Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas
Noted for its economy and affordability, the accolades continue to pour in for Houston. An aerospace city that launched confidently into the 21st century, Houston’s diversity and opportunity have flourished.

Population: 1,954,000 (Metropolitan Area: 4,800,000) Avg. July high: 94 Avg. January low: 42 Avg. Annual Precipitation: 48 inches Avg. Annual Snowfall: 0 inches Closest Big City: 50 miles to Galveston Health Care: 51 hospitals with 10,238 beds Cost of Living: 12% below the National average Housing Costs: Avg. home price: 160,000

Recreation Houston's mild climate and Gulf Coast breezes make the outdoors fun in any season. More than 100 golf courses and 300 parks are available in this area.

 More than 30 independent school districts operate in Harris County

and the surrounding areas, and many have received awards for excellence.  In the realm of higher education, the area has two dozen colleges and universities offering a variety of educational opportunities and degree programs.

Housing and Cost of Living
 Houston was largely developed by real estate barons, the number of appealing neighborhoods is extensive, and the competitive market keeps costs low.  There are masterfully planned communities, wooded neighborhoods, and lovely suburbs to choose from, all at reasonable prices.  A typical three-bedroom home sells for about $160,000. An average apartment rents for $750.

Health Care
 

Houston is well known for its exceptional medical care. The medical community here achieved world fame with the implanting of the first artificial heart and first human heart transplant. There are more than 50 hospitals in Houston with a combined total of more than 10,000 beds. The two largest facilities are Methodist Hospital and Memorial Hospital Southwest. In addition, the Texas Medical Center of Houston, one of the largest medical complexes in the world, has nearly two dozen hospitals, medical schools, and nursing schools. The city has two major health care organizations: Memorial Healthcare System and Columbia Healthcare Network. With thousands of licensed physicians in the area, Houston’s population- to-physician ratio is better than the state average.

Earning A Living
 Money magazine ranked Houston one of America’s Top

Places to Live.  City’s two dozen largest businesses span the sectors of engineering, health care, research, telecommunications, and education.  Some of the leading employers are Browning Ferris Industries, MinuteMaid, American General insurance, and Continental Airlines.

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