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[Name of Enterprise]

Business Plan
& Market Research Report

Draft: as of 12/01/2010 Produced by: United Virginia

Table of Contents
I. Business Description II. Market Description III. Operations Plan

IV. Financial Projections

Appendix A: Market Research Report

Appendix B: SWOT Analysis

I. Business Description

Business Description: Mission

The mission of [Name of Enterprise] is to provide .

Business Description: Goals

[Name of Enterprise] customers will be able to

Business Description: Benefits

[Name of Enterprise] offers the following benefits:
xx xx

Unique Selling Proposition: [Name of Enterprise] provides a uniquely xx.


II. Market Description

Market Description: Table of Contents



3. 4.

Target Market
Market Research Summary Competitive Analysis


Pricing Strategy
Promotional & Distribution Strategy

1. Products/Service


2. Target Market



3. Market Research Summary

An external survey was conducted with potential customers, friends/family, partners/vendors, and others. xx respondents had participated in the survey as of the drafting of this plan (11/30/10). Respondents were asked questions and responses are summarized in the following analysis and reported more thoroughly in the Appendix.


3. Market Research Summary


N=? of those surveyed are potential customers.

Source: [Name of Enterprise] 2010 Business Planning Survey

3. Market Research Summary


X% of respondents are willing to refer others to visit [Name of Enterprise] X % of respondents have strong interest in becoming a customer of [Name of Enterprise] X% of respondents patronize a service like [Name of Business] very often. X% of respondents would spend more than $xx for the offering of [Name of Enterprise].

Source: [Name of Enterprise] 2010 Business Planning Survey


3. Market Research Summary


The most preferred marketing mediums in descending order are .


Please rate how you prefer to learn about products/services such as those reviewed in the survey.

Source: [Name of Enterprise] Business Planning Survey


3. Market Research Summary

(continued) Respondents most often frequent these Social Networking sites. [xx%] frequent Facebook [xx%] frequent YouTube Etc.

What online and/or social media resources do you most often visit to learn about entertainment experiences like [Name of Enterprise] will provide?

Source: [Name of Enterprise] Business Planning Survey


3. Market Research Summary


The most important benefits of the [Name of Enterprise] offering rated highest on a scale of 1 to 5 as follows:.
Benefits (In General) Rating x.xx

Source: [Name of Enterprise] 2010 Business Planning Survey

Please rate the following benefits on a scale of importance when making a purchasing choice.


3. Market Research Summary


These [Name of Enterprise] Value Propositions were derived from enterprise owner exercises and tested in the survey:


3. Market Research Summary


[Value Statement] rated the highest of the [Name of Enterprise] Value Statements.

Value Statement

Rating of importance x.xx

The following are value statements about [Name of Enterprise]; each are identified by key words in quotations. Please indicate how important these value statements are to you on a scale of 1-5 of importance.

Source: [Name of Enterprise] 2010 Business Planning Survey


3. Market Research Summary


[Value Statement] was clearly the most preferred Value Statement overall.

[Winning Value Statement]: xx

Source: [Name of Enterprise] 2010 Business Planning Survey

3. Market Research Summary


*Value Statement was clearly the most preferred Value Statement overall.
Verbatim comments: xx

Source: [Name of Enterprise] 2010 Business Planning Survey

4. Competitive Analysis
Xx was the most typical competitor identified, others identified were: Xx Xx xx Competitive Advantages: [Name of Enterprise] ranks higher than competition in [name of value statement(s)] Competitive Challenges: [Name of Enterprise] ranks higher (or close to) competition in [name of value statement(s)]


5. Pricing Strategy

Based on the research findings xx% customers will spend [most common price point] Xx% will purchase [most common frequency].


6a. Promotional Strategies

[Name of Enterprise] will use these inexpensive Internet social networking sites for promotion and advertising:
[name of most preferred social networking sites]

Have an opening event that generates significant publicity and clearly explains the offering and value proposition to the market Monthly membership will be utilized to entice more frequent purchases. Intentionally motivate referrals and work to generate positive word of mouth.


6b. Distribution Strategies

Organic growth will be pursued through cultivation of customers with a [Name of Enterprise] membership program. Phase 2 expansion will include a website platform that is integrated with storefront gaming activities. Gaming from home will be part of a phase 2 program for distribution of the [Name of Enterprise] offering.


III. Operations Plan


Operations Plan

[Name of Enterprise] will employ [describe type of professionals]. Customers will receive [defined quality/type of service to be provided].

The [type of product/service/facility] will be presented [describe in what manner/quality of service/product].


IV. Financial Projections


Purpose & Expenditure of Loan

(attached document)
The purpose of loan is to finance: [Describe what products/services will be acquired with the $ that will enable growth loans cant be used to pay wages].


Financial Projections
(attached document)


Pro Forma Financial Information, or Pro Forma Financial Statements, are essentially projections of the financial performance of the business in the future based upon documented assumptions. A common use of Pro Forma information is to present financial statements as they would be if a proposed change were to take place, in this case the opening of a business.

Appendix A: Market Research Report


(xx%) view this offering as very essential or extremely essential.

(xx%) of those surveyed are very or extremely interested in [Name of Enterprise].

*Product/service+ is the most preferred.

Xx% visit/shop [category/sector of product/service x most common duration]

[Xx%] prefer online versus storefront.

(xx%) report a strong interest in becoming a [Name of Enterprise] customer.

(xx%) want to make referrals to [Name of Enterprise].

Respondents would most typically pay [range/category of expenditure] for the product/service of [Name of Enterprise].

[Name of media type] is the best medium for marketing.

[Name of social media site(s)] is the best of the online mediums for marketing.

(xx%) of respondents have a strong interest in being on an advisory team.

Appendix B: SWOT Analysis

(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)


SWOT Analysis
Strengths: xx Weaknesses: xx


SWOT Analysis
Opportunities: xx

Threats: xx