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Name Tasmia Hakim Tazeen Morshed Ara Jahan Nazia Zabin Kh. Md.

Nasimul Ferdous

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In this competitive business world, marketing is an essential part of any company. In order to do the jobs of marketing a proper marketing plan is very important. Without having a complete plan the job of marketing is not possible. Ultra Taste Bangladesh Ltd. is a new food processing company in the business world which motto is to serve good quality agro foods by applying some processing. The company will always emphasize to launch new agro based products in the market which is not available in Bangladesh. From this perception, we have created the marketing plan for a new product for Ultra Taste Bangladesh Ltd. which we named as Aspro Tomato Powder.

To increase/start profit margin To afford well trained and well skilled executives and sales people Maintain an attractive R&D funds to drive additional product progress

Availability Reasonable Price Quality

Capture the market share Clear product differentiation Long term brand value to customers Creating and launching new products / services Innovation

In the market of consumer goods Ultra Taste Bangladesh Ltd is considered as the new in the market. In Bangladesh the major challenger for Ultra Taste Bangladesh Ltd. is Pran.

Exclusively New Product Easy to Preserve An Excellent Distribution Network No Preservative & Color Mixture in The Product Variety uses of the product

Lack of information about the product. Difficulty in creating control in the market for a product like this.

First movers advantage Take advantage of consumers change in tastes, preferences and consciousness for health Utilize print and electronic media to create demand and thereby increasing sales and capturing market share.

Threats from the new entrants e.g. if ASPRO gets market popularity, cheap imported products may take away market share Since the product is a sort of non-necessity type (i.e. luxury on the table) an economic downturn/recession will lead to cut in expenditure on this type of products easily.

The target markets for our new product Aspro Tomato Powder will be Simply those people who are interested in adding taste in the food; Mainly the urban area people, We will focus on the big cities of our country; People who are uncomfortable in bearing liquid sauce; People who has least income and feel comfortable spending money on tasty food;

Aspro Tomato Powder

Choosing the right competitive advantages:

Product Place Promotion Price

Aspro Tomato Powder will be made by turning fresh tomatoes into a slurry and spray drying the slurry. Our Aspro Tomato Powder will be in a 100gm glass container and 15gm Sachet container It will be a sour flavored tomato powder. Aspro Tomato Powder will basically be a convenient product that people will buy frequently.

Attheinitialstagetherewillbelaunchedonlyasour flavoredtomatopowder.Dependingonpositiveresponse wewillplantoimprovethequality,bringvariousflavors anddifferentsizes.


For Aspro Tomato Powder, Dhaka City and Chittagong City.

The distribution process of Aspro Tomato Powder will be like-

We will do different types of promotional activities to introduce our Aspro Tomato Powder to the people. o TV commercials and o Advertisement in the print media.

Cooking Program in different TV channels

using the name of Aspro Tomato Powder . The name of the Program may be Aspro Tomato Powder Khabarer Shadd etc. We will also give free samples to the cook experts, so that they can use it in making food and can suggest their students to use.

Sales promotion:
We will give

free samples in

o Corporate offices, o Educational institutions and o Various Restaurants. The weight of those free samples will be less than the original one; the size will be in between 10gm of Sachet container.

We will set the price considering the following factors Price of substitute/available products in the market Cost of production and profit margin Launching price: Tk 90/45g

The marketing plan which we have made will be implemented and accomplished by different departments. i. Approved by the top level executives ii. start its function iii. strategies regarding department v. production department vi.Finance department vii.highly efficient brand manager will be assigned for Aspro Tomato Powder to administer of overall activities of the product.

Aspro Tomato Powder will steadily increase sales as the advertising budget allows. As this Aspro Tomato Powder will be available in both retail stores, super markets and various Restaurants, the expected sales will reach to expected levels.

The marketing expense is high in the beginning of the product. As the product goes towards its maturity level, the expense will start to come down.

Performance Monitoring It is important to monitor whether the job is being performed as it is planned. If not then corrective methods must be taken. Difficulties and Risks:
Problems generating a sufficient customer base General public may not demand the product.

Worst Case Scenario:

Determining that the business cannot support itself on an ongoing basis Having to liquidate equipment to cover liabilities.

We believe that our innovation Aspro Tomato Powder can create a lot of scopes for Ultra Taste Bangladesh Ltd. So, if Ultra Taste Bangladesh Ltd. can launch this product in the market according to the plan we are offering then it will definitely be able to pick a huge market share before the competitors enter in the market.