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ForumTel Inc.

Forum Tel is a full service MVNO which provides cellular telephones and cellular phone services primarily to travelers throughout all channels within the tourism & hospitality industry, with a B to B emphasis.

Forum Tel is a Forum Groups company (, a global offshore fund manager and distributor of over $1B in assets.

Forum Groups Principle Alliances Include:

The ForumTel program is more than just a phone, its freedom and security for your guests!
Travelers receive enormous benefits in addition to huge savings from the high priced roaming charges that they pay for calls from their home market handsets when traveling abroad. One low rate World Rates as low as 49 per minute and 25 per text message. Group & Family Discount Rates Available

No Minimums, plans, or hidden fees Pay only for the minutes used No monthly fees or contracts Options to purchase the phone for as low as $49.95
Post-paid Billing Model Easy & Convenient No Calling Cards, Pin numbers, or Disconnected Calls Merchandising Customized Branding & Packing for our Partners

Competitive Analysis Primary Offering Additional Offerings Free Phone Usage

Phone Purchase, Customization, Concierge

Mobal Sim or Phone Purchase n/a

Travel Cell

E-kit Phone rental, Sim and/or Phone Purchase $20 Free calling credit

Wireless Traveler Phone and/or Sim Card Purchase $15 Free calling credit

Cellular Abroad Phone Purchase/rental or Sim Purchase n/a

Phone rental

Student Specials

$0.49/min $0.25/text Flat Airtime Cost

(Incoming & Outgoing)

Varying Rate

Monthly - $189.99 Weekly - $49.99 Varying Rate for international

Varying Rate

Varying Rate

Varying Rate


see above

$4.75/min $0.80/text

Varying Rate

For Passport Sim Outgoing: $0.49/min To Mobile - $0.84/min + Service Fee - $0.35/call Incoming: $0.19/min For Passport Sim Outgoing: $0.49/min Service Fee -$0.35/call text - $0.69/text Incoming: $0.19/min text - $0.10/text

Outgoing: $0.65/min text -$0.65/text Incoming: $0.00/min + $0.25 surcharge for calls made to WT USA number text - Free Outgoing: $0.65/min text -$0.38/text Incoming : $0.00/min + $0.25 surcharge for calls made to WT USA number text- Free

Outgoing: $2.70/min Incoming: $3.00/min


see above

$1.95/min $0.80/text

Weekly - $14.99 + Outgoing: Local: $0.59/min Europe: $0.79/min US/Canada: $0.69/min Balance of world: $1.99/min Incoming: Free

Outgoing: $0.90/min text -$0.60/text Incoming: Free

Additional charges




Service Charges

$0.40 connection fee Call-to-cell applied to all incoming and surcharge: outgoing calls. US$0.25\min

The Phone can be used in these top travel destinations to

anywhere in the world** for only $0.49/min

1. The United States 2. Canada 3. The Caribbean 4. The UK 5. The European Union
Rate/min = E0.49/min

6. Israel 7. *The Bahamas & The Dominican Republic 8. * Mexico & Latin America 9. *South Africa
*Mobile Network Coverage Coming Soon from these Regions ** Not including Cuba (rates are $1.29/min)


Travel Agents


Duty Free

Car Rentals

Hotels & Resorts

Tour Operators

Loyalty Programs

More than Minutes

The Forum Tel phone program is offered with all our participating partners through online promotions and additional marketing efforts, as an added value benefit throughout integration with each partners brand.
Home Page Banner Placement Call Center Offer Location Specific & Kiosk Distribution


Hotel Room Placement Partner Location Displays Loyalty Program Member Redemption Offers Opt Out Offer in the Booking Path Service/Program Enhancement Embedded in Vacation Packages Coupons & Discount Program Placement Thank You Gift from Partners Integration With All Partner Communication To Travelers

(online, e-mail, mailers, and direct sales)



Online Shipment Process eg.

Once your client accepts the new World Phone, they will be redirected to a landing page for more information. The necessary fields can be pre-populated with the travelers information from the booking process via webservices or manually inserted by the agent/client. Shipping information is forwarded to fulfill the offer.

Merchant Processing can be handled by either ForumTel or our client.


1. 2. 3.

Scan: Scan the Bar Code on the phone (Scan): Scan the voucher* Swipe:
*Only used for in the field agents & referrals

The guests credit card



Instantly links the phone number to the guest without having to input lots of data or cc #s

On our easy to use software

Allows you to have customer tracking and usage information Standard activation of 10 days. Billed every $25.00 directly to the guests credit card using the card swiped at activation. Return the phone to the Concierge desk or purchase the phone for a very low price.

($49.95-$99.95 depending on model)

All system tools including the scanner, bar code system, activation software, and credit card swipe machine are provided by ForumTel at no charge to you!


More than Minutes


Adding a private-labeled Mobile Phone to your product offerings will continue to elevate the customer service that your clients are accustomed to, while capturing incremental airtime revenues. QUAD BAND, UNLOCKED WORLD PHONES:

CUSTOMIZATIONS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR BRAND. Our custom manufactured mobile phones are available in two models, both with data capabilities. Give your clients the gift of communication, savings, freedom and security while traveling anywhere in the world.


Enable your clients to have direct access to your information from anywhere in the world. Reinforce your positioning in the market as first in customer service and innovation. Differentiate your brand exposure and customer experience. Target your client data base and utilize the marketing opportunities.

Ancillary Revenue Benefit Unique & Distinguishing Product Offer Customer Loyalty Benefit Truly, a value-added benefit!

The mobile phone features

Simple Worldwide Calling Direct Connect - Speed Dials SMS Capabilities One low rate worldwide No commitments 24 HR Concierge Program


Embedded as a speed dial, The ASSIST-Button, is a 24-HR concierge and emergency assistance service conveniently pre-programmed for use by your guests. This added value is an optional enhancement to every phone. Your clients can receive destination specific information and help when they need it most all at the push of a button.

Additionally, our phone can be programmed to your brands existing number or hotline. Connecting your clients directly to your customer service, travel insurance service , or concierge desk.

24 HR/ 365 DAY ACCESS Pre Trip Services:

Passport & Visa requirements Currency exchange information Health & Immunization requirements Weather & Travel Delay updates Consulate & Embassy Information

Medical Emergencies
Medication replacement Pharmacy Information

Language Services
Translators Worldwide Emergency Help

Message Service:
Transmit Urgent Message to Friends & Family in Emergency Situations

Destination Specific Information:

Info on Local Entertainment Ticket & Event Reservations Suggested Itineraries (can be
customized to your partners)

Lost Luggage Tracking Replacement of Travel Docs or Lost Credit Cards

Floral Services Tee Time Reservations Shopping Assistance Hotel Information & Bookings

Taxi & Car Services

All Services can fulfilled easily through the customer credit card already on file, for minute charges and phone usage.

Our user-friendly software allows our partners to quickly preview all activity or financial information on a simple home screen. The software is the same, whether you have 100 phones in circulation through your client/traveler base or 100,000 phones. Check Account Status, Preview History, Close Account, View Inventory or Activity.


Calculate As Follows: Number of Clients Reached Per Offering X % Take Rate = Number of Participating Clients

Number of Participating Travelers

100 minutes average usage per 3 day travel $0.49/minute 20% Revenue Share

Average Users Volume Total Revenues Estimated Total Revenue Share Per Offering

Average Users Volume Total Revenues


= =

Calculate As Follows: Number of Transactions Per Year X % Take Rate for Opt-In (or Out) = Number of Participating Travelers

Number of Participating Travlers

200 minutes average usage per 7 day travel

Average Users Volume

Average Users Volume


Total Revenues

Total Revenues

20% Revenue Share

Estimated Total Revenue Share Per Year


Future Enhancements
A True Travel Tool The Family Plan Mobile Marketing


More than just a solution to the roaming crisis that travelers face abroad. The ForumTel Phone Service is the.. Guide Book of the Future!
Pre-programmed into each mobile phone, travelers receive exclusive partner programs, discount offers, entertainment add-ons and mobile coupons. In addition the phone provides, 24Hr Concierge Services, Emergency Assistance, destination specific information and Daily Updates directly from their travel agent, favorite loyalty program, or tour guide. ALL at the push of a button.


Families may have multiple phones, enabling them to stay intouch with textmessaging anywhere around the world. Calls between mobileto-mobile phone will have a further reduction in the cost per minute!


Mobile Internet Sites

Partner Programs

Channels Info

Speed Dial

Forum Tel Push Mobile Marketing



VIP services


Our solutions create a direct connection between all channels and your travelers by providing outstanding mobile content pre-loaded on mobile phones and connections to discounted partner & affiliate programs.

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