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BSNL Software Packages

The following software packages are used in BSNL

Trichur Billing Package SSANeT Dotsoft Billing and Customer Care System (BCCS) for mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Sancharsoft. Inventory Management Package. TVarit. Fleet Managemet system Public Grievance Management System Management Information System (MIS) CDR Based Convergent Billing and Customer Care System Call Centre Applications HR Package ERP .BBS (Balanced Business Scorecards) GPMS (Group Performance Management System)

DOTSOFT is an in house developed integrated telecom database system.

Comprising commercial, billing, accounting, fault repair service and directory enquiry services
Dotsoft package was initially implemented at Guntur in 1997 making it the first Telecom District in BSNL to have an integrated customer care and billing software. Dotsoft is integrated with other systems such as call centre, BSNL portal ( BSNL portal enables online bill payments and availability of duplicate bills for its customers .

Additional advantages
In addition, with Dotsoft, AP has a tie-up with e-seva, the most popular egovernance project of Andhra Pradesh government.

BSNL portal -, provides customers with a complete online delivery,review and payment solution all at a single mouse click.
It has been conceptualized, designed and developed entirely by the core group of theSoftware Development Center at Hyderabad of IT project Circle, Pune. Dotsoft is implemented in Computer Network in Client / Server mode. Now a days Central server concept is used in Dotsoft wherein a single server will be available for 13 to 15 SSAs in a Circle. eg. There is a Dotsoft server available at Nagpur , Aurangabad & Pune covering Maharashtra Circle.

Some Important features /utility

Every subscriber is identified by a unique identification number called Unique_Id_No

Bill generation is absolutely easy and totally secure. Payments are faster and completely hassle free for the customer and the counter personnel because of the use of bill scanners.

Online enquiry is available for supervision and queries

All the work is done online which results in excellent customer service, non-duplication of work, total supervision, complete transparency, better planning Complete history of subscribers activities available online.

Outstanding details can be taken for any month on any given date.
Directory Enquiry shows the status at the moment of enquiry. It can query on any ofthe subscribers details in part or in full Complete managerial supervision is possible about the activities happening anywherei n the district/Circle.

Database security is implemented

System is highly scalable and can run on many operating system platforms All the parameters of the system are table driven Dotsoft web site is available for DBAs to update version control in server

Dotsoft Basic Technical Details

Server Operating System - Linux . Oracle 9i or above as Database

Client Operating System Win95 or above

Developer 2000 Installation in Client PCs. Dot soft Forms & Reports to be updated as per version control

Dotsoft Modules
Commercial TRA FRS Directory Enquiry

Modes of working in Dotsoft

Online Working online i.e all ransactions are updated in real time mode.

Offline For making entry of OLD data . After entry these entries need to be processed

Some Important Commercial Masters available in DOTSOFT

FAULT REPAIR SERVICE Need of FRS System FRS system is needed control over the clearance of faults reported by the subscribers Maintenance of Line and Wires and subscribers apparatus consists of two parts clearance of faults reported by Subscribers on day to day basis. Preventive maintenance of the lines to reduce incidents of faults and there by the complaints

Previously there was a manual arrangement to book complaints from customers received 198 position . Later on this was replaced by commandir System which used Novel server & Commandir for booking , initial testing , ordering to lineman & clearance of faults.

Some Circles like MP circle have adopted SSANet FRS system integrated with Trichur billing system.

Directory Enquiry
DQ system are generally Directory assistance systems incorporated on reduce the load of human operators. Almost all systems use custom database software to locate listings quickly. automated readback systems to give out the phone number. This frees the directory assistance operator to move on to another caller as soon as the correct listing is located..

Previously there was a manual arrangement to View phone numbers from registers or lists available at the operator position. Later on this was replaced by Commandir Enquiry System which used Novel server & Commandir package to deal with updating system DQ masters and to locate phone numbers from provided input. Some Circles like MP circle have adopted SSANet DQ system integrated with Trichur billing system (Available in TRA) DQ in Dotsoft Dotsoft is already having the full-fledged DQ module. Directory Inquiry related master in Dotsoft ISD Code Master STD Code Master All other Customer related data is used by DQ Module from Commercial Module Tables available in Dotsoft

BCCS Basic Details BCCS is a Billing and Customer Care System(BCCS) for Mobile Billing Front end-JAVA Database-Oracle 9i Operating System-Sun Solaris Unix. Language- C, C++, JAVA, JAVA Script

BCCS Salient features

The Billing and Customer Care Subsystem [BCCS] of BSNL has been sourced from the Kenan BP/OM or Arbor. This is a powerful platform for billing and customer care, and can be configured to suit organizational and customer needs. This application is client-server based. The data or information is contained in one or more centralized database on servers and the user interfaces reside in the workstation. The application can be used in a local area network (LAN) environment or WAN Network.

BCCS BSNL Billing Zones

In BSNL there is four Billing zones namely BSNL West BSNL East BSNL South and BSNL North

For example for BSNL west Zone the billing centre is at Pune. Function 1)Provisioning 2)Billing 3)Customer Care

The Billing System comprises of three main modules. 1. Arbor/OM (Order Management) 2. Mediation 3. Arbor / BP (Billing Module).


ARBOR/OM Interface
An order Management System supports order handling. It supports workflow management activities for products and service number and equipment inventories
It is used in tandem with arbor/BP. Every order is associated with a master Account. Master Account may be an existing account from BP as a new or pending. An order consists of one or more items. You can view history information of order & revised order can be issued

A single order can contain any combination of new, modified or disconnected.

Examples of order
a.Create new Accounts b.Add products & services c.Change products & services. d.Discontinue products or services

Mediation Role
Collects CDRs from various NEs Filters the CDRs (Allowing all & only billable CDRs to the Billing System) Formats the CDRs as required by the billing system Can store CDRs for a certain time period .

Bill Processing Tasks

Calculate customer balances based on charges and credits (e.g. service charges, monthly fees, usage charges, taxes, late fees, adjustments, discounts and payments).

Arrange charges and credits on formatted customer bills

Dispatch customer bills .

Activities done at CSR locations

Provisioning. Billng information for the customers. Duplicate billing. Booking. Allocation of Plan. Prepaid & Postpaid. Collections

What is Sancharsoft ? Sancharsoft is a web based software created for the management of Prepaid , recharge Coupons & Top up Cards of Mobile Services of BSNL.

SancharSoft Technical Details

It is a web based package created on MS IIS platform using asp (MS Active server pages technology & Javascript). All the CSR clients can access to the web service and can login using their username & password.

All Dealers , DSAs and Retailers can use the service via secure network if extended to them .

Sancharsoft Menu
The various menus used for Prepaid, Recharge / Topup cards are: Home Prepaid Recharge Replacement Stock Re-printing Reports Query Dealer sales Sancharsoft example window

Prepaid Menu
Normal Prepaid by choice Discount sale.

Recharge menu
Coupons CTOPUP Standard CTOPUP Flexi DELETE UPLOADED Coupon Blocking Offline sales.

Replacement Menu
SIM Cards Replacement Recharge / Top-Up coupons

Stock menu
Stock return Stock Diversion Stock indent

Prepaid Replacement CTOPUP recharge PCO /DSA invoice stock return

Daily statement Consolidated sales Stock

Sample reports menu

Inventory Management Package

Basic Details The system is a web-based application. Oracle 9i as the back-end database. Client - server model Client - A remote computer accessing Server through dialup/leased line. Server- A high end server and associated servers Located in Trivandrum.

Use of Inventory Management involves

Project Planning Purchase order management Indenting and allotment at SSA/Field level Receipt of stores at Circle / SSA stores Checking the material for quality and taking into stock

Issue of stores from Circle/SSA stores.

Purchase Billing

Salient Features
Web enabled multi-user application. User-friendly data entry forms. Various queries/reports for master data from Admin/Circle/SSA levels. User-role based access. System logout on expiry of session ensuring security.

Forced logout by user ensuring security.

Forced change of password on first login. Data validation all over the circle since it resides on a single server. Multiple roles can be assigned to a single user. This system is designed for planning/accounting of Materials in BSNL up to field units thereby bringing uniformity in Material Management. This system is designed to start operation from the Circle tier.

Inventory Management Package Modules

The Main Modules of this package are Head of Accounts Estimate Masters Item Masters Consignee Master Ordering Authorities Master Paying Authorities Master Purchase Order conditions Master Price Variation Master Tax Master Tax Structure Manufacturer Masters Local Dealers Manufacturer item Store Depot

Basic Details TVARIT means immediate and this package is to avoid the delay provisioning of leased lines all over the country. Front end-ASP, JAVA Script

Salient Features
This is a Web based Program residing in a Web Server at Mumbai TVARIT package is for Computerization of Leased Line operations logs the process right from registration till commissioning and Updating for Maintenance operations including Periodic billing. All the Circles connect through Dialup or Leased Line to the Server Separate Access is given to AO, CO and Nodal Officer of each SSA.

Using this package we can do lot of things related to leased lines like
Registration of New Circuits Payment of Leased charges Issue of work order Wiring, testing and commissioning Periodic billing Accounting Management Summaries Migration of existing circuits on TVARIT Shifting, cancellation and modification Customer Queries Online help

Fleet Management
Basic details HTML as front end Java Script for client side validation PHP for server side scripting Database is Oracle 9i Operating System as Linux

Salient Features
This software allows the user to enter the following details. Vehicle Detail Purchase Detail RTO Detail Insurance Detail Allotment Detail Scrapping Detail

Fleet Management System is a web based software application. The design and development of Fleet (Vehicle) Management System (FMS) software for BSNL was done by O/o CGM IT Project Circle, BSNL, Pune. The location of Web/Database server of FMS application is at Trivandrum, IT Cell, BSNL, Kerala Circle.