Sport Management

Chapter 1 Bridges & Roquemore, 2000

as cited in Parks and Quarterman. 2004. p 3.” (Coakley..Introduction    Sport Defined . p. 2001. 7) Scope and Impact of Sport Industry – a few statistics Supply and Demand for Personnel in the Sport Industry .“…sports are institutionalized competitive activities that involve rigorous physical exertion or the use of relatively complex physical skills by participants motivated by personal enjoyment and external rewards.

S. alone. What is the purpose of these programs? What is the purpose of SLU SMGT? Programs for education within the sport industry… .Academic Programs in Sport Management    Over 180 academic programs in the U.

Academic Trends in SM          Ever increasing number of SM programs Increased importance of distance learning. your almost done! . Greater number of textbooks written specifically for courses in SM curriculum Surge of scholarly research in SM SM programs are becoming more international in scope and study An accreditation process for SM programs is now in place (May 1993 – AAHPERD. NASPE/NASSM) There is a growing need for SM grads to be computer literate…and proficient! How will this affect you? After all. More qualified full time faculty teaching SM courses.

” (Bridges & Roquemore. 2004 – management may be used interchangeably with administration Sport is different from other industries because  Sport is simultaneously produced and consumed  Sport has a limited shelf life  Sport is a powerful and pervasive aspect of society Management Defined: “The achievement of predetermined objectives working through others (employees).The Study of SM      According to Bridges and Roquemore the management principles applied to sports world is the same as the study of management as applied to any job or industry. Horine & Stotlar. 2000) How would you define management? .

How do people get into management in most industry? Number one problem in SM is lack of training in management provide to employees prior to their being placed in supervisory roles.The Need for SM Professionals     There is a shortage of COMPETENT mangers in all industries. What are some of the aspects of management that most appeal to you? Which turn you off? .

The Management Movement  a) b) c) d) e) Management as a practice… Existence dates to the creation of formal organization Became a recognized discipline in the 20th century SM – First competencies for educational programs in May of 1993…being rewritten for 2007 The basic approach to teaching management is process oriented…we teach that management is a basic and universal process… How many of you have been managers? How many of you have worked under a manager? What were their best qualities? Worst qualities? .

Gantt – control charts and added social responsibility G.Pioneers in Management      Frederick W. Taylor – Father of scientific management Frank and Lillian Gilbreth – work related psychology. Elton Mayo – morale and human relations . work simplification Henri Fayol – provide the first general theories of management Henry L.

.Things you’ll notice about management There is no best way to manage …no cookbook approach!  Today we have: a) Multiple approaches b) An eclectic mix c) Dramatic variations from the past d) General/universal approaches that can be applied to sport…some better than others.

Next Session  We will discuss Chapter 2 – Overview of Management…Horine & Stotlar will be used fairly extensively as well. .

Boston. GA: ESM Books. Fifth Edition. MA: McGraw-Hill. & Roquemore. Contemporary Sport Management.. Fourth Edition. (Editors)(2003). J..References    Bridges. Decatur. (2004).. Second Edition. D. Parks. Champaign. L. J. Management for Athletic/Sport Personnel: Theory and Practice. IL: Human Kinetics . L. Administration of Physical Education and Sport Programs. & Stotlar. & Quarterman. Horine. F. (2000).

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