SUMBITTED TO: Prof. Kiran Agarwal

SUMBITTED BY: Anuradha Mundhra MBA 4th Sem.


5 million PCs compared with China’s 40 million. • India had just 7. Lenovo the world’s fourth-largest PC maker restructured its global operations from four regions (Americas.INTRODUCTION In January 2006. In China. This presented a huge opportunity for Lenovo and it wanted to double its market share in three to four years. Europe. Lenovo had built a reputation as market leader. Asia-Pacific and China) to five. • The company was expected to find natural success in India as the Indian market was similar in nature to the Chinese market. • India was a major part of Lenovo’s strategy and it was listed as a separate region to be managed. • 4/24/12 .

 Maintain its leadership position in the Indian market. 4/24/12 .  Marketing strategies adopted by Lenovo in India.SITUATION ANALYSIS  Issues and challenges in International marketing .

HP (Hewlett-Packard) and local brands like HCL (Hindustan Computers Limited). § 4/24/12 . These are also segments of maximum growth.IDENTIFICATION OF PROBLEM § MAJOR PROBLEM: § The major problem which has to overcome is that the Lenovo's brand perception among home users and laptop users is weak.3 per cent share in the Indian PC market. SUB-PROBLEM: § § Lenovo was lagging behind competitors like Dell. Lenovo had a 7.

Lenovo already has a strong base in China. is in the stigma associated with Chinese product. with a 29% share of China’s PC market.SWOT ANALYSIS  Ø Ø STRENGTH :Strong brand recognition. however. In general. WEAKNESS :Since Lenovo was the new player in the India it has plenty of weaknesses in its outlook. its team has less market knowledge than local experienced players in the India. Lenovo’s major weakness. § Ø Ø 4/24/12 .

Rivalry between Lenovo and other companies in the 4/24/12 .§ Ø Ø OPPORTUNITIES :Expanding product line Lenovo has the opportunity to become a one-stop power house in the corporate market.  THREATS:Ø Ø Reputation for having China’s stuff.

 Promotional 4/24/12 .DEVELOPMENT OF ALTERNATIVES  Ensure trial through selective price cutting and periodic promotions strategies to convey Indian customers.

4/24/12 .SELECTION OF THE BEST ALTERNATIVES Promotional strategies to convey Indian population by adopting innovative techniques and advertising.

QUESTION AND ANSWER 1. Today. both are at different stages of evolution. but similar in many respects. China was at this level about seven years ago. So.   4/24/12 . in unit terms.How similar are the Indian and Chinese PC markets? Ø The Chinese market is similar but a little more mature. the PC market in India is about 10-11 million.

Lenovo crossed the 10 per cent market share in the Indian PC market in the third quarter of 2010-11. The big opportunity was to drive the transaction business model in the emerging markets. 4/24/12 Ø . It were never a big consumer player outside of China. What is going to be the forward strategy? Worldwide. which are China business and large enterprise business. Lenovo follow a strategy called ‘protect and attack’.2. It will attack opportunities. It try to protect strengths. with focus on the consumer business and SMB (small and medium business).

THANKYOU.. 4/24/12 .

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