs 6-7 yrs 0% 20% 40% 60% .

Appeal more to the age group of 10-14 years as reading was the dominant activity for this age group and presently Titli was perceived more of an entertainment magazine and less informative on knowledge front . REASON. Also some quizzes and crosswords could be included.Short Term strategy • Focus on edutainment and not just entertainment – More emphasis on knowledge dissemination by including the educational concepts in your stories so that the students get a practical view.

English was increasingly emphasized in schools and by the parents.(Line filling) REASON.Short term strategy • Introduce an English version of the magazine to capture the English magazine market by increasing the depth. who wanted their child to have a good command over the English language .

Other stories and articles were not popular. Reading affected studies( 50%) was the reason behind lapsed buyers. .Only Friendly Ghost and Magic Monkey were preferred by the children.Short Term strategy • Improve the quality of the stories and also emphasize more on pictorial stories REASON. Pictorial readings would save time.

The current target segment is too large as the same product is catering to both the age groups. The older ones feel embarrassed to read the magazine whereas the younger ones do not want the educational concept.Long Term Strategy • Extend the product line by introducing a new variant for the age group of 10-14 yrs.(Brand addition) • Reason. .

Long term Strategy • If the short term strategy does not work out then the product needs to be discontinued as it is already in the decline phase. .