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School Improvement Plan
Dr. Tony W. Cozart, Principal Ms. Tracey J. Neal, Administrative Intern Mrs. Shena Royster-Davis, Administrative Intern January 6, 2012

 Mission:
South Warren values each student as an integral member of our school community. With a partnership of parents, staff, and students, we are dedicated to making a positive and dynamic impact on our world. All students are empowered to achieve success.

 Vision:
South Warren is a school community of learners who are committed to developing lifelong learners with 21st century skills and high moral character.

 Increase


student performance to close the gap by 15%  Increase parent involvement  Classrooms will be equipped and supported with 21st century technology

All – 77.6  Black – 75.0  Economically Disadvantaged – 76.0

All – 49.4  Black – 46.7  Economically Disadvantaged – 46.7

69.2% met growth expectation

47.1% met growth expectation



Create Profession Learning Communities vertically and horizontally  Incorporate research-based strategies in daily planning  Use interventions for struggling students; enrichment for accelerated learners  Effectively use informal and formal assessments to guide/refocus instruction  Use Marzano’s High Yield Instructional Strategies

Create a monthly newsletter  Share the “Reading Connection” on a monthly basis  Establish a parent resource room  Use ConnectEd, the local radio station and the local newspaper to promote school events  Sponsor activities to equip parents  Parent Train-the-Trainer Model  Offer parent financial training sessions through Warren Family Institute  Utilize Epstein’s Parent Involvement Model

 An

accreditation recommendation  Every classroom will have interactive carts, smart boards, and digital cameras  Classrooms with technology specific to areas of instruction  Focus on teacher and student use

 Elizabeth

City State University - $7,800.00  N.C. Arts Council/Visiting Artist - $2,500.00  Host of Stakeholders

 3rd

Grade Reading Fact/Opinion: Pre-Test 56%, Post-Test 87% Main Idea: Pre-Test 56%, Post Test 78% Cause and Effect: Pre-Test 30%, Post Test 74%
 4th

Grade Reading Goal 2: The learner will apply strategies and skills heard, read and viewed. Pre-Test 38%, Post-Test 47% (Percent range 60%-65% of the EOG)

3rd Grade Math 1.03a Develop fluency with multiplication from 1 X 1 to 12 X 12 and division up to two-digit by one one-digit numbers using strategies for multiplying and dividing numbers. Pre-Test: 39% Post-test: 59%

1.03c Develop fluency with multiplication from 1 X 1 to 12 X 12 and division up to two-digit by onedigit numbers using relationships between operations. Pre-test: 43% Post-test: 60%

3rd Grade Reading 2.05 Draw conclusions, make generalizations, and gather support by referencing the text.

Pre-test: 44%

Post-test: 55%

3.01e Respond to fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama suing interpretive, critical, and evaluative processes by (E) making inferences and drawing conclusions about character and events. Pre-test: 33% Post-test: 64%

 5th

Grade Math 3.01 Identify, define, describe, and accurately represent triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons.
Pretest: 51% Post-test: 67%

Goal 3 is about 30% of the 5th Grade End-of-Grade Test

 5th

Grade Math 3.02 Make and test conjectures about polygons involving: a) sum of the measures of interior angles
Pre-test: 50% Post-test: 72%

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