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What is HR scorecard
HR scorecard measures the HR function's effectiveness

and efficiency in producing employee behaviors needed to achieve the company's strategic goals. In order to achieve that you would need to: - Know what the company's strategy is - Understand the causal links between HR activities, employee behaviors, organizational outcomes, and the organization's performance - And have metrics to measure all the activities and results involved.

Strategic Perspective Measures success in achieving the five strategic thrusts-Talent,

Leadership , Customer Service & Support, Organisational Integration , HR Capability Operations Perspective Measures HRs success in operational excellence. The focus was primarily in three areas:staffing, technology, and HR processes and transactions. Customer Perspective Includes measures of how HR is viewed by the key customer segments. Financial Perspective Addresses how HR adds measurable financial value to the organisation

It reinforces the distinction between HR do-ables

and deliverables It enables cost control and value creation

It allows HR professionals to drive out costs where

appropriate, but at the same time defend investments in intangibles and HR by outlining the benefits in concrete terms.
It measures leading indicators: It is thus important to monitor the alignment of the HR decisions and systems that drive the HR deliverablesand asse

Assesses HRs contribution to strategy implementation: The cumulative effect ofthe HR Scorecards deliverable measures

provides the answer to the question regardin HRs contribution to firm performance. It lets HR professionals effectively manage their strategic responsibilities: The scorecard encourages HR managers to focus on exactly how their decisions affect the successful implementation of the firms strategy.

It encourages flexibility and change

define business strategy

-outline company value chain

identifies the primary activities that create value for

customers and the related support activities.

-identify business required organizational

outcomes strategy
Identify the critical strategic goals Identify the performance drivers for each goal Identify barriers to the achievement of each goal. Recognise the employee behaviours

-identify required workforce

-identify relevant HR system

Performance drivers such as employee

competence, motivation and availability are very fundamental and so it might be difficult to locate these precisely on the strategy map
-design of HR score card for measurement

system - periodically evaluate the hr measurement system